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Graham: lllegitimized impeachment process 'danger to democracy'

2021-01-26 | 🔗
South Carolina Republican joins 'Hannity' to discuss legal discrepancies in Trump's pending Senate trial.
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Deportations are going to have to wait. The federal judge has at least fought that executive order, and meanwhile it appears that one of his other top agenda items will be blocked. The democratic cinema bound to uphold one principle, which would be the legislative filibuster in reaction of all this Lindsey, Graham Senator, I would say, with Todays, vote forty five people if they think its unconstitutional to have a postpresidential impeachment. I would say that this this is dead and unfinished and a waste of our time and our money. It has always been unconstitutional and ill conceived. The one thing that we havent talked about that. I think that we should talk about is that the President of the United States? He was impeached without one witness being called and he did not have a lawyer.
So one of the reasons is because I dont want to legitimize the impeachment process in the house. I think it is a danger to the democracy, and so what is going to happen next is that this is the floor and not a ceiling, in this case, a motion to dismiss on day number one more than forty five votes once we hear about why it should be dismissed, and if we dont give fifty one, we will go to trial and we want the audience to know that they never call the witness in the house. If there is an effort by the Democrats to call a single witness in the United States Senate, they have no record in the house, it will be a Pandoras box being opened. We will see this thing go on for weeks, if not months, so im hoping that we have a stipulation of facts and witnesses, and we can get this before we begin.
Why would the Senate the United States Senate? It is supposed to be the more sober body of the two. Why would they legitimize and validate this snap impeachment? It makes no sense to me also what about all of the evidence in the court documents now showing that they believe that they missed all of the pre planning that took place. That totally contradicts the narrative. What happened at the capital was incited by words or president Trump in the words or president Trump actually mean something as well letting your voices be heard. That was there in the speech. That is what he was saying. Well, the reason of the evidence of incitement is that they are not playing on the
other networks. He saw one clip where somebody said. Okay, this is the crime. The fact that there is no clip tells you all that there is to know. I think that democratic senators are afraid that if they dont give some credibility to this trial that started in the house that they are in trouble- and Joe Biden has been part of this- not only on policy but on the idea that this is the case. How easy would it be for Joe Biden to say that its bad to impeach, a president after they leave office enough already with Donald Trump lets, look forward? So tells you a lot about Joe Bidens ability and desire by the fact that hes sitting on the sideline- and his only comment has been- I dont think that they have the vote. I would like to apply the same standards to Maxine waters that im going to take Donald Trump out tonight or that they
trump out tonight or that they dont want it anymore or Chuck Schumer on the steps of the Supreme Court, threatening, Cavanaugh or Kamala Harris after the police precinct was turned down, saying that they are not going to stop and they shouldnt stop and they wont stop. Beware. We will not stop without paying for bail like she was part of a group actually trying to get people out of jail and they are not going to stop and they shouldnt stop. Compare that to a President Trump said in the speech. I would like to get this over sooner rather than later, especially when you try to call one witness. Dont. Do that
lets get this travesty over with quickly, I always criticize Republicans when they lack vision and they dont have a backbone. Forty five Republican.
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