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Hannity: Biden's executive orders causing 'life-changing' problems

2021-01-28 | 🔗
Sean Hannity gives his take on the consequences of the president's initial actions.
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Lot of reaction get analysis, Lou, Dobbs Dan Bongino tonight, but first its after 900, p, DOT M and our nations capital, and that probably means that Joe Biden is likely fast asleep its been an exhausting few days for Joe, he signed a record forty executive orders and actions into law after just nine days in office. In other words, he has tripled the amount of executive orders signed by Trump Obama and Bush combined at this point in their presidencies. Now, instead of the unity that was promised, Joe is literally acting unilaterally to enact every aspect of his radical socialist agenda and he is doing it all with the stroke of a pen and its consequences are severe. It is so bad, even the New York Times Editorial Board ever so gently and ever so politely encouraged Biden to ease up on the executive orders and at least try to acknowledge. There are three branches of government.
You are the executive branch. Then we have this other branch, the legislative branch and even this ever so mild criticism of Biden. It caused many on the radical left. They became unglued completely unhinged. How dare the New York Times do that scores of these blue check mark liberals on twitter lashing out at the New York Times, one frequent msdnc guest, calling them cowardly and other left wing activists calling them by the way when Democrats are busy fighting each other, just let the flight go on. How dare the times write anything other than glowing praise for the dear comrades and weak leader. Of course, this op ed does pale greatly in comparison to how they covered Donald Trump and other conservatives in his first few weeks of office. One headline reads: MR trumps: threat to Europes Security post would another quote, president trumps reckless shame game
seven months into his term, the times ran an article entitled the failing Trump presidency wow. That was quick and sadly, this is about so much more of the media bias because, with the stroke of a pen thats it a pen, bidens litany of executive orders are causing real serious life, changing problems for tens of thousands of hardworking men and women, our fellow Americans right here and right now they are suffering thousands already receiving their pink slips after Joe canceled. The Keystone Xl Pipeline stop border wall construction up to fifty, eight thousand more could soon be unemployed because of this new ban on drilling on federal lands a lot more to follow. These are high, paying yes, blue collar high skill jobs gone not easily if at all, replaceable, all with the stroke of the frail weak Joe Biden,
hand a pen in his hand, socialist congresswoman, Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez. She thinks this is great, what a great day im not making it up now, im feeling extraordinarily encouraged, and I think that the significance of President Bidens executive orders communicate a lot. One is that it really communicates that he meant what he said on the campaign trail, that he would make climate change a central priority of his administration and that he considers that not just a national security threat, but, frankly, a global matter that it is, but it also really. It also really signifies a good faith, openness and relationship to those activist communities congresswoman. With all due respect, your green new deal policies bragging about joes and acting. They resulted in great american workers. Your fellow Americans
getting fired. Tell me: where are they going to work next week and how are they going to pay their bills? How are they going to put food on their table or pay their rent or make mortgage payments or car or truck payments? How are they going to pay for health care or insurance or day to day living? Do you even care, because I see zero compassion from you and John Kerry and Joe Biden and PETE Buttigieg and lets see Granholm and the rest of you, hardworking law abiding taxpaying men and women working men and women come out of work with all of the promises. We want you to get new union jobs. Well, the high paying jobs that disappear, for example, and Congresswoman Ocasio, Cortezs ow remember: she ran Amazon right out of her district. The world is ending and the new green deal is far more important. She says the world is ending and tens of thousands of american jobs,
the onward March for socialism, must be our top. Priority, may be congresswoman. Ocasio Cortez actually thinks that she is saving the planet and by the way, one out of work American at a time right. In reality, this green new deal socialist agenda is hurting our fellow Americans, its hurting the country, and by the way it will hurt the planet. Let me tell you how the world is still whether you like it or not reliant the lifeblood of the worlds. Economy is energy oil, gas, coal and guess what people will still be buying it. Americans will still be using it and guess what we will have to now get more of it from well in a lot of countries that we view as hostile regimes: Russia, IRAN, China, countries in the Middle EAST that hate our guts. Those would be countries that dont really give a rip about the environment either. In other words, hostile regimes run by hostile actors around the world. They are going to get rich and powerful.
