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Hannity: Biden administration preaches unity, bipartisanship, acts otherwise

2021-01-29 | 🔗
'Hannity' host rips president and press secretary following slew of executive orders
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They get their day in court. Thats all coming up first tonight, more proof that the Democrats impeachment should show charade is built on a pack of lies fated to pipe bombs. The FBI tells us were discovered on January six on the: U Dot S capitol and likely planted at 800 in the evening the night before it take a look at your screen. This is surveillance footage obtained by the Washington Post, look at that suspect, wearing a hoodie, a mask and carrying a bag just after 800 p, dot m. On January fifth, before the rally on January six, the authorities believe this person likely planted both pipe bombs just blocks away from the capital, one close to the Rnc building the other near the Dnc. This was on January, the fifth. This deranged individual did not
plant these bombs because of the presidents January sixth rally speech. Remember according to the bogus article of the snap impeachment Democrats, they claimed that the president incited an insurrection, because, on January six, he willfully made statements that in context, encouraged and foreseeably resulted in lawless action at the capitol and now know in reality. What did the president do? He encouraged his supporters? Some of you will peacefully and patriotically march to the capital, so your voices can be heard now. Those who acted with malice those that broke the law were not incited by the president if they had planned this all ahead of time. According to multiple reports, even the Washington Post, fake news CNN, they planned their attack well before January, the sixth. Now it appears that the
pipe bombs were planted well before any remarks by the president the day before. This is why you dont rush to judgment. This is why you dont have a snap impeachment and drama in article of impeachment in just a matter of days with no evidence. No hearings, no argument, nothing thats why this program will always work are sources we do our own research is. We are independent and to be refrained from knee jerk emotional reactions and accusations thats. Why? Like Dominic, unlike every other network and most people on air, we at this show got it right on the Russia hoax. We pointed out a lot of hearsay witnesses, one anonymous hearsay, whistle blower opinion witnesses, but only one fact:
witness in the you cane Ukraine Witness host thats why we were right on the Cavanaugh nomination thats why we were right in Covington, Nicholas Sandmann. Do you remember that case at Duke Lacrosse? We were right there too, Ferguson Missouri. We were right, hands up, dont, shoot and rush to judgment that all fell apart, Baltimore, Freddie Gray, Cambridge and to so many other major stories, and now, once again, we at this program were right about this current impeachment charade. The present will be acquitted and is made Dominic wasting our time and money its time to talk about Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Kamala, Harris Chuck Schumer. You know what apply one standard to everybody Republicans need to focus on their jobs, which is the
economy, border control, energy independence. Theyve got a job to do joining us now with the full report, from LOS Angeles, our senior correspondent, Rick Leventhal with us tonight. There appears to be clear evidence for multiple cameras in multiple locations, capturing images of the suspect moments before hes believed to have placed pipe bombs outside both republican and democratic headquarters in Washington on January fifth, the night before the capital insurrection, the surveillance footage released by the FBI and reviewed by the Washington Post shows a man carrying a basket backpack h toward an alley seconds later. The video shows the suspect in the alley wearing a white, colored, sweatshirt, speed, turf shoes, a mask gloves and carrying a backpack near his waist authorities believe he placed one pipe on there and the other outside the Dnc building, sometime between 730 and 830, p dot m on the fifth,
the post reports, the bombs were simply built with components, including mechanical timers and switches. One witness said it looked like a common kitchen, timer attached to the device they were live and to disarms before they could explode great at the FBI, says agents are using every tool in the toolbox to catch this paper, including raising the reward for information leading to his arrest to one hundred thousand dollars Sean id like to urge anybody. If you have any information whatsoever, please help the FBI and your country out it Rick Leventhal, thanks ive said this before I will say it again: we immediately instead of politicizing, this rushing to judgment, no due process, no presumption of innocence. What we need as quickly as possible is a nine slash. Eleven commission style report. What went wrong at the capital? Why werent? These signs picked up a question mark. Why wasnt there a police presence when you know hundreds of thousands of people are in
town days before and they are going to march to the capital. If the breach happened in thirty seconds, this can never happen again. We have to protect our institutions and every elected official, this isnt republican or Democrat. This is an attack on week. The people at the American one thing is clear. President Trump will not be convicted. Not only is this a shift show trial. Not only is it unconstitutional, Donald Trump did not incite. Insurrection Democrats are wasting the entire countrys time like they have for five years. They are wasting your money and its all an effort to smear Donald Trump into his supporters. So much for the unity that Joe Biden promised instead of bringing Americans together, he does quite the opposite. In fact, he seems perfectly content to go it alone.
