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Hannity: Biden 'clearly' supports 'radical idea' of court packing

2020-10-01 | 🔗
Fox News host Sean Hannity sizes up what's at stake with 33 days to go in the presidential campaign.
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Republican win a lot more on that later, when the president, the president, joins us live first, thirty, three days, you are the ultimate jury. The time for urgency is right. Now, yeah, im sounding an alarm as forcefully as I possibly can at this election is not just about President Trump and Joe Biden. Republicans Democrats, conservatives, liberals it its deeper than that at this is a tipping point, its about preserving, protecting or labored liberty; capitalism, this great constitutional republic- in other words, what is at stake in your hands and thirty three days now too, if youre doing the early voting its about protecting this great country greatest country, God ever gave man from those that would like to now turn it on its head. It if you value your first amendment. Second, amendment rights, if you believe in coequal branches of government and checks and balances in your
government, listen up because Heres the twenty twenty game plan of this new great, radical, extreme democratic socialist Party. If they are planning to seize control of the? U DOT S Supreme Court with the corrupt practice known as court. Packing FDR was the last person to try this. If they are successful, Democrats would add additional Supreme Court justices until a favorable majority. If you believe in judicial activism and legislating from the bench is achieved. In other words, they can ram through their radical agenda without any check or balance or any resistance. The practice is so unethical, so crooked, Joe Biden just flat out, refuses to answer whether or not he supports this period of time. After time. Joe just says, hes not going to answer the question im, not taking the trump debate. No Joe America needs to know becomes the headline for the
next three days. Presidential nominee says hes going to are not going to do the following Joe. You are dodging answer the question. America has the right to know before they vote. We have a presidential candidate will not answer questions commit to whether he would not support what would be a hostile takeover of a coequal branch of government. His nonanswer, probably the truth, is in in the answer and t would be, and we must conclude that he clearly does report this radical idea and being controlled and surrounded by radicals. We better believe that he will do it unconscionable, but he will do it. That is only one part of the Democratics plan to seize power and now, but im about to say, is not an exaggeration. There is literally now nothing Democrats wont do to rake the system in their favor, for example, adding more more solid blue Senate seats by
giving d, dot C and Puerto Rico statehood. What they do it absolutely. They want a democratic Senate majority clearly in perpetuity. In other words, they would end the legislative filibuster as well. The Democrats win the majority in the Senate. You bet they go there, also eliminating the electoral college. We answer that question. According to the Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, he sang everything is on the table. What about the other fifty states do they have a say in that we are going to a legislative filibuster, packed the courts. Question MIKE, listen to chuck, he means it. They will turn the entire constitutional system on its head. It will be the biggest most corrupt power grab in the history of this country, ending the legislative filibuster. They will do that, make no mistake, Schumer California, New York, they would love to they get to decide who every president would be if they got rid of the
electoral college. That will be exactly what happens next. Schumer Pelosi Bolshevik Bernie AOC. They will do all of this and more and Joe wont tell is whether he supports it or not. Of course, Democrats know their illicit power grab will not sit well with most Americans and the other states if they know the sleazy unconstitutional corrupt. They are hoping to distract you, the american people, with one of their favorite election tactics, but with a twist and no matter how many times President Trump disavows condemns white supremacy, hate.
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