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Hannity: Biden silent as massive corruption scandal rocks campaign

2020-10-21 | 🔗
Sean Hannity accuses Joe Biden of lying to America by calling Hunter's scandal a 'smear campaign'
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For Mr Hope and change when they go below, we go high and amendment Joe is still nowhere to be found. He spent another day for the last five days hold up in his basement bunker, with less than two weeks to go before election day. No rallies, no press conferences, no big events. Maybe he had a nice leisurely breakfast a couple of naps hot cocoa early dinner inside. Maybe he is watching Hannity. We hear that there is a big breaking news story coming that we will be telling you. What we do know is that Joe Biden is still hiding. You could say he is in the candidate protection program. Last night we sent a camera to Joes House in Delaware to see if we could get a glimpse of the democratic nominee outside of the basement bunker, or did tonight we sent Hannity election correspondent Lawrence Jones. He is now standing right outside of Joe Bidens compound Joe. He could see right there. The cameras right there.
If you have anything you want to tell America youve, been very quiet, four of the last five days in the middle of an election. If you want to make a pitch to voters, if youre able to answer a couple of questions, not about what your favorite milk shake is just come outside, we will be happy to hear from you free any time. Unlike the phony lying misleading propaganda ads that your campaign keeps running, there are lies in almost every, let God we are not going to hold our breath, and he probably our breath- and he probably doesnt- have the mental capacity to speak extemporaneously anymore without days of preparation, thats, allegedly what hes been doing the past week memorizing his lies for the debate, hes trying to avoid any and all questions surrounding the massive corruption candle that is rocking his campaign conducted from his sofa in his basement bunker Biden blasted a local reporter for daring to ask if Hunter profited off of the biotin name.
The obvious answer is yes to take. Look because this is the same garbage, Rudy, Giuliani, trumps, henchmen, its the last attempt to smear me and my family. At the vast majority of intelligence, people have come out and say there is no basis at all it Joe is lying to America. At the very least, we know for a fact: zero experience, Hunter Hayes, uncommented uses fathers name and office to rake in millions of dollars from sketchy foreign nationals. Now he admitted as much on an interview good morning, America, America, well, gas energy got paid millions. Why I dont know may be because your dad is the vice president, probably thats, not in dispute. The media gave him a pass its a fact now because of several major revelations surrounding the emails. No serious questions
must be answered. Did Joe communicate with Hunter about his business dealings? Did he offer special access treatment, invitations to the White House or anything else to any of these sketchy international clients? Did he profit financially in any way himself? Was? U dot s foreign policy compromised in a brand new article of the Wall Street Journal is now demanding that Joe answer these questions about his sons, influence peddling and his own financial dealings, notably regarding China. After all, Fox NEWS has now confirmed an email appears to detail and equity distribution to Joe Biden from one of his sons, sketchy deals with a state backed chinese entity. These are serious concerns and they will be raised at tomorrow. Nights debate, probably not by the moderator. Probably trump, will have to bring it up himself, one way or another. It will come up
coming up. We will lay out all of hunters sketchy business deals in detail. We will connect all of the dots, follow all of the money from Ukraine to Russia, to Kazakhstan, to China. Two hundred bidens own, while appear to buckle up more bombshell. Revelations are on the way. Also Senator RON Johnson will join us. It makes you wonder, former President Obama, what did he know about any of this about Biden and their families elicit behavior in the profiting off their position? According to multiple reports, he reportedly urged Biden not to run for office in two thousand and sixteen you can recall he endorsed Hillary Clinton in two thousand and twenty. He waited to the final weeks to endorse Joe now, with only thirteen days to go until you are the ultimate jury. Obama finally stepped out on the campaign trail during a speech to basically a couple of cars in a parking lot in Philadelphia.
He didnt exactly have an uplifting message. Sadly, for Brock, theres, no more hope, no, more change, no more positive vibes! There is no more. If we they go, l we go high, he is filled with nothing but hate and rage for all things. Donald Trump, of course, Obama also taking several shots at his favorite go to Villain Fox NEWS. Obama has been obsessed with Fox me in particular for years to take a look. I explained that I never thought. Donald Trump would embrace my vision or continue my policies, but I did hope for the sake of the country that he might show some interest in taking the job seriously. It hasnt happened. He hasnt shown any interest in doing the work or helping anybody, but himself and his friends and treating the presidency like a reality, show
he can use to get attention. This is a far cry from Trump rallies, where supporters line up for hours and hours to hear the President speak its like a concert like atmosphere, Tonights Valley, North Carolina no exception. The president at this to say about the weak, frail cognitively, struggling opponent, Joe Biden and, of course talked about tomorrows big debate. Take a look. The first thing Washington Democrats will do if sleepy Joe was elected is go to sleep. I guess I had a leader that called me. A really dynamic leader called me up about two weeks go inside. I dont want to deal with them. Hes always going to be sleeping. Can you imagine that the word gets around? If Biden wins the flag burning demonstrators in the street will be running your federal government. It dont worry its not going to happen. It cant happen.
You know my statement. Our country will never be a socialist country as we do get closer and closer to the election. The polls are very, very tight, especially in all of these battleground states like Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Iowa every state matters Michigan Wisconsin, Minnesota filed. Where has it at 46 46, we saw a very similar trend in two thousand, and sixteen and the once overly competent democratic party is now experiencing a sense of deja vu all over again, especially given the Biden campaigns obvious attempt to coast across the finish line and remain in hiding the entire time it tonight, like most nights, Joe, is not visiting any battleground states, good hes, not in Wisconsin Michigan Florida, Ohio, hes in the
comfort of his own home, likely taking a nap not campaigning at all. Anyway, four of the last five days hes been on vacation. Every american needs to examine whats going on here. This is now a conscious decision of Joe Bidens campaign. It you need to look at this closely. This campaign has now decided that they can no longer risk Joe Biden being out in public for any prolonged period of time time. They are obviously hiding something about Joe Biden. In all likelihood, they are hiding the full extent of joes cognitive struggles when he does go out two or three days in a row, its an unmitigated disaster. This is unprecedented. Frankly, it is dangerous for this country if his whole campaign does not believe he has the strength. Stamina, the mental acuity, the mental alertness to be the president of the United States, which is the hardest job in the world.
He looks frail, he looks weak and we can see he is struggling. Cognitively America needs to now demand a physical, a full physical and cognitive assessment of Joe Biden. The country deserves to know. Why are they putting him in hiding and on vacation with the two.
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