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Hannity blasts McConnell over reported consideration of impeachment

2021-01-19 | 🔗
'Hannity' host says Kentucky senator should leave leadership if he cannot 'lead' the Trump-friendly GOP
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Sean Hannity next im trying im doing my best welcome to Hannity. President Trump will leave the White House in less than twenty four hours. This presidency has been a historic on so many levels. One thing I can guarantee you this will be studied about and written about for decades, unlikely, hundreds and hundreds of years down the road and the president signaling today is that this is perhaps just the beginning. We will have more coming up and predictably, the vitriol on the left has never been worse. Democrats, the mob the media are just out for a pure vengeance, continuing their never ending hatred and, as per usual, weak spineless, pathetic establishment. Republicans are all too happy to oblige and now a sham unconstitutional impeachment charade trial going to the U Dot S Senate. If Republicans allow this, they shouldnt fan in a moment ill have a special message for
Mitch, Mcconnell and any other Republican in the Senate. Considering what is in unconstitutional, post presidential impeachment show that hurts the country prayed lets start by stating the obvious the Washington swamp. They dont, like Donald Trump, never have come. I never will hes always been in and a disruptor and iconoclast a businessman he doesnt apologize for fighting to keep his promises. We, the american people- and I have right here- the White House put it out today, one thousand trump accomplishments in the last four years, and there is real stuff in here real accomplishments. They may not like his style, but he connects with the american people from every walk of life. He does it with his America. First policies. If you go back to one thousand, nine hundred and sixty four Ronald Reagan gave a speech a famous one called the time for choosing. If you the question rhetorically
as a third party, and he concluded no, he said we need a revitalized second party with bold colors and no pale pastels. In other words, a republican party that doesnt make apologies set. The bar high would fight to keep their word and their promises and not let themselves become a watered down version of democratic socialists. They would have bold color differences over the last four years. That is exactly everything that Donald Trump did in earlier tonight. He reflected on some of his many historic achievements. One thousand, at least by the White House tonight, take a look, as I conclude my term as the 45th president of the United States. I stand before you truly proud of what we have achieved together. We did what we came here to do, and so much more this week we inaugurate the new
administration and pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous. I want to think the american people to serve, as your president has been an honor beyond description description. Thank you for this extraordinary privilege and thats what it is a great privilege and a great honor if this is a republic of proud citizens who are united by our common conviction that America is the greatest nation in all of history. We are, and must always be, a land of hope is light and of glory to all the world. This is the precious inheritance that we must safeguard at every single turn. As long as the american people hold in their hearts deep and devoted love of country than there is nothing that this nation cannot achieve. In November, the president won more votes by far than any other Republican in the history of our great republic. Nearly seventy five million nationwide
now suing to be minority leader Mitch, Mcconnell and a handful of other long serving establishment. Republicans are trying to reassert control of the g dot op and their playbook. Sadly, all too predictable. Instead of picking up the mantle and promoting the presidents America first agenda, they are cowering in fear wilting, under the pressure from the media, mob, liberal Democrats and big tech companies. Many spineless Republicans are joining forces with their democratic friends to repudiate all things trump. In other words, they want to cancel Trump Mitch Mcconnell, claiming that the Capitol Hill Riot was provoked by the president thats with the mob and the media, and what Democrats have been saying so Mitch, Mcconnell im all ears, tell the american people exactly what part of the presidents speech that you thought was violent. Was it when he urged his followers to peacefully and patriotically march to the capital, so their voices could be heard.
