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Hannity: A deep dive into the voting machines at center of controversy

2020-11-12 | 🔗
Sean Hannity highlights voting irregularities, calls on lawmakers to preserve election integrity
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I cant, I love it. A great show welcome to Hannity at the end of this monologue. I have a very special message for radical socialist Democrats and their cheerleaders in big tech and media mob. Many Americans do not believe this election was fair and make no mistake. Every American has a right to feel that way. I feel that way its a corrupt and embarrassing disgrace. You will come at the american people deserve more. We are capable of so much more. We did send people to the moon and back pretty big accomplishment. Many states ran perfect elections with integrity that people have full trust, and confidence in Democrats got everything they wanted millions of mail in ballots, many with no postmark many received and counted after election day. They are still counting in some states. Some states, no voter, I dot d required no proof of
citizenship required weeks and weeks of early voting poll. Observer is blocked from viewing the process which the law actually allows them to do specifically language in the law. Other election laws altered entirely disregarded and right now, as we speak, there are still outstanding votes that have yet to be counted. It is now nine days after election day today, more reports of dead people voting from beyond the grave amazing system we set up coming up. Kayleigh Mcenany has brand new sworn affidavits. We have the one from Michigan and she has some from another state serious allegations under the threat of perjury being made a surrounding election irregularities. This time in a state of Pennsylvania well also have more on Todays big court ruling in that state. Earlier, a judge sided with the Trump campaign. A agreeing the democratic Secretary of State is not allowed to arbitrate. Pushback Pennsylvanias vote
curing deadline. Three days past the states legal limit not allowed to do. That will have a lot more on that. In a moment, we will bring you shocking video from Project VERITAS, allegedly showing a United States postal worker coerced and then intimidated by federal agents. After blowing the whistle on voter fraud that he is describing at the postal Service Service, first its time for a special investigation, we have a lot of eyes to dot. We have a lot of eyes to dot teased, Duke Lacrosse, Uva, Fer Baltimore. We take our time and do some investigating thats one of the major systems that used to cast ballots. Last week. The company is called dominion, voting its used in twenty eight states, as reported by John Solomon. Several days ago,
dominion came under heavy fire after allegations, their machines caused thousands of votes and one Michigan County to be switched from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. Take a look. Ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing a six thousand vote swing against our candidate, the county clerk came forward and the said tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the vote. Since then, we have now discovered that forty seven counties use this same software in the same capacity. Antrim county had to hand count all of the ballots, and these counties that use the software needs to closely examine the result for similar discrepancies. Tonight we did reach out to dominion and they were claiming this was caused by a human error. It had nothing to do with their operating system, but, according to several
reports, there may be a lot more to this story. Back in June, during Georgias primary, there were a lot of serious issues surrounding the states voting machines according to the New York Times. In some cases, machines require extra power for aging polling locations, blowing fuses and never powering on workers still being trained just days before the election struggled with the set up the times goes on to write. The electronic poll books also were plagued by raising software and user error during the presidential election dominion. Voting machines were used in all of Georges one hundred and fifty nine counties and, as we all know, that is a state with a razor thin margin. The question must be asked. Dont expect the media mob to ever ask it are to minions systems prone to human error.
Seventy two million Americans voted for Donald Trump. All of us deserve an answer and thats, not the only concern being raised in two thousand and eighteen lets. Go to the liberal AP reporting that dominion long skimped on security in favor of convenience, making it more difficult to detect intrusions dominion. Voting systems were rejected three times for failing to meet basic, simple security standards once rejected in two thousand and thirteen twice rejected in twenty nineteen. That would be last year in two thousand and eighteen, a prominent tenured Princeton professor, who specialized in election machine Ray policy security. His name is Andrew Lapel issued an op, Ed blasting dominion over security concerns. According to the professor that Dominion image
cast evolution looks like a pretty good voting machine, but it has a serious design flaw after you mark your ballot and after you review your ballots, the voting machine can print more votes on it. Thats a big problem. Those legitimate software installed by dominion, wont do that, but the machine is physically capable of it, and fraudulent software can exploit that ability. During a hearing on Capitol Hill, two thousand and seventeen a tenured professor Princeton, I would assume a pretty smart guy explained how fraudulent software could be used to seriously alter elections just two short years ago. Take a look. Each voting machine is a computer running a computer program whether that computer counts the votes accurately or makes mistakes or cheats by shifting votes from one candidate to another depends on what software is installed in the computer.
