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Gov. Greg Abbott on battling COVID in Texas, proposed law to blunt efforts to defund the police

2020-08-19 | 🔗
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott joins Sean Hannity to discuss proposal to freeze property taxes in cities that defund police.
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Joe Biden, the ever Joe Biden, the ever forgetful and Kamala Harris desperately pandering to the extreme radical left of their party health care. You dont even get their own choice, anymore: immigration, open borders, amnesty and the United Sanctuary States of America and attacking your second amendment Harris publicly supported, gun confiscation and by the way, meaning by executive order. Lets forget the other branch of government. Remember Biden said that Beto Orourke will be put in charge of whether or not you get to own a firearm. Yes, we are going to take your ar 15 your AK 47 im going to guarantee this is not the last you are seeing of this guy. You are going to take care of the gun problem with me. As the radical list socialist lawless left doubles down. They are committed to dismantling police to farmers
all across the country, Texas, Governor Greg Abbott, who is proposing freezing property taxes in cities that defined the police. Here, with reaction Governor Abbott Good to see you, let me ask first to be a question. I understand the pattern seems to be holding you get a hot spot, youve had it in Texas, the curve flattens that goes up a little bit, then you get a drop off, and now we are having a dramatic drop off. I understand is that correct. We are seeing good numbers in the state of Texas. Most importantly, the numbers we are looking at the hospitalization numbers and the number of people hospitalized, as well as those in intensive care units, are on the decline. So this is good news for the State of Texas. We need to keep it going, so we can begin to open up even more in the Lone STAR state thats happened in California, Arizona and Florida, seeing the same thing lowest infection rate. I saw it
according to Johns Hopkins on Monday since June lets get to this issue of these cities in Texas. That plan to defund to the police, Kamala Harris supported defending the l, DOT, ap dot D, Joe Biden said hes for reallocating funds away and police become the enemy. This is a scary proposition. We see whats happening in cities run by liberal democrats for decades. Most of them blue states, run by liberal democrats for decades. Tell me how this works in Texas, youve seen, and you have documented what happened in Portland in Seattle, in Chicago New York in cities across the country. Now, Austin Texas has defunded law enforcement police in Austin Texas, despite the fact that over the first six months of this year, the city ranked number one in the United States
for the highest percentage increase in murders was Austin Texas, and we proposed a law yesterday that would apply to all cities in the state of Texas. If a city defines law enforcement, they will lose the lifeblood of the revenues they receive from property taxes in Texas. What this does is, it is going to defund cities and cities ability to operate at all if they try to defund law enforcement. We believe in law enforcement in Texas, and we are not going to allow a replication of the types of policies weve seen destroyed in cities like Seattle and Portland and others. How do you rationalize? What is your interpretation of this effort? You have a democratic presidential candidate, supporting the defund effort or reallocating more in the case of Kamala Harris totally defunding,
which she supported and has said publicly. You see the violence out of control in all these cities and Portland and Seattle. We saw what happened in the summer of love zone. Sixty four people shot in Chicago, including three teenagers and a 12 year old. This is these: are war zones and that they reject the help. They need to ask the president for help hes begging them to take it to restore order, but they refuse. I cant comprehend that I dont understand that makes no sense to me. They are caving to the forces of socialism either blind or maybe even knowing that it turns that force of socialism over to other people who will hijack the city, like you saw in the autonomous zone in Seattle, so Texas is laying down a marker, and that is: will it be the city of Austin or other city? Such actions are not going to be tolerated. In Texas, we embrace
law enforcement. We will not accept turning power over to the socialistic forces that seek to abandon the rule of law law and abandon the law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe. Do you think a presidential campaign thats hiding thirty four questions since March by our account versus Donald Trump? In the same time, Matt do you think adopting Bolshevik Bernies Economic Plan plan defunding the police radically higher taxes? No more fossil fuels will be energy dependent and amnesty energy dependent and amnesty and the United Sanctuary States
of America. Do you think, as they get informed, they will vote for that? What you will be seeing here in the next two months, the remainder of August and September and October youre, going to see people in Pennsylvania and all of the flyover states the people who really care about public safety, the people who really care about the second amendment rights, the people who really care about all the things that is made America so great. They are going to coalesce around exactly the principles that Donald Trump has been supporting, as he has been president, as opposed to the.
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