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Hannity: Another blatant lie from Joe Biden

2020-09-10 | 🔗
Biden wants Americans to believe that he can beat COVID-19 if you elect him president.
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Pomposity, smugness and Groupthink Sean Hannity from New York now welcome to Tucker Carlson tonight, President Trump wrapped up another massive rally. Yep the rallies are back. Look at this video from Dans give you know, do you think the Biden campaign can ever get crowds the size keep watching, keep looking at the video look at it, because what you see that is, the overflow crowd. Those are the people who didnt fit in the massive rally space in Freeland Michigan tonight supporters lining up around the block and down the street. We will show it all. We have plenty of time. According to reports, some were waiting in line for more than twenty four hours. Weve got the highlights. The president was on fire tonight, along with also tonight a full report, our two thousand and twenty election correspondent Lawrence Jones. He is on the ground. He was at the rally tonight. Also we are going to bring you breaking news from the Durham
probe. This is huge muellers team led by, of course, his hit man Andrew Weissmann, the Pitbull caught in a massive cover up just like Hillary Clinton. Almost all of them guess what they wiped their phones. Clean, hmm, is that obstruction of justice by Team Mueller. We will investigate and are more charge on the way. First, we start with another blatant lie from the ever forgetful. Joe Biden Joe actually wants Americans year the american people to believe that he can beat Covid 19, but only if you elect him if your members, what it is in November December January, he claims he sounded the alarm early on about the deadly virus and that President Trump did everything wrong. Okay, Joe is lying just like his friends in the media mob and well most liberal democrats. These days, Joe Biden, is living and alternative reality.
Once again, here are the facts that the hate Trump media mob will never give you. We will do their job for them. In late January, just days before the President issued what was the unprecedented China Travel Ban First quarantine in fifty years. Ten days after the first identified case in this country, well, bidens top advisor his name is RON claim he was actually praising chinas transparency Huh President Trump watch this watch. This China has been more transparent and candid than it has during past outbreaks, though still there are problems with transparency and candor. Okay, the same China where zero experienced Hunter Biden, one dollar and fifty cents billion deal, not Deutsche Bank, not Goldman Sachs, not chase. No, that would be Joe Biden Hunter Biden.
Quid pro quo, sucking up to Hunter Peter Schweizer. It has identified this in detail and so will on January 28th three days before the the presidents Travel ban, seven days before the first identified case, this same Biden, health advisor said he opposed the travel ban. It was premature, but they were on top of it thats. What they said watch. Would you ban chinese travelers from arriving in the United States? I wouldnt. I think that is premature. I think it is very important exchange very important for trade and tourism and the very very few of those people have it whats more. Since this virus broke out, a quarter million people have come from China, so they are already here. One day before the presidents Travel Ban January 30th TOP Biden, health official, Dr Zeke Emanuel, said everyone needed to stop panicking, stop being hysterical. Then, on February 1st, that is
the day after travel ban was implemented. Ten days, the first identified case of Corona Joe himself tweeted out that the travel ban was hysterical, xenophobia and fearmongering on February 13th, TOP Biden Advisor Klain tweeted that we are experiencing a fear epidemic, not a covid 19 epidemic, Joe Biden himself called the aggressive Covid 19 response. The travel ban first quarantine in over fifty years, hysterical xenophobia fearmongering on multiple occasions as late as March the 18th. Meanwhile, Joe Biden was still holding indoor rallies in the month of March and he was doling out his world famous creepy hugs. Remember those he wasnt talking about social distancing, he wasnt wearing a mask. He wasnt coordinating an aggressive use of the defense Production ACT plan or sourcing EE. He was against the travel ban, come against the quarantine, come against the subsequent travel ban.
Now that likely saved hundreds of thousands of Americans from contracting the Virus- and God knows how many thousands of Americans from dying and by the way he didnt get to that until April, get this Bidens press secretary now, like Biden, my income up attending the ever forgetful Joe was always in favo. That is called a lie. The ban Joe called multiple times, including late March, hysterical xenophobic, fearmongering. Take a look. You are saying. Joe Biden was foreclosing down to travel from China when the President did it. Joe Biden has been continued. The fact checked he was against that travel ban. He was for a Joe Biden has been clear about this. I can send you the fact checked. If they are helpful, this has been fact checked into oblivion. Im just asking the question you are saying: yes, he was for the China Travel Ban when the
President implemented it forty eight hours after receiving that briefing the important thing about the travel ban, yes or no Bret. I know you like to cite the travel ban. No, the president does thats why I am bringing it up. Bret hold on an important thing in over the travel ban is even after the president implemented that travel ban or says he implement it. Tens of thousands of people came in or out im going to take. You are not going to answer my question. You are going to send me some fact: checks. Bret Baier has the patience of job here because he is lying and everybody knows it when other words, Joe Biden, did everything wrong, but now he is going to lie about it and hope that you will all forget what really happened. I love the Woodward hysteria but Bob Woodwards book yeah, the President said he wanted to calm fears in America. What do we have to fear but fear itself? Fdr said at the height of the great Depression World WAR Ii. Remember those tough days, Churchill. You know the bombing of Britain marching with the
people of Britain was he talking get them in the hills and everywhere blood tears, sweat. That is what leaders do five in the saying. No, this is hysterical. Xenophobia fearmongering he on offered no solutions, nothing new for Biden and his team to lie and by the way imagine if Bret Baier was actually cautioning Joe Biden there. That would be tv paper view defunding the police. He lies about that reallocation. He calls that fracking against it come against it, but no. I was always for protest. No, they are peaceful to well. It is showing up badly in the polls national mask mandate, Joe Biden said I dont want that either. Okay, he lies about pretty much every position he has ever taken only if it helps them politically. Only if the polls and focus groups tell him what to say like Don Lemon advised him to listen to, but here is what is more.
