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Hannity: Biden administration won't hold China accountable 'for anything'

2021-01-25 | 🔗
Sean Hannity analyzes President Biden's first executive orders and the state of the nation.
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Sean Hannity standing by in New York, take it away. Think you on this Monday, welcome to Hannity. We are tracking multiple major stories that will impact your life, including the shocking the scene from New York City. Look at this Friday night, 1130, a dot m, broad daylight, the streets of New York City that man right there and beaten slashed, robbed by a group of twelve people. Make no mistake: violent crime is now spiraling out of control in many of Americas, major cities. It goes back to rioting in Portland, Seattle and Denver this week. This is what defunding, the police and helping people arrested, get free, bail, Kamala Harris and not speaking out and calling riots riots like last summer. This is what it looks like if more scary times, we will have a lot more tonight, also Nancy Pelosis, prayerful and solemn duty. Radical
extremists to smear the president, even out of office for all eternity, is now officially reaching the Senate coming up. We will have the very latest details from the Democrats unconstitutional, post presidential impeachment charade, which is falling apart. It is now officially blowing up in the faces of Biden and every other Democrat in the swamp senators. By the way, Republicans are now forcefully speaking out against impeachment. As of today, its a foregone include wow conclusion. It will be in acquittal and they know theyre dead. On arrival, chief justice, John Roberts rightly now refusing to preside over the trial. The latest show and, of course, have Biden really cared about unity. He could put a stop to it now. So much for that unity be yes, words, no meeting smoke and mirrors obviously doesnt care about
unity at all whatsoever, hes out of office out of office. Are you happy? It reads like a wish list for the radical extreme socialist base, or they the ones in charge and Biden, is now halting all border wall, construction, stopping all deportations. Amnesty is on the way, incorporating legal immigrants to the? U DOT S census and waging war on american oil and gas. Thousands of people now being laid off because of bidens cancellation of the Keystone Xl Pipeline, the Biden Obama administration four years ago. They predicted two billion in wages. If the
pipeline was ever built, but they never lifted a finger, Donald Trump got that done, and now bidens radical agenda is literally taking thousands of american jobs hurting american families. All while economic stress is the norm for way too many of our fellow Americans, because of Covid and, of course, the subsequent lockdowns. We will hear from one of those workers- a fellow American in just a moment, whats his life like now and with the stroke of a pen, this guy lost his job so to joes fawning fans and big tech, the media mob. This is why im Critical now this early of the Biden administration. This is why I rightly called his first week in office have pending disaster the mob saying Hannitys already saying Joe is failing well, these policies will always fail. Why
chapter four of my book actually has a whole chapter in there that says socialism and its history of failure. It will fail again. This is why we will continue to vet Joe Biden and all his policies. Ninety nine percent, so called journalists in this country on now what we will call a sycophantic vacation. So per usual, we end up doing those jobs and we will continue to fight back against cancel culture. It is now worse than ever, a more oppressive than ever more chilling than ever in embrace of authoritarianism, and some on the left are calling on the government to censor regulate freedom of speech. In other words, speech they dont like or agree with, and some even on so called news networks want Fox NEWS ripped off the air way they want. This show canceled
talk about cancel culture if they have the biggest propaganda, the biggest purveyors of lies hatred in the country, and I have five years worth of never ending material. Others have continuously and enthusiastically praised big tech, censorship of conservatives and, of course, the censorship of real stories in the lead up to the election. Senator Josh Hawley had a book deal canceled. They want to use the 14th amendment to remove him and TED Cruz for daring to ask for an audit of election. Sorry, if you disagree but thats what this country was built on all because they supported a ten day audit of our election results. Something Democrats in the past have done encouraged all Americans to take a stand against the muzzling of a stand against the muzzling of America
when candidate Biden then use the pandemic to bash President Trump in one of his rare appearances. In fact, he personally blame the president pretty much for every covid death, not China, no theres. Only one person on this earth to blame Donald Trump take a look if the president had done his job from the beginning. All the people would still be alive. All the people im not making this up. Just look at the data. Look at the data look at the data. Okay, they claimed they had a plan to be Covid 19. They vowed to get the virus under control, delivery of immediate relief to working families and apparently thats not the case. Look at this now there is nothing he can really do to change the trajectory of the pandemic, thats, not what he was saying in the campaign at all.
Take a look. If we fail to act, there will be a wave of the evictions and foreclosures in the coming months, as this pandemic rages on because theres nothing, we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months, keep in mind. Multiple vaccines have already been deployed thanks to Donald Trump and by the way around one million doses are being distributed and put in peoples arms every single day, just like during the Trump administration and remember those international travel bands. President Trump implemented actually in about six days exactly one year ago, to stop the spread of Covid 19. Now the Biden administration themselves are extending the travel restrictions, but you remember, after the president implemented that about a year ago, on the campaign trail Joe out there tweeting that the travel ban was hysteria, xenophobic and fearmongering, and then in March
Biden again called the Covid 19 travel restrictions, xenophobic, fearmongering. I guess that makes Joe Biden Xenophobic and a fearmongering or period of our own. Peter Doocy asked Bidens press secretary about this and, as per usual, the answer was misleading when President Trump was imposing travel restrictions and marched specifically on China, then candidate Biden called it xenophobic and fearmongering. So now, President Biden is putting travel restrictions on people travel restrictions on people coming in from other country, even before he was even before he was inaugurated, travel restrictions
in order to keep the american people safe. That you think we are that stupid or just not aware that they were talking about the Covid 19 travel restrictions. One thing has become very clear and that is the Biden administration does not plan to hold China responsible for anything. Take a look, chinas engaged in conduct that hurts american workers and threatens our alliances and influences in international organizations. China is growing more authoritarian at home and more assertive abroad, and China is now threatening our values in significant ways that it require a new. U dot S approach, and this is one of the reasons as we were talking about a little bit earlier, that we want to approach this with strategic patience. Theyre happy were going to get out of the oil and energy business because they
will make a lot of money too, not the Keystone, XL pipeline. Clearly, a friendly relationship with the malignant regime hostile regime that affected the world with Covid 19 is more important to Biden. Joes son made all that money, the thousands of workers, by the way that actually relied on high paying career jobs in the energy.
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