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Graham: Democratic Senate would mean 'end of checks and balances'

2020-11-23 | 🔗
Senate Judiciary Committee chairman discusses the importance of the Georgia Senate runoff races.
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Best of luck to you, as you seek to leave the Rnc again January. Control in the United States Senate will be decided by two runoff elections in Georgia. Senators, Kelly, Loeffler and David Purdue are both looking to keep their seats and g dot. Op control of the Senate hangs in the ballots. A republican victory in Georgia would stop the far left agenda in its tracks, while a democrat victory would empower the Democrats to control the House, the Senate and the White House. Both parties know the importance of these two car races and the campaigns have kicked into high gear. Georgia is extending ballot boxes and a surge in requests for absentee ballots. Hollywood celebrities are pouring funds into this race. Join us now is Senate Judiciary, chairman who knows a thing or two about that Hollywood. Money in Senate races. Welcome to you, I hope its as effective in
Georgia as it was in South Carolina. Yet if anyone is wondering what one hundred dollars million will get you, it will get you a South Carolina Senate seat, laughs chairman the rules of the Senate. Why does it matter? Who controls the? U dot? S Senate: let me give you an example: if we lose these two Senate seats in Georgia, Nancy Pelosi will run the house. Chuck Schumer will run the Senate if the President fall short and Biden gets to be president, you are going to have Pelosi Schumer and Biden its a nightmare for conservativesconservatism. What would that do? They would pack it from nine to thirteen that destroys the independence of the judiciary, because the Supreme Court would change every election cycle that would undo what they tried
to do in creating independent tradition. Finally, they let the electoral college go to the popular vote. That means that Georgia and other states would be basically dealt out in California, and New York would picked pick a pre in perpetuity. The fate of the public really lies in the hands of our friends in Georgia. I live twenty five minutes from the Georgia border. We grew up with Georgia neighbors to my friends in Georgia. The country depends on you. I know you wont let us down, but im worried. The majority seems to be with the Democrats right now. The money is pouring in. You cannot turn your television on in South Carolina without seeing a commercial Greenville Spartanburg Asheville. They are just flooding the zone and mail in voting. If you
expand mail in voting in Georgia and you allow a single person to validate the signature, adding election office and you dont have bipartisan signature validation. That is a formula for disaster for our two candidates in Georgia. I am worried as we speak tonight chairman. I know you are the chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Now. If the Democrats win both these seats in Georgia, who would be on the Budget Committee well Diane stepped down today, because apparently I gave her a hug, and that is an unpardonable sin. They literally ran her out of her job because she said something about me. Let me give you a good example. I hope I dont ruin your thanksgiving. If Democrats take over the Senate and we lose Bernie, Sanders will be chairman of the Budget Committee in the United States.
A socialist would be writing the nations budget in the Senate. If we keep control of the Senate im going to be the budget chairman, I may not be your cup of tea, but let me tell you this im a of a lot better than Bernie Sanders when it comes to your money. A lot is at stake. Help where you can. The money is coming in major league on the democratic side, my campaign team, Graham, we transferred a million dollars tonight to Senator Purdue. For my campaign account. I gave a million dollars to an RFC to every member of the house. Please turn your campaign account to help Georgia. If you want to help me or help Georgia Lindsey, Graham dot com, we need to close that gap, but weve got a good message. Weve got two great candidates. I know Georgia pretty well here thats, where my parents came from. I just cannot believe that people in Georgia are going to
allow this country to be turned into a socialist nation, thats really whats on the ballot. So if I heard you correctly, if the Democrats win, Bernie Sanders will be the chairman of the Senate committee. If Republicans win, you are having done a Christmas gift exchange with you. You are more fiscally conservative than anybody else. I know laughs. The box was more expensive than the present I got. This is all hands on deck, Lindsey, Graham dot com. I will transfer the money over to our friends and our Senate colleagues, I want to double that youve got friends in Georgia,
make sure they vote. President Trump keep fighting. We need to change this law in Georgia. It is a nightmare for us, so President Trump keep fighting. We need President Trump to go to Georgia, because there are people in Georgia who voted for President Trump, that believe in him more than the Republican Party. I think that his voice could go a long way in helping us when the two Senate seats. Well, Senator Graham, I know you are doing everything you can do.
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