Installing software is how you hack a voting machine to cheat. I wrote a vote stealing program that shifts votes. It takes seven minutes per machine with a screwdriver. The software I built was not rocket science. Any computer programmer could write the same code. It could steal elections without detection for years to come. By saying this happened with dominion. How would I possibly know we do know that there have been so many warnings, the New York Times, the Associated Press congressional hearings? You have the attorney general and Secretary of State of Texas, twice last year, projecting rejecting the Sy Princeton Tenured, professor, all trying to warn us about this system. Twenty eight states used at this election and ill add if we want to have election results with integrity that the people of this country
will have confidence in him. We can easily and absolutely have a system forensically, checked and ill even argue, allowing both republican and democratic engineers to do the forensically checked together. If Texas rejected the system three separate times dont, we owe it to every American to know which is the best, the most reliable and accurate system. So we can have confidence in the voting in this country. We are a powerful country, an advanced country, guess what we can and must eliminate any chance of fraud or abuse and corruption or questioning of integrity and competence, theres good reason to not have confidence or not to believe this is fair in states with razor thin margins. Like Georgia, Michigan Pennsylvania, we must we owe it to the american people to do all due diligence and make sure that every legal vote is counted.
Sadly, thats, especially hard to do with widespread mail in voting. The New York Times may have actually forgotten their own reporting kind of, like a Joe Biden on this very subject in two thousand and twelve, they warned about the increased risk of fraud and abuse that occurred with mail in voting. They ran a front page story, not saying Hannity is awful or evil, and they cast grave doubt on the reliability of widespread mail. In voting and indicated it was more vulnerable to fraud than conventional voting. The New York Times said that the New York Times they got something right. In the past several weeks we have witnessed their predictions play out in real time. One particularly egregious example came from a: u DOT S postal service, whistle blower, his name. By the way, I thought we loved whistle blowers, even hearsay, whistle blowers. His name is Richard Hopkins. He claimed postal workers were fraudulently backdating mail in ballots in Pennsylvania, a
similar charge made in Michigan. We have not independently confirmed the contents of the footage from Project VERITAS, but we will let you watch and decide for yourself. You decide. I saw the postmaster until one of our supervisors to decide and he told the supervisor that the postmark was before all these pallets are coming in tomorrow. Yesterday they were all supposed to be postmarked before followed the allegations project VERITAS was reporting that Hopkins was subject to an hour long interrogation were federal agents, reportedly attempted to intimidate him and actually get Richard Hopkins, a whistle blower to change his story, but guess what apparently its reported here is undercover video showing part
of that interview by a guy that we may suspect from Twitter, which he has now taken down. He doesnt like Donald Trump, but unlike big tech companies. Well, let you make the decision. I am trying to twist to a little bit because your mind will kick in. We like to control our minds and when we do that, we can convince ourselves of a memory when youre under a little bit of stress, which im doing to purposely in your mind, can be clearer. We are going to do a different exercise. To make your mind clearer. This is all on purpose: im not scaring you, but I am scaring you Sp1. According to project VERITAS, one of those federal agents was a devout Democrat. Frequently posting far left
political beliefs on twitter. By the way they have been captured, captured he posted tweets praising Stacey Abrams and encouraging people not to watch the presidents Town Hall on October, 15th openly criticizing his mother for praising Donald Trump and watching Fox NEWS and even spread to smears and a slander about the presidents tax returns that gets credited to big tech after the interrogation, the Washington Post, not sure where they got. This live report at the whistle blower Richard Hopkins had recanted his claims of voter fraud. Richard Hopkins is calling not reporting absolutely false and hes now standing by his claims that the Washington Post said that he recanted take a look for yourself. Speak of these federal agents. Have your back at this point? No, do you think they are interested in investigating fraud?
I dont think they are. In fact you heard what Eisenberg tell a supervisor. Do you still stand by that? Yes Sp1, they said weve got to be tough on you, weve got to make sure this is the truth, its a crime. If you lied to federal agents, remember George Papadopoulos lying under oath, Roger Stone, thats right only people that lie that are republican ever prosecuted in two thousand and fourteen VOX dot com published a poll. Fifty eight percent of Americans think elections are rigged guidance top pick for chief of Staff RON claim. He said they did everything wrong thats because he says they are rigged. Is this? What he was talking about? Is that what you meant, or maybe youre talking about the partisan observers that were
blocked and sign an affidavit after affidavit or maybe youre talking about state officials, changing election laws two days before the election or maybe youre talking about dead people who managed to vote from beyond the grave many states are getting elections done fairly doing at the right way. The states that arent are.
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