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Hannity: Biden orders will eviscerate US economy, sovereignty

2021-01-22 | 🔗
'Hannity' host sounds off on open-borders policy, purported mistruth about 'unity'
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Musical welcome to Hannity this busy Friday news night. Two days ago, Joe Biden promised over and over again unity, compassion and entity. Tonight his words ring more hollow than ever, just as we predicted a flurry of what our divisive extremely far left. Executive orders have now been signing into law. Now the Keystone pipeline has been canceled and thousands of layoffs in the oil and gas industry have already begun. The cost of insulin for low income Americans is about to go up because of Joes executive orders, stripping away price protections and thats, not all the constitution, frankly be and Joe Biden. I want statehood for Washington D, DOT c, which would then give him to new on their minds, democratic senators and
put up senators and perpetuity and plus last night, while Joe was fast asleep members of the National Guard, our national Guard, who protected his inauguration, they will actually inauguration. They will actually kicked out of the capital and, and you cant make that up great leadership from Commander in chief thats a lot more all coming up this evening, part two: you dont want to miss this. My interview with Hunter Biden was Laptop repair man. I saw material of a very personal nature and I dont feel comfortable talking about the personal stuff, a lot more of that straight ahead. But first we turn our attention to the top agenda item, which is the impeachment shifts show and
apparently nothing unifies. The country like a new device of Senate Childs Room of the former president from an office he know longer holds amazing use of your taxpayer dollars and government race comic resources. Also in the middle of a pandemic. Chuck Schumer is looking forward to this. You can tell the fact: is the house will deliver the articles of impeachment to the Senate and the Senate will conduct a trial of the impeachment of Donald Trump. It will be a full trial and a fair trial, but make no mistake: there will be a trial, but when that trial ends, senators will have to decide if they believe Donald John Trump incited the insurrection against the United States. All right, calm, calm do check. You can have have your pointless trial, but a conviction we dont trial, but a conviction. We dont
believe thats going to happen and on a trial where you dont have jurisdiction and also with zero basis whatsoever for your latest charade to according to the articles of Impeachment Donald Trump is accused of inciting an insurrection because of his rally on January. Sixth, President Trump addressed a crowd of the Washington monument and by the way there he reiterated false claims. He also willfully made statements that, in context, encouraged in foreseeably resulted in lawless actions at the capitol, according to multiple reports, the breach of the capital. This is from the Washington Post and fake news. Cnn was preplanned well before the presidents speech, according to the Washington Post Self, styled militia members plan on storming the: u DOT S capitals
days in advance of the January sixth attack according to the Washington Post, the right was not an entirely its an event that was it instigated or event that was it instigated or exploited by organized groups and the capital riot was planned. So the obvious question now becomes how data, if you read the article of impeachment, how did the presidents remarks at the rally on January sixth and cite the insurrection if the breach was all preplanned? He did say the following. Many of you will now peacefully and patriotically go to the capital to make your voices heard far cry from Chuck schumers own rant on the steps of the
Supreme Court and he threatened justice, Kavanaugh and Justice Gorsuch. You will pay the price he said where he screamed. You wont know what hit you wow, what? Ultimately, the former president will be acquitted. This is nothing but political theater. Another ship show that will cause problems in an will cause problems in an already divided nation, and he rammed his radical socialist agenda right down Americas throats, no more border wall protections and no more deportations. Yes, amnesty is on its way and even violent criminals get to stay, no more extreme vetting, no more keystone pipeline over eleven thousand high paying careers that will be lost there in the process. The world will now buy more oil and gas from Lets, see the Middle EAST,
Russia and China, as Senator Dave said. He put it this way. Joe Biden is now putting Saudi Arabia first and to add insult to injury, a new tax on gas is very well may, be headed your way and filling up your car, its about to become a lot more expensive. The cost of heating your home is about to get a lot worse and its all worth it. According to Joe now we have rejoiced in the Paris climate accords. Who cares if you, the american people, who cares? If you lose your job, you cant afford to heat your house or put food on the table. You can put gas in your car. You are saving the planet and making Europe very, very happy and the world very, very happy and China very happy and put in very happy meanwhile, Joe also signed off in his new mask mandate of federal property, but apparently that does not apply to Joe Biden or his family or anyone working in his white House. Of course, the media mob doesnt seem to mind at all. After all, they are all on
vacation. Now that the Democrats are in the White House, there wont be tough questions for most of them and even if they did actually raise important questions, dont expect any answers from his press secretary, Jen Psaki. She doesnt seem to know anything at all. Take a look, not that im aware of, but I will follow up with our national security team, its a very important question and im so happy you asked for it. It happened before we walked in the door, so I dont have that information. How people can get the vaccine and who is eligible, has created a great deal of confusion. As you know, I dont have anything on the timeline. Dr Deborah Birx stole a member of this team. I will have to circle back on that one I dont have any information in front of me. Weve asked the CDC to look into exactly this issue and see what can be done. I dont have any update beyond that. Both are excellent questions in the first one I should have information on, but I will have to follow up with you on both of them
im not aware of a discussion about the second piece. She was able to confirm part of bidens radical agenda, which raises the question when he was hiding in his basement, may be the news mob and maybe those people in big tech. Maybe they should have made a big deal because apparently Joe is on board with d dot c becoming the 51st state. Take a look. The president has supported D, dot c statehood in the past, and that certainly remains his position. I dont have anything for you on the timeline or next steps. He really ran hard on that. No, he didnt Joe Biden now supports the recap presidential impeachment and its divisive, no unity there and, of course, the smear campaign as they go along with it, and it only listens to the socialist and leftist policy as hes hearing every day, adding d dot c as a state, the filibuster using executive orders and bypassing Congress.
Another branch of government and enacting a radical pro illegal immigration and amnesty policy and his anti Energy green new deal agenda that will ultimately cost you trillions of dollars. Serious question. Joe Biden vowed that his top priority was a unity.
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