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Gingrich: Georgia Senate race 'clearly winnable' for Republicans

2021-01-04 | 🔗
Former House Speaker joins 'Hannity' to discuss his predictions for Tuesday's crucial election.
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The president realizing Trump voters in Georgia, a quick take from Newt Gingrich as the president talking about all of the election fraud which we laid out in our opening monologue. I stand with the House and TED Cruz and Josh Hawley Georgia. By all accounts, you need a million two Republicans to show up tomorrow. This election will be won tomorrow with day of voting thats a fact. First, this is a good rally. It will energize the base. There will be a lot more people voting tomorrow because the president came down and Vice President Pence came down earlier today. This race is Winnage winnable and the republican organization
can get more than a million people to the polls. They have over eight thousand poll watchers, so it will be an honest count. We learned a lot of lessons from what happened in November. The president tonight has been right on point, urging people to turnout and vote pointing out why these Senate races are so important. I think the people listen to that and show up its going to be a very big day tomorrow for the Republican Party. Nobody cared about Eyewitnesss that signed affidavits or care about the state LAW in Wisconsin and ignored the Pennsylvania constitution, two standards of signature, verification in Georgia. Nobody wanted to hear one word from them: no partisan observers, although
language in every state says they can have it chain of custody, broken everybody. No curiosity by a single democrat in this country, thats beyond a scandal. The big media and big internet companies decided a year ago. They would do anything to defeat Donald Trump. They would pay no attention to anything that would help trump and pay no attention to anything that would hurt Biden its the most corrupt, scandalous campaign in modern american history and maybe in all of american history. The fix has been in ever since. If it hurts Biden, they wont, publish it. If it helps trump, they wont publish its an attack on the integrity of the american system. Senator RON Johnson did a great
job of taking on Chuck Todd and pointing out the media has corrupted the entire system Chuck Todd a truther himself like we need a lecture from him.
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