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Graham predicts Judge Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed this year

2020-10-05 | 🔗
Senate Judiciary Committee chairman lays out his timeline for Supreme Court nomination on 'Hannity'
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Procedures, Senator Scott also participate in the hearings virtually also breaking tonight. The: U Dot S Supreme Court has reinstated a requirement in South Carolina that absentee voters provide a witness signature along with their ballot here with reaction Senate Judiciary Committee, Chairman Lindsey, Graham Senator Mitch, Mcconnell is clear. You have been clear October twelve. The hearings begin that would lead us to a final vote by the end of October. Am I mistaken on that timeline? No, I want you to understand. We are going to start the hearings October 12th a week from today safely. If members feel uncomfortable participating in the hearing in person, they can do it virtually. We have done that a bunch this year already in the Judiciary Committee Judge Barrett will be there in person. I will be there in person. We will set the room up for social distancing. We are going to move on
as for Senator Schumer, if he, if can see, theres youre, not looking very hard, I dont remember Senator Schumer asking protesters to be tested before they came to my house and broke out my window. I dont remember any Democrat worried about testing during the riots. This is an effort to deflect and delay. It will not work. She will be confirmed this year. We start on the 12th she gets reported out of committee on October. 22Nd Democrats will have plenty of time to ask her hard, relevant questions. If they try to destroy her, it will blow up in their face like it did with Kavanaugh. I am excited about the hearings. I want every American to see Amy Barrett and how qualified she is around October. Twenty six is that a safe date to look for final vote in the Senate on this. It is up to Senator Mcconnell, but it will be on the floor October. 22Nd Democrats are trying to destroy her already using her religion.
The democratic party is trying to take back the house. The Senate beat President Trump. They are having an insane amount of money. From this active lucite raised over three and her million since Justice Ginsburg Pass, my opponent in South Carolina for about all places will raise one hundred dollars million. If you are out there- and you want to close the gap, go to Lindsey, Graham dot com, to help me because im going to be fighting for, Judge Barrett im going to be standing up for conservative judges and im going to help President Trump get this nominee through and on the court. It will be a tremendous acknowledgment for President Trump and our country to have any Barrett on the Supreme Court. Its going to happen, I thought you did.
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