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Gov. Ron DeSantis says Florida is prepared for increased spread of coronavirus

2020-07-07 | 🔗
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis joins Sean Hannity to explain state's response to spike in COVID-19 cases.
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But one thing we do know is to protect the elderly. This includes planning for reopening schools in August here to explain all of this Florida governor RON Desantis. I keep reading. We have a dramatic increase of cases in Florida, okay, but its happening among younger people give us the percentages. Tell us whats going on in the ground. Tell us with the death rate, is tell us about the hospitalizations and tell us what Florida is doing about it. We have no doubt seen a major increase in cases. Median age of our new cases was in the 50s about a month and a half ago, my now thats dropped into the 30s, obviously thats important, as you know, because people who are healthy and under forty you have the death rate of this thing very close to zero, so that significant. Now we are prepared for this, seeing particularly places like Miami seeing increased traffic
and hospitals, but its interesting. I was down there today and they said that they are actually seeing fewer hospitalizations from people in nursing homes, which is obviously a good sign because thats, where the number one risk of mortality is and what weve done since March and April protect and long term care facilities as we didnt. Let the hospitals discharge, the covid, positive patients back to nursing homes. But now we are saying, if someone tests positive in a nursing home, you have a responsibility to transfer them to a place. They could safely be isolated, so weve established across the state of Florida, twelve covid only nursing homes where residents can safely be transferred, so they dont infect the people in their normal long term care facility they can be cared for and that is going to really reduce outbreaks in the long term care facilities, which is very important lets start by new cases by age. This is surprising
to me most cases, people twenty one explained that because that has not previously happen. So the most cases now in Florida at twenty one- and I think a couple of things have happened. One is, there is no doubt more transmission going on in the community, particularly amongst people in their 20s and 30s, but they are not dying from it. Like old people, correct, be back exactly the case, fatality rate by state. If you look at Connecticut New Jersey, Michigan and New York, it is very high and in your state one point, eight percent that still holds even with these new cases. We are seeing pop up in Florida, thats right and, I think, thats a testament to shielding the elderly from infections, particularly nursing home residents. The fact of the matter is if the case occurs, for someone in your 20s, you have radically
different fatality prospects than someone who was in a long term care facility, and they are eighty. So we worked hard to shield off the folks who were the most vulnerable, so I think thats why we have a much lower case. Fatality rate now lets go to the deaths reported by day, and this is up to the beginning of July per one million population Florida versus New York. There is a flattened line here and I look at it and im saying: okay, im reading and hearing the media freaking out, they didnt freak out during the protests, only started being concerned about covid when the president was doing a rally. So these younger people are not dying from this, for younger people are contracting the virus because you were doing more testing. Is that correct? We are definitely doing more testing, but obviously we want to make sure that those infections are not spreading to
the vulnerable, and that is the key. Are you still doing what you did in the beginning, which is going into these nursing homes? Absolutely, and now we are testing every staff member every two weeks and thats, almost two hundred thousand people that work at over four thousand facilities in the state of Florida. Lastly, you have twelve Covid dedicated nursing facilities in Florida alone. Tell me what thats about really quick. It is a safe place for if someone test positive, they can be isolated in these facilities, so it doesnt spread into the rest of the nursing home residents, its a way to reduce and prevent outbreaks. Among our very most vulnerable citizens, one Maxima, in other words, while younger people are getting it, they are not dying from it and also protecting the elderly, a side effect. We are protecting the elderly. We do it every day.
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