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Hannity: Biden and Harris are trying to erase their own history

2020-10-09 | 🔗
Sean Hannity accuses the Democratic ticket of plotting the biggest political power grab in history
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Welcome to Hannity on this busy breaking news. If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the radical left plotting for WH will be the single biggest power grab in modern american history, they will not be answering questions about any of it. Talk about a lack of honesty and transparency. According to Joe Biden, you would the american people you do not deserve to know his position, Kamala Harris position on what our monumental issues like court packing, keeping the electoral college statehood for d, dot, c and elsewhere until after the election. We have a lot coming up tonight. Also, the latest details in the curious saga of the presidential debate, moderator, Steve, Scalise, fairly remarkable. We started with a simple fact: the level of transparency in the Trump Administration is on this president communicates with
you me. We, the american people, without a filter. He answers questions about acros, multiple platforms, even after a week of having Covid 19. It is remarkable. We saw this last night right here on the program again today during a two hour interview with rush Limbaugh on his show. Take a look at this. I was not in the greatest of shape. A day later I was fine may be perfect, but I was fine a couple days later now, im free, I feel perfect, if im, not anything, im off the regiment that they gave me. I want to terminate Obamacare and then come up with a great and we have it come up with a great health care plan, thats much less expensive and does include people with pre existing conditions. I dont think the debate has meant that much and I tell you ive done well with debates.
I think I won every single pole. I will knock the poll on with hi. He was a long and he would say the series of things all lies, and then I interrupted him. The president talked at length about health care cooperatives and health savings account, but over the past three and a half years, this president has been open and honest about his agenda. His signature, the signature of his presidency, is that he does when he says hes going to do. He tells you his beliefs, he tells you his plans. He works around the clock. He keeps his promises. For example, I would not say that Bernie Sanders is weak and frail. I say that about Joe Biden, President fought for better trade deals like he promised, and he got it done at lower taxes got it done, fury regulations. He got that done constitutionalist on the court. He fulfilled the on the court. He fulfilled the promise getting out of foreign conflicts by taking out the caliphate
baghdadi the Al Qaeda leader. He got that all done also and building up the nations defenses he got allies to pair their fair share. There is no mystery with Donald Trump. He tells you what he thinks, beliefs and follows through for the last three and a half years. According to Gallup, more Americans feel better off under four years of President Trump, then under Obama and George W Bush lets be clear, honesty being truthful, being transparent. It matters forget ability, also matters the probe growth and youre Goin, none of that with Joe and Kamala that, with Joe and Kamala as we speak, theyre trying to erase their own history, they do not want you to remember that they once found of a degree new deal. That is still on the website by the way, if they we dont, want you to remember that all the time that both Joe and Kamala called for a
ban on fracking thats, the exact opposite of what theyve been telling us. They do not want you to remember that once flirted with the idea of defunding, the police, like it, was praised by Kamala Harris or as Joe says, redistribution of funds police have become the enemy they dont want you to remember the time they helped with the violent rioters. Put back on the streets. Also no bail policy right now they flat out will not answer any significant constitutional question about court packing. This illicit practice would absolutely fundamentally alter the Great Democratic Republic. It would make it the power of the courts and literally our system of checks and balances, coequal branches of government. This is a really serious constitutional issue, but Joe he wont give us an
answer until well. After the election, this ought to scare every single person it ought to scare the heck out of you. To be honest, the arrogance is breathtaking. What happened to honesty, truthfulness, transparency, Chuck, Schumer flat out saying that he is threatening everything thats on the table. I believe him. The cavalier attitude about destroying the courts is something that we have never seen before. By the way they assert the power of the legislative branch by having activist jurists and judges that they would write the laws they would determine the law, they would do it by judicial fiat and the reason they will not give a straight answer is clear because they know, as they told the american people you will, the american people the truth of court. Packing is more than a little concerning, especially for those of us that believe in the constitution. It is dangerous, it is divisive and it will lead the country
down a very scary path where unelected lifetime unaccountable judges would determine anything pretty much. They wanted to determine by the way Joe and Kamala are controlled by the radical socialist base. Even if they tried to say they would not do it. I would not believe them at this point. They will be controlled by EEOC in the squad. The radical party that they are a part of, and they are leading biden- is planning to pack the courts and, while hes at it, he wants to get statehood for d, DOT C Puerto Rico, thats for democratic Senate seats, and they will have the majority of perpetuity. They want to ditch the electoral college also, they certainly will get rid of the legislative filibuster. And how do we know? Chuck Schumer is telling us that the radical base once total control of the? U dot S government, or at least until the socialist utopia is fully achieved. Now this week in particular, the Democrats in the socialist base
guess what they did not think. Kamala Harris was liberal enough in her debate with MIKE Pence, so they put out to their list of demands. It is called the peoples charter and basically just a rebranding of their green new deal free everything for everybody socialism, for all. We can only assume its a matter of time before the charter makes its way onto bidens website tonight. If you value honesty, transparency law order, separation of powers, coequal branches of government, our constitution- if you value capitalism, you should be very nervous in twenty five days. This is all on the ballot. Joe is weak. Joe is frail. He struggling cognitively it Kamala Harris is the most radical leftists in the United States Senate.
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