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Graham announces $500G donation to Trump campaign legal efforts

2020-11-05 | 🔗
Sen. Lindsey Graham slams Democrat-run Philadelphia elections on 'Hannity'
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Lack of standards and safeguards to preserve the integrity of the ballot here, with reaction, Senator Lindsey Graham won by a big margin. By the way the polls are off. By about fifteen points as well, not a single poll predicted that she would win and she won by seven yeah mainstream media polling is designed to suppress republican votes. I won by eleven Susan won by seven or eight its a game they play with their polling to depress the republican vote, but im here tonight to stand with President Trump hes stood with me. He is the reason we are going to have a Senate majority. My race was overwhelming. He helped Senate Republicans because of the campaign that President Trump won im going to donate five hundred thousand dollars tonight to President trumps Defense legal fund ive been on your show. You have raised a ton of money for me. Your audience wasnt currently helpful to Lindsey, Graham dot com, give to Donald J Trump dot com.
We will have the resources to fight the allegations of wrongdoing are earth shattering. It makes the Carter warned application, look on the up and up Senate Republicans. Every Senate Republican House Republican needs to get on television and tell the story. You are a lawyer, also senator yeah. We are hearing report after report. Election law is clear. It is clear that partisan observers can be there for the vote. Count. They are being denied access now, if that part of the election law is violated. Now, if we also know that the constitution allows state legislators to serve, they are the ones that would make decisions. Should these republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, if there is
corruption and they dont abide by the law and they dont allow observers in as the law calls for. Should they then invalidate this? I think everything should be on the table. There is the process of observing an election that has been violated. Philadelphia elections are crooked. Why are they shutting people out? They dont want people to see what they are doing. You are talking about a lot of dead people. Voting. You are talking about Nevada people are not legal residents. He is a great governor. He confirmed what your other guests just told me. Doug Ducey said this is coming down to a couple thousand votes one way or another. I trust Arizona, I dont trust Philadelphia. I dont trust Nevada, so everything should be on the table. Let stand with President Trump. He stood with us. This reminds me of the application where they are just trying to get a the law.
The process, five hundred thousand dollars you just donated to the presidents, Defense Fund, Walmart, Donald J.
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