As of now Joe Biden has signed a record of forty executive orders and counting by the way he says this isnt a dictatorship. Youve got to get a vote. This is a democracy hes not trying to get to Congress to get his agenda passed. Hes ramming it down her throat with a stroke of a pen, altering peoples lives in ways that are so damaging. According to the White House, press secretary propaganda was Jen, Psaki Joe just loves bipartisanship. These are words. This is not true. Anotherdominic light appeared to look, I believe, youre being too nice about what Republicans are likely to do will look. I think you take your guidance from the person you work for for me, thats President Biden. He starts every day. Thinking I want to be able to work with Democrats and Republicans and theres a reason they should
work with me. Our Republicans now against reopening schools. Are they against getting unemployment insurance checks to the american people? Are they against getting vaccines in the arms of Americans? Fascinating, go to the number one conspiracy theory show in the entire country, where allies are spewed pretty much every night for five years, no Jan, I dont know if youve ever spoken to anyone outside of your little d, dot c bubble. So let me fill you when hardworking men and women are against prisoners. Apparently, next week they are being pushed to the front of the vaccine line if thats, not America. First, they are against shipping doses of the vaccine overseas to other countries before every American in this country has a chance to get the vaccine first. That would be
Joe Biden, but obviously is against putting Americans first at this is the New America last policy. They are also making Russia IRAN Middle Eastern countries that hate us. They are going to get rich again by respect Dominic restricting american oil and gas and wiping out high paying career jobs for tens and tens of thousands of great Americans with the stroke of a pen. You know like the construction jobs at the: U Dot S border as well. It Joe Biden with an executive order halted all of that wall construction. A lot of pink slips were given out in the last week. The thousands and thousands of jobs are now gone, including jobs that pay well over. One hundred grand with great retirement benefits great medical benefits. It yeah those jobs are gone its because Joe wiped them away with the stroke of a pen and killed off the Keystone pipeline project.
If this is not a democrat or republican issue, this is a matter of our fellow hard Workin Americans. They want to put food on their table it. They need to pay their bills, they need to pay their mortgage their brand. They need to pay their car payment and truck payment, they need to think about retirement and they need to think about their kids wanting to go to college dozens of top Democrats over the years supported the Keystone pipeline project. Even Senator Mark Warner, Senator Tom Carper, Senator Bob Casey congresswoman Sheila Jackson leave once stated. The pipeline could add fifty thousand jobs to Houston alone. Former Senator Mccaskill says the pipeline is the safest and the most environmentally sound, and it also has the added benefit of creating jobs in the process. Never mind energy independence, because when you dont have it, you weaken your homeland security,
not a good idea, either in a dangerous world. Even another Democrat senator Joe Manchin, we have everything to gain by building this pipeline, especially since it would help create thousands of jobs right here at home. The Keystone XL is expected to create twenty thousand direct jobs during construction and one hundred and eighteen thousand indirect and spin off jobs. Despite massive bipartisan support for the pipeline, Joe Biden, President unity killed the project with the stroke of his pen. Now her fellow Americans are scared. They are suffering and they are in the worst job market because of the pandemic and Joe is going to legalize eleven million people that will then be in the workforce. Driving wages down below where they are Joe Biden has probably never had an original thought and his entire life and hes controlled by his radical socialist base. Make no mistake: radical
Socialist Extreme democratic party. They never wanted unity, they dont want it. Instead, they want total, complete power and control the total control of the economy, total control over health care, total control over your paycheck. Yes, they want total control over speech, news and information by the way they are leading the cancel culture at this socialist utopia. It is a nightmare, it will fail socialism, its got a history of roadkill and failure, whatever name whatever manifestation over the years. In the end, promises are never fulfilled, we become poorer, and then we have to figure out how much.
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