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GOP obtains over 900 affidavits highlighting voting irregularities

2020-11-16 | 🔗
Trump campaign adviser and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins 'Hannity' to discuss
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President Trump, we need to investigate joining them with the very latest Kayleigh Mcenany. You know: Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, four separate investigations and by the way, did Barack Obama ever once speak out against any of that, I do not recall that yeah, I dont recall it either. As you noted four years of investigating, we had a special counsel FBI, Peter Strzok, looking into this before the president was even president trying to frame him. Essentially, we barely scratch the surface. When it comes to asking questions about voter fraud in our system, I had the whole White House Press corps at tell us. Mail in bloating is airtight. How do you not trust the system, but we barely scratch? The surface, meanwhile, were criticized for saying shine a light on the system. Meanwhile, they get four years
of peddling baseless conspiracy theories. That are absolutely nothing now. The american people deserve confidence that integrity and the voting in the country. We ought to obey laws that allow partisan observers and when youre changing laws two days before an election. You know it doesnt instill a lot of confidence in anybody. Where is the latest? In the effort to get to the bottom line here, pretty significant development, as I was coming to air with Theo, we had a county in Nevada, the Clark County Commission saying they do not have confidence in the results of a commissioner election involving one hundred and fifty three thousand votes. The reason they signed for redoing this race is anomalies. That cannot be explained. We will wait to hear more from them, but it significant what showed us in Georgia, where we found that two thousand six hundred ballots, that werent submitted it was in the eight hundred plus votes for president Trump
of these are the kinds of things we find when we shined a light on the system. This was a chaotic election where you had mass mail out voting and the pandemic seized upon to go to a system for which no one had tried mass mail out voting, and now we are seeing the anomalies that had the rates of return to the dominion, software controversy, where six thousand votes floated the other way and the instance in Georgia. Thank goodness, were asking the question: why are we having the signature, verification issues? Why is there not one standard in Georgia and wise and the governor there and the Secretary of State there apparently theyre angry, why anybody is asking when it went on the way it did its a really important point. You make Sean its at the heart of what were talking about the constitution article one section four says: legislature determined the time and manner and place of an election. They had determined in Georgia, the legislature and certain prospects of the way you go about signature verification. It was flouted with the consent degree Stacey, Abrams and the
Secretary of State, that decided on a new unconstitutional system and what the result is in the normal election. Three percent of ballots are disqualified because of signature issues. If this in Georgia zero point zero three percent, what was the difference? More mailing ballots, but less signature disqualification doesnt make much sense. Seventy two million Americans need answers at this point on certain issues. We will never get answers.
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