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Graham accuses Comey of having 'convenient memory' of Russia probe

2020-10-01 | 🔗
Senate Judiciary Committee chairman joins 'Hannity' to discuss former FBI director's testimony.
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Jim Comey said knowing what I knew now. I once have signed the applications tonight. We are learning more about the extent of the deep states cover up because, according to a new declassification from the director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, at the request of Lindsey, Graham Barack Obama himself, was briefed by then CIA director Brennan about a russian intelligence analysis. Claiming Hillary Clinton was drumming up the Russia collusion hoax in an attempt to vilify then candidate Trump to distract from those emails. She was deleting in the use of hammers and the removal of sim cards. The deep state is taking any responsibility. They are going to take it for that misconduct or do the opposite. Look at a molar pit, Bull Andrew Weissmann telling CBS that he wiped phones from the special Counsels office, a big deal because everything was backed up really.
Why were all the phones put there? In the first place, some Democrats are still playing petty politics by refusing to meet with Supreme Court Nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett, including Chuck Schumer as she is meeting with decent senators on Capitol Hill hearings, are set to start October. Twelve confirmation vote at the end of the month and theres. Not really anything. Democrats can do to stop it here with reaction, Senator Lindsey, Graham hes, with the Senate Judiciary Committee. Now you have Sally Gates, ROD, Rosenstein and Jim Comey, who remembers nothing about the Pfizer application, the dossier, the sub source, but he remembers every second with Donald Trump. Do you believe him I do not? All I can say is he has a convenient memory. He remembers when something is to trump and when something is helping its like sergeant Schultz is in charge of the FBI. I see nothing. I hear nothing. I know nothing
its hard to believe the director of the FBI in charge of the investigation of a sitting. President wasnt told the sub source of the dossier. We think its a russian agent back in two thousand and nine its hard to believe they didnt tell the director of the FBI. The sub source tells us the dossier is Bartok, not reliable. Take it with a grain of salt, its hard to believe they dont tell the FBI director that CIA has warned us that the dossier prepared by Christopher Steele and a suspected russian spy is all internet. Rumor. Here is comeys problem. If one person can come forward and say I briefed the director on the problems with the sub source, I told the director that the CIA is worried about the reliability of the dossier and he is in big time trouble. Do you believe him that he signed the something where he claims its verified
and he had no idea that it was verified wouldnt that be dereliction of duty doesnt? That mean he still committed fraud on the court when he did find out the truth. Doesnt the law are required to go back to that court and the sign something wasnt verified. He is yet to tell the court. I apologize what he said. The day was stunning: the director of the FBI and charge of one of the most high profile. Investigations in the history of the FBI said: if he knew then what he knows now he would not sign the warrant application against Carter page. This is a big day for Carter page, I think hes going to become a rich man. He deserves to be compensated. What happened here is that the Democratic Party hired a foreign agent, Christopher Steele, who enlisted a suspected russian spy to create a dossier that was a bunch of garbage russian disinformation and the FBI bought it hook, line and sinker used at four times
against an american citizen, a Trump campaign person to get a warrant. If that doesnt bother America, that something is wrong to my democratic colleagues. If the shoe were on the foot, you would be burning the place down. I want every single person who warned about that dossier to now say what did they tell Comey? I think you need to cross check everything. Comey has said prior, I expect you will see, inconsistencies I got to get back to the rally. What will be the date of the vote for Amy Coney Barrett? We are going to a reporter out of the committee on October 22nd. The Democrats are going crazy, raising money against the President and myself Lindsey, Graham dot com. They are loading me up because im.
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