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Graham pushes back on claims he pressured Georgia to throw out legal ballots

2020-11-17 | 🔗
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., joins 'Hannity' to discuss the upcoming runoff elections
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Wisconsin in particular thank you as always appreciate the update we turn to another key factor in the twenty twenty election, and that is big tech. Clearly, acting is a protective shield. Just like the media mob, the babe tap mob for the Biden campaign. You have a leak and cognitively struggling Joe Biden hiding in his basement bunker. I call it the media mob, big tech, candidate protection program, heard they protected him, the entire campaign, but in a blatant effort to defeat President Trump in a tribute to Joe Facebook, Twitter, other tech giants actually censored verifiable claims about Biden and his family corrupt business practices. The terms would never get that consideration and in the weeks before the election, Twitter froze the accounts of prominent Republicans that shared the story that included Kaylee in that company blocked
its users from sharing the story in private messages, you couldnt even send it privately. More recently, Silicon Valley, lids, who werent run twitter, have been putting disclaimer on tweets for many conservatives, including president Trump, pointing out that what they are deciding they believe is right and wrong, and apparently the employees of Twitter think they have a monopoly on truth by the way sidenote you might want to switch to parlor when you go to twitter say here is my new account on parlor just an idea today, during a hearing on Capitol Hill, Senator Cruz, Senator Graham a grilled twitter, the CEO of Twitter to censor editorialized political content, take a look, they decided and may be for a good reason. I dont know that youre articles about Hunter Biden needed to be flagged excluded from distribution or
made hard to find that to me seems like you are the ultimate editor. Your answer is always will once we silence, we can choose to allow you to speak, but you are engaged in publishing decisions freight. Let me shift to a different topic. Mister Dorsey! This does. Voter fraud exist. I dont know for certain. Are you an expert in voter fraud? No im, not very. Why, then, is twitter right now putting purported warnings on virtually any statement about voter fraud? We are simply linking to broader conversation, so people have more information per ticket. No, you put up it fades. It said, voter fraud of any kind is exceedingly rare, and the United States thats not linking to a broader conversation, thats taking a disputed policy position and youre a publisher when youre doing that
both Facebook Twitter enjoyed the legal protections known as section two hundred and thirty, and that section virtually protect social media giants from being held liable like regular media companies, because content is posted by users, not if their editing it for that status does not extend to media outlets, who publish or editorialized material and Senator Cruz commit. That is what is happening at twitter and elsewhere. Now, according to one whistleblower complaint, Twitter did not act alone. They allege that twitter and Facebook could all work together to coordinate their censorship efforts. So it is time to hold these powerful tech giants accountable and may be helped turn to other venues freight. If they want to act like members of the mob in the media, they should be treated like members of the mob, and that means no more liability protection in section two hundred and thirty, without consequences, nothing is going to change, and
history will repeat itself over and over and over again here, with more on this and my reaction on the top story, South Carolina, Senator Lindsey, Graham lets start with the Secretary of State of Georgia. There were others on the call, and one came to your defense and said no. That is not what he said or did at all. I really dont need anybody to defend me, because I know what I did. I appreciate the person coming forward. I called the Secretary of State to have him explain to me how you verify a the signature on the meal and ballot not to feel out legal votes, but to make sure we have a system in Georgia that can verify that you are who you say you are when you vote. If you show up in person, you need an id, you dont need an id to vote by mail. If you go through the portal, you need an id, but when you cook the blight through the mail, they have to verify a signature. A single person does that it should be bipartisan.
Here is what im begging the Trump administration and campaign to do, get some judge to go, look at the envelopes with signatures and match them against the database. So let somebody that knows what theyre doing in front of Republicans and Democrats. So we can verify that mailing bout voting in Georgia is not fraudulent. When you have a single person, verifying the signature, its not bipartisan thats, not the way to do it. Thats. What I was talking about, Stacy Ingrahams is calling for every liberal in the country to move to Georgia shes bragging about having six hundred thousand people ready to vote by mail. But what im begging Georgia to do is make sure if somebody votes by mail, you have a bipartisan process to verify the signature we dont just leave it up to one person in the election office. You talked with the Secretary of state. The governor can call the legislature back. They havent done that it. What is the reason why why would you have two separate
systems on signatures, and why is that? Okay, and how do you find two thousand six hundred votes yesterday and another two thousand seven hundred votes today? Okay, your state got it right on election night, Florida did Ohio. Did all these other states do just Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, interesting states that we are worried about. All I can say is on election night votes came out of nowhere for Biden that showed up late in the night on election night for Biden weeks later were finding votes for trump. All I can say is I sit on your show that voting by mail would be the end of the Republican Party if we dont have a system to verify signatures. All im asking for is that Georgia have a bipartisan group to verify the signature on mail ballots, not leave it up to a single individual. If you had an audit of all the
signatures on envelopes in Georgia, and you had people that know what they are doing, I bet the rejection rate would be more than zero point three percent. If we dont get a better system when it comes to voting by mail thats, the end of the Republican Party, Stacy Abrams is trying to take over the election system in Georgia fight back by the way you had more money thrown at you from people outside of South Carolina Rosie Odonnell, Barbra Streisand. We talked a lot about it. People in South Carolina were an influence. Now all the money from Hollywood now telling people to move there, which would be voter fraud and all this money is going to be pouring into Georgia now, both of those races matter. I am concerned that people come out looking at the show and a
governor and secretary of State that have no urgency about it. They didnt get it right. This time. I think the Secretary of State owes everybody in the country and answer why we have two thousand seven hundred new ballots today, two thousand six hundred yesterday. Why dont they check the standards. Why wouldnt they do that to ensure integrity and competence in our election. All I can say is Georgia goes. The nation goes. Democrats are calling for people to move into Georgia for the express purpose of winning these two Senate seats. Nobody ask people for California to move into South Carolina. Stacy Abrams is calling for people to move to Georgia to tip the balance of power in the U Dot S Senate because of the arena in Georgia. I would push back because were going to change the Supreme Court from conservative to liberal or going to do away with the electoral college, but that thirty days before the
election they can votes and then, when the votes over, they can move out thats. What theyre telling people to do literally, please, for God, sake, look at changing Georgia law to neutralize what Stevie Stacy Abrams is trying to Dupree Chee is going to send in hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots for it all and asking is to have a bipartisan group of people verify the signature, not a single person when it comes to moving to Georgia, have allowed the you cant have been for the purpose of taking and then move out. You have a chance to change the law change it. You had twitter facebook. They have the most power in the history of mankind. They can all conspire to tell us what we can see. They can mold how we think they have no legal liability. They can take down your content, they can label what you say is fraudulent. You cant still sue them. You have no recourse as an individual when it comes to them.
Censoring your content at the end of the day, section two hundred and thirty is being abused its now time to make them like every other media organization. When you make editorial decisions, you become an editor. If Fox NEWS had something against me or put somebody on television that slanders me, I could not only see the individual but Fox NEWS in the world of social media. Had there is no accountability. There is no legal liability and theres no government regulation, its the wild wild West, and we need to fix it because it will destroy conservatism. If we dont get this right, it was the media mob, big tech, candidate protection program and they never asked the questions and they got Biden in the bunker. This race January, 5th, allots.
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