Concerning Joe Biden is actually really weak and frail and it doesnt seem mentally alert or, on top of his game. Doesnt seem to have a lot of well lets, say: mental acuity, just listen to bidens top advisor the guy. You just heard from RON Klain saying the Biden, Obama response listen to what they admitted about their response to the H1N1 virus, not the and 1h1 virus. As Biden calls, it take a look, I wasnt involved directly in the H1N1 response, but I live through it as a White House staffer and what I will say about. It is a bunch of really talented, really great people working on it and we did every possible thing wrong, and you know sixty million Americans got H1N1 H1N1 in that period of and it is purely a fortuity. This isnt one of the great mass casualty events in american history had nothing to do with us doing anything right. I just had to do with luck. He did everything wrong and they didnt, prepare F
pandemic. Make no mistake. Fifty years in the swamp, Joe Biden is now more incompetent than ever. Nobody, our own Lawrence Jones, two thousand and twenty correspondent on the ground, and he has ever interviewed, has ever been able to identify a single compliment in fifty years of Joe Biden in the swamp that has made life better for you, the Megan people I could spend the show talking about president trumps promises made promises, kept unemployment building the law originalists on the Supreme Court. New trade deals pulling out of protracted wars, defeating the caliphate, Soleimani Al Baghdadi, Al Qaeda leaders, all over the world Biden might again this week nearly six thousand two hundred. U dot S. Military members died from corona. Well, he is wrong again. They have been exactly seven military deaths from Covid 19, not nearly six thousand two hundred without a teleprompter, the ever forgetful Joe, can barely communicate.
Today, President Trump had a few observations about bidens. Well, precious teleprompter. Take a look at this, as we continue to follow the science based approach to protect our people and vanquish. The virus, Joe Biden, continues to use the pandemic for political again. He is reading off a teleprompter im not allowed to use a teleprompter. Why is that they ask questions and he starts reading the teleprompter. He says movie teleprompter little bit closer, please I dont know. I think if I did that I would be in big trouble. That would be the story of the year teleprompter. Can you move it down the teleprompter? I have to read the answer. The presidents right and get this apparently bidens. Teleprompter is not just his speeches. It looks an awful lot like he is using it to answer supposedly unscripted questions, just listen to Bidens press secretary from earlier today.
This is another great moment. Has Joe Biden ever used a teleprompter during local interviews or to answer Qampa with supporters Bret we are not going to. This is straight from the Trump campaign yeah. They are using it. What it does Bret is. It is trying to distract the american people. They talk about it every day. Can you say yes or no? They talk about it every day, Bret because they dont have a coherent. You didnt answer yes or no Bret. They talk about it every day because they dont have a coherent argument for why Donald Trump, but you cant answer the question Bret. I am not going to allow the Trump campaign to channel their questions through Fox NEWS and get me to answer that. Does he use the teleprompter to answer a question? Yes or no simple question? That is what you call an evasive nonanswer, because he would have to lie again. I think we all know what his campaign is trying to limit his extemporaneous comments. Just look at what happened Wednesday Joe had to go off script. He had
a little trouble. I want to thank you all I carry with me. I dont have it. I gave it to my staff, but I carry with me in my pocket. A do I have that around. Where is I gave it anyway? I carry a schedule in my pocket. We hold these truths to be self evident. All men are created thing thing you know come on, man come on you a junkie. It gets worse at a different event. Wednesday Biden couldnt remember what taxes he wants to raise. He was trillions, but doesnt, remember which ones whichever they put in front of me. I will sign it. Take a look if you change the tax rate, if you change the tax rate from thirty eight percent to twenty one percent. Thirty, eight percent: thirty, six percent, twenty eight percent thats. What we start to try to do it went down to twenty one percent.
The truth is we have an information crisis in the country. This is serious. We dont have any real journalists, fake news, CNN Msdnc. If any of newspapers, Edward Networks, NBC State, run if it was Donald Trump, I promise it would story. Instead, Washington, post more focused on praising Le Harris on her shoe choice. Meanwhile, major networks. Meanwhile major networks devoted minutes to smearing President Trump, but not his peace prize nomination. President Trump, he is on fire. He is on offense tonight, did something Joe Biden. Sibley cannot do actually hold a real rally. The liberal law enforcement deliver Aspeech in front of a Ma.
Deliver Aspeech in front of a MA lets. Take a look. This is the most important election in the history. Our country, Joe Biden, devoted his career to off shoring Michigans jobs. Outsourcing Biden supported every disastrous global sellout for over half a century, including NAFTA, China and TPE. You know that Joe Biden surrendered your jobs to China and he wants to surrender our country to the violent left wing mob, and you are seeing that every night, if Biden wins China wins, if Biden wins the mob wins. If Biden wins the rioters, anarchists arsonists and flag burners win, but I wouldnt worry about it because hes not winning, I
dont, think hes winning its all on the ballot. You are the ultimate jury in twenty four days. Biden is holding virtual Qampa sessions on Instagram.
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