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Grandmother of student imprisoned for violating quarantine speaks out

2020-12-22 | 🔗
Jeanne Mack joins 'Hannity' to call for lighter punishment for 18-year-old Skylar Mack
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Thank you interesting statement from the Cayman Islands, known for its banking practices, come about being selfish, joining us now with Morris Skylar, Macks, grandmother, Jeannie, Mack Jeanne. Thank you so much for joining us in this wonderful, modern age where you can be, it appears at home, come and speak to the country. Now, on behalf of your grandmother, it is a pleasure to meet you sure, thank yall for having me our pressure pleasure. We are a nation that understands laws are important and have to be followed. We know our constitution and our bill of rights does not follow us to foreign countries. We know your granddaughter has expressed recognition that this was wrong, but listening to Ricks Report is interesting, because the first penalty seemed reasonable and then things changed. Can you tell us what that experience was like
how it changed and then also when you decided to reach out to the White House and what happened with that happened with that um yeah? I think that it starts at the race, and that is the statement that they found out at the end of the day that she was. There is not true. The person that reported her new all day she was there and she had actually taken part from Atlanta Georgia from her dad who was a racer to this guys, stepson to use on one of his jet skis, so they knew she was there. They only called and reported her after her boyfriend won the race and took the national title. Ah I see that is neither here nor there she still broke a rule. She broke that rule knowing the week before she was there. A canadian couple had breached quarantine, not once, but up to
twenty times they actually had pictures of that couple in bars and swimming pools, laying on the beach walking on the beach grocery stores they had reached. It was my understanding upwards of twenty times, and their punishment was a one thousand dollars fine and they went home. They went back to Canada, so we werent happy that she did this. This is not like Skylar to make that kind of a bad judgment call, but she did shes. Eighteen years old. We do expect a lot of 18 year old Americans. She is in jail right now. You ask the president to step in what has happened there. Well, I reached out to him when she first got in trouble, because I just sensed something was going to go wrong and they responded his people responded and said they would look into it. Okay,
when they sentenced her, I reached out to him and got a response that he had requested them to turn it over to the appropriate okay Jeanne. I have to stop you there. We are at the end, but im glad.
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