They are doing back flips. They want to send you. Thank you. Cards and pollution will likely. Also, and pollution will likely also get worse. This doesnt seem to matter to anybody in the Biden administration. Anyone supporting this madness, for example, Biden Special Climate envoy John Kerry. He has long flown all over the world. He owns a big private on jet, causing by the way his own massive carbon footprint, now Congresswoman Ocasio Cortez. Perhaps you should ask your fellow climate change supporter John Kerry, who has no problems telling people you are out of work. This is more important, may be that jet pollutes more in a given year than most Americans will in their entire lives. Now I think, maybe you should ask John Kerry if he cares about the planet. Why doesnt? He lead by example, how about he orders that his private jet be grounded and in fairness, dont sell it because it would still be a carbon footprint. He should have it
disassembled, so it can never be used again. Then you can recycle all the materials and while we are at it all of Biden Cabinet officials, they should stop using the private jets, and you might not know this, but you, the american taxpayer, pay for it. You foot the bill for what is a fleet, a massive fleet of private jets and aircraft used by federal officials and cabinet members now think about it. If we are currently facing this great climate crisis and Congresswoman Ocasio Cortezs right, we only have twelve years and its that serious that oil and gas workers are going to lose their high, paying career jobs and lose their health care and maybe lose their homes not be able to save for their futures, send their kids to college. Then shouldnt Biden, officials, lead by example, stop flying on the private jets that we, the american taxpayers, are paying for now. Im waiting for Congresswoman, Ocasio, Cortez
John Kerry, PETE Buttigieg, Joe Biden, Jennifer Granholm im waiting for their answer. I want Joe to issue an executive order, grounding the entire government fleet that we, the taxpayers, are paying for this kind of heartless. Hypocrisy is disgusting. If you want to be leaders and by example, they dont care about, we, the hardworking men and women in this country, more specifically, those that lost again good, paying well skilled career jobs, let them work elsewhere. John Kerry exclaimed. You know saying is a worthy sacrifice: a worthy sacrifice according to Jennifer Granholm, where is her sacrifice and just go out and find another union job says the ever really experienced mayor PETE, mayor of South Bend, the party who claims to have a monopoly on compassion for all of us im, not seeing much compassion at all for all these hardworking Americans that are anxious and can sleep tonight
worried where the next paycheck is going to come from and wondering whether or not it will ever be able to replace the good jobs you just took from them and remember these job killing policies didnt go through Congress, stroke of a pen, thousands and thousands unemployed, because Joe Biden listening to the radical left that controls him, he did it with a stroke of a pen. A few months ago, on the campaign trail, there was Biden. He was claiming that governing by executive, FIAT was something that dictators do. No weve got to get the votes. He said this is a democracy. What happened Joe in case you forgot, which is likely. I will remind you, ive, got to get the votes. Ive got to get the votes thats, why? You know the one thing I have this strange notion: we are a democracy, some of my republican friends and some of my democratic friends even occasionally say well, if you cant get the
votes by executive order, youre going to do something things you cant do by executive order must to dictator. We are a democracy, any consensus. More than three times the number of executive orders in all three of his previous presidents Bidens press secretary, apparently trying to rewrite history lets take a look at the slide. Speak instinct. Well, Robin sure this was not your intention, but I think it of the presidents competence out of context. He was asked about tax reform and what he could do that during the interview with George Stephanopoulos. I think the question its important context for everybody and he said no and also during an interview with columnist back in December. He didnt think executive action should be used for everything and that certainly his point of view three times the executive orders in the same
time frame that Bush forty three Obama and Donald Trump Jen Psaki. I thought you promised you werent going to lie to the american people that would be yeah. The fact check my list and, of course, Bidens forty and counting executive orders. Dont exactly spell unity. Do they just today, he signed off on an order banning get this top priority: the term rhinovirus in his White House or Wuhan Virus, from being used at any federal level. I dont know why, even though China and Wuhan we are talking about geographical locations, you know, even though China hate to say it Joe, they were responsible for the virus. Remember they put the travel ban. In effect, couldnt travel out of Wuhan to the rest of China, couldnt travel from the rest of China to Wuhan. We would travel from Wuhan anywhere in the world and by the way. Where is the order banning the term? I guess german measles is next the
new Covid south african variant of Covid 19, but hey when you will by executive fiat. I guess facts. Dont matter, certainly neither do american workers they wake up. Work hard play by the rules. Obey the laws pay their taxes, raise their kids put in wake up. Shovel coffee down their throat, make kids lunch for school raced off to works. Do the 12 14 hours come help their kids with homework. They feed them. They put them to bed. They literally pass out exhausted every day.
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