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Giuliani: SCOTUS 'evaded responsibility' by rejecting Texas suit

2020-12-11 | 🔗
Trump attorney argues why nation's highest court had obligation to hear election case on 'Hannity'
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Skipped over the court of Appeals in Wisconsin. This could be a very good sign here. With reaction, the presidents attorney Rudy Giuliani. We welcome you back. We really are very thankful for your good health and your speedy recovery. As with anybody that gets Covid, I have just one page released by the court tonight. Your reaction, my reaction, is great disappointment. This is a case. The court, I believe, has an obligation to take the case lays out allegations that would allege the election was conducted illegally, several of them in the case of the state of Georgia, the videotape in and of itself shows the election stolen right in
front of your eyes, live on tape. You cant discount that people in this country are entitled to a hearing on this. I feel the Supreme Court, or at least seven of the justices, have evaded their responsibility to try to bring the country together and give us a rational view of this case, as opposed to the hysterical propaganda weve had so far. These are very sound allegations. They may not be true. They have to be tested, but thats what the court is for. They cant just dismiss it like that and, I think, are abated their responsibility as the chief law enforcement agency, the chief court in this land. These four states had allegations where, if they were true than the selection was won by Donald Trump, as opposed to Joe Biden,
they should have at least given us a hearing. So we can present our facts and not just push it off to the side where no one will ever get to hear these facts. I think this is going to be a terrible thing in american history, in that film, in Georgia is going to be like this up. Router film was to the Kennedy assassination assassination. It will stand the test of time. How can they say there was no cheating look at the cheating on tape, stealing enough votes right on the tape right in front of your eyes. Eighty three percent Gallup Poll of Republicans see fraud. Seventy seven percent of Republicans, almost thirty percent of Democrats, see it American now its taken a while, but the case affidavits had been signed, weve heard from whistle blower after whistle blower, I witness after whistle blower I witness after eyewitness. We have now
documented cases thats, not even a dispute about politicians. Changing laws not going as the constitution requires to state legislators. Laws were ignored completely laws about partisan observers, never happens, chain of custody ignored in terms of ballots unequally, applied laws, all of which we have now chronicled. None of these things I mentioned are in dispute at all. Those judges are unwilling to give us a hearing about it, see no evil, hear no evil, keep it away from us, its too controversial. Eight hundred and eighty two thousand seven hundred and seventy ballots were counted in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh without a single republican observer, thats outrageous thats a landslide election
president Trump. If you were to look at Pennsylvania, won Pennsylvania by three hundred and two mecca. Four hundred thousand votes its been stolen from him and his people have not even had a chance to prove that we believe its been stolen from him. We believe we have facts that allege that and we are not being given a chance to have a hearing on it at least give us a hearing and show us how we are wrong if this is going to leave a terrible division among the american people, because theres no question these allegations have not been resolved, they are wide open right in the middle of the selection. We are talking about millions of votes, hundreds of thousands and millions of votes that were stolen, hundreds of thousands of votes driven into an arena in Detroit at 430 in the morning, taken off the truck with garbage, pails and counted another one in Atlanta. How about the suitcases under the table after you kick out the media and kick
out observers? And you start counting when you say no more counting is going happen, one hundred and thirty, eight thousand for Biden and seven thousand for Trump. You can see the being counted four or five times, and then machines are being used that can be recounted, machines are being used or you can change the name of the person who gets the vote. Those machines havent been fully investigated yet and when that comes out its going to be a further scandal, this is going to live in our history and the Supreme Court has made a terrible mistake in not getting this resolved in a fair, decent and equitable way, because its going to leave a real black mark with regard to the selection throughout our entire history. Let me get your interpretation in the order tonight. It said Justice Alito, put in a statement joined by Justice, Thomas. That said, in my
view, we do not have discretion to deny the filing of a bill of complaint of a case that falls within our original jurisdiction. Its pretty straightforward then goes on to cite the precedent and then says. I would therefore granted the motion file the bill of complaint, but would not grant other relief, and I express no view on any other issue. What does that mean? I would grant the motion to file but would not grant any other relief. What does that mean? It means he would grant a hearing and grant no relief until the hearing was heard. No preliminary rulings, the case is asking for various forms of preliminary relief, but the main thing its asking for is a hearing on the merits he could grant to hearing on the merits without indicating his prejudice one way or another, which is a very judicial, very
sensible, very fair way to do it thats what they all should have done. They all should have said we cant decide based on. They are alleging one thing: they are alleging another thing: either one is true: one side wins or the other youre entitled to have a hearing. Its too important to the country cannot have a hearing its too important to ten years from now not to have this resolved and a ten years from now. Unless something happens in the state courts, this will be a scandal that will stand in american history with the court that didnt have the courage to take it up. Time is now of the essence. Obviously the next question is: do you have a plan b? Do you see any other legal path? The legal path now are in the state courts and you have to hope. The justices of the state court are going to show somewhat more determination, somewhat more willingness to be willing
to take some degree of criticism and somewhat more willingness to have an open mind. Thats all were asking them to do. We are ask them to hear the facts. Let the american people hear the facts. Let the judges hear the facts. So far, the facts have been suppressed. Subject to censorship by big media censorship by big tech, censorship by the Democratic Party, censorship by the courts. No court has granted a hearing, listen to the facts. What are you so afraid of? Listen to the facts? Let us play the tape. Lets show you how seventy thousand votes were stolen that actually change the result in Georgia. We can show that to you on tape. I would be negligent if I didnt ask you about you know about this Hunter Biden Laptop. My sources have told me and shared with me. First of all, its an example of media
theres- nothing here, nothing here, big tech, suppressing the story which in and of itself is a scandal. But more importantly, you know whats on there, and I heard for my sources- it so bad, I probably couldnt even say it on national tv tonight. I know its on there. I know every single thing thats on there, how bad its very bad whats on there is a 30 year, history of the criminality, the Biden family, taking money for public office year after year, millions of dollars selling out millions of dollars, selling out public office using his family as a bagman, taking advantage of the sun disgusting horrible, terrible thing that has been covered up and again, I dont know whats good. The american
media thinks its doing to the american people. By covering this up, we are going to run its tragedy to our country, with the media has done to us, the largest in kind donation ever given in the history of a presidential race.
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