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Gov. Newsom recall efforts build as CA conditions worsen

2020-12-30 | 🔗
Former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell and Congressman-elect Darrell Issa join 'Hannity'
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Unfortunately, tonight the unfortunately tonight, the state of California continues to fail its residence on virtually every front, from worsening public safety to the destruction of small businesses and to out of control coronavirus day to day life in the golden state worsens by the day, for example, some California hospitals are citing oxygen and supply shortages in warning of an all out disaster. In the weeks ahead, Governor Gavin, Newsom and state officials refused to change course and instead continue to double down on the same policies from the past that have so far failed to contain the pandemic. The governors undefinable failures, along with his refusal to take any real responsibility for the worsening living
for the worsening living conditions, conditions calling for a recall conditions, calling for a recall election at the major venture, capitalist and political consulting firm revealed this week that they are backing the effort with six figure donations to force a recall. Vote supporters need to collect around one point: five million signatures by March, and proponents say they had around eight hundred thousand series effort with, but unfortunately, Californias problems go beyond just the governors mansion. For example, the state Supreme Court recently ruled that thousands of offenders are eligible for early release out, in LOS Angeles. Far left district attorney George cast on continues to use, face strong backlash over his efforts to stop prosecuting elbow wide range of crimes and ending sentence enhancement, as the union representing the LA county prosecutors has filed for an injunction seeking to stop
these special directives. That prosecutors say are illegal to carry out and breaking tonight, and he is going to file a response by January 15th, where theyve not issued the restraining order that the prosecutors were asking for. So we will of course follow that story. Very Democrats in Washington want to take these failed policies and impose them on everyone, the right rest of the country and unleash what would be the most destructive political force in modern? U dot s history, what youre seeing play out across California as just a preview of coming attractions at the far left power grab doesnt get stopped in its tracks its. Why Americans must demand something different from our political establishment and demand the so called leaders to more than just pander for our vote instead do something to improve the quality of our lives. Former acting director of along
with congressman, Elect and Kallikrein gentlemen welcome aboard and happy new year to both of you. Thank you for being here im, a native Californian. I know you love and enjoy this date. I was involved in the recall of Gray Davis in two thousand and three I was on Arnold Schwarzeneggers transition team, but of course too bad that worked out the way that that worked out. We got a dynamic here in California. That requires people to be bold. Californians can do it with this new money going in to this recall effort. Do you see this succeeding? Do you think it is going to get done if very well? Could I want to speak to people in California have been really frustrated over the last several years. We can recall him. We are getting very close. We are getting close to about one million signatures. We need one point: five we have until March.
We have a plan where getting the money we started slowly and one of the reasons. Why was because of Covid and the national election? We are certainly not going to get any help from the California media, especially the Sacramento media. The whole state has been really ruled by one party, the Democratic Party. They get to decide everything in Sacramento the media pander to them thats a huge problem. We are beginning to make a change on going to encourage everyone to get involved. We really can recall Gavin Newsom its possible and it seems like its happening. The state of California is magnificent. The people are fabulous when I was on the left, and even now we note that California we are glued to buy. The left is a petri dish about what they can get away with. What could they push on people? It is interesting framework where they achieve the dream of
being a. They seem to have everything they want and they cant admit when their wrong. They are doubling down with this new stage. It is a condemnation of more businesses of the future for everybody. Do they actually think theyre going to outrun the virus? What do you think the outcome is going to be? What is it going to take for Gavin Newsom and the Democrats to say we were wrong, as you remember, back in two thousand and three Davis doubled down in the wrong direction. Time and time again, heat our economy was in ruin, our electricity was unreliable and tax increases followed. Gavin Newsom is doing to the same thing. It is the tyrannical orators that first were obeyed and didnt work, and now you have industry, especially the restaurant industry, in full revoked. You can do go anywhere and
California and sit down and have a dinner in a restaurant that they said im not going to close again when im, not the cause of this and be put out of business, and, of course the patrons are coming back to those restaurants, because they to know that three quarters of all the cases originate in the home and only less than one percent originate in restaurants and similar places. Gavin Newsom will not allow real science. Instead, he has political concept that isnt working its astounding ended in our face to rate its a fire, its burning down the future. In the thirty seconds we have left here, the LOS Angeles County DA and astounding configuration of failure and desire, it seems for more crime. Do you think hes going to be stopped in any fashion when it comes to what hes been trying to do there?
I do think so. The reason why is because of the left? Actually, a lot of my liberal friends are sick and tired of garcetti, and all of these policies from the left shutting down the beaches is what Gavin Newsom did in the original action towards Covid nineteen. This is not based on science, its. We really needed new leadership. I think the left right and center in California are all realizing it. This has gone wrong. We have homeless people everywhere. Our economy is in shambles. We dont have an LNG terminal, our economy is booming from natural gas, and our governor in California has not allowed to have a terminal on the West Coast. Gentlemen, it shows us that leadership, manners and one individuals ideas can have an impact that this is not a foregone conclusion. That Trump has shown.
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