Did you know you like this snap impeachment process? Do you feel its thorough and fair and constitutional? Do you think its just, and do you think you want to be validating with the House of Representatives ran through in a week without even any knowledge of those people that, apparently, we are discovering were part of a plan that was well orchestrated to entice people to do this and get involved in this themselves? They plan to. Did you know about that? If its an impeachable offense Mitch Mcconnell, I ask you tonight: where were you when Congresswoman Maxine Waters threatened on going to take trump out tonight? You see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, the department store at a gasoline station, you get out and you
tell them. They are not welcome. With this kind of inspiration. I will go and take inspiration. I will go and take trump out tonight. She works in the same building as he appeared to give her call for her impeachment. Did you even strongly condemn her remarks? We looked and we couldnt find any what about Chuck Schumer? He works with you in the U Dot S Senate. Did you threaten to expel your colleague on the other side of the aisle threatened to members of the? U DOT S Supreme Court? Take a look I want to tell you Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You wont know what hit you. If you go forward with these awful decisions, he will not know what hit you. You will pay the price and he
said it on the steps of the United States Supreme Court is that in incitement for an insurrection and violence, you did mention and condemn the remarks. Didnt lift a finger to impeach him. Why, then theres Joe Biden tomorrow be at the end, the inauguration when he becomes president, but it wasnt long ago, Joe openly, did it a couple times fantasizing about taking the president of the? U dot s behind a gym and beating him? The press always asked me dont. I wish I were debating him. No, I wish we were in high school and I could take him behind the gym thats. What I wish for, I make a mistake, and they asked me what I like to debate this gentleman. I said no, I said if we were in high school taken behind the gym and beat the hell out of him him did you stick up for the president? Did you call for Joe Biden to be reprimanded for his violent remarks? Will you remind him tomorrow,
what about soon to be VP call a Kamala Harris that Minneapolis Precinct was burnt to the ground. Senator Harris had this to say: theyre not going to stop. They shouldnt stop theyre not going to stop and everyone everywhere, because theyre not going to stop. They are not going to stop before election day in November and theyre not going to stop after election day, and everyone should take note of that on both levels. They are not going to let up, and they should not take note beware. Now that has to be in incitement of violence and insurrection right by your definition, Senator Cory Booker, your colleague incite violence when he urged his followers to get up in the face of republican congresspeople. You experience that in a diner that shouldnt happen to any politician. Hillary Clinton did she incite violence when she told a crowd, you cant be civil with Republicans or Eric holders when they go
low. We kick them Nancy Pelosi. What about her call for violence at the federal courthouse in Portland when she referred to federal law enforcement officers as stormtroopers who were kidnapping protesters? Where were you, then Senator Mcconnell would have more credibility with his new eagerness to reestablish the Republican, moderates and establishment wing of the party and repudiate President trump if you were consistent, but ultimately, this is why Americans voted for Donald Trump and not seventeen other establishment. Republicans, although some were they have no backbone, no principle, no courage, no vision too many politicians in D. Dot C are far too willing to go along, get along and protect the swamp, and that is why conservatives like myself are tired of these empty promises and your rehearsed speeches and had never getting anything done
if im A and you helped elect Donald Trump. If you want to know the truth, the american people voted for a president that would deliver, even if that meant at times hurting peoples, precious little feelings and your swamp and thats. What President Trump did regulations cut taxes, unleased american energy, expanded fracking, negotiated new trade deals, built four hundred and fifty miles of new border wall and as promised, no new foreign wars and he believed peace through strength. So he built up our military under the president. We lead on the world stage policy, peace through strength, and he did all of this and all he could do a lot of times without the help of people like you and other Republicans in Congress, like your Senate two years earlier, voted for a straight repeal of Obamacare, but then when it mattered, the same build two years later, when build. Two years later, when Donald Trump was present, he forcefully stood up to the bias and corruption plaguing every
corner of Americas, powerful institutions, okay ill, give you an a on getting constitutionalist judges on the bench, but it looks like its time now going to go along with all of this nonsense. We need new leadership in the: U Dot S Senate, he can represent the people of Kentucky youre, showing right now that you are the king of the establishment, Republicans that, frankly, have always had and remain having contempt for President Trump, but, more importantly, the seventy five million Americans that voted for him. Americans want somebody that will fight for their values and principles, not skiing, behind closed doors, with your buddy Chuck, Schumer, every Republican in the Senate. Let me be even more clear: not one republican senator should be wasting a second of precious time, youre off half the year anyway, on this post presidential impeachment charade, every republican senator needs
to walk out of what would be in impeachment, show probably Mitt Romney Ben Sasse and LISA Murkowski will stay and when its over Republican should walk back in and acquit the President of the United States or former president at the time and stop the unconstitutional show and the choice. To be frank with you is weak establishment, republicanism versus America. First, I choose the latter. If I venture to guess the overwhelming majority of Republicans would agree with me its. Why im not a republican im? A registered conservative, your fellow Kentucky, Senator Rand Paul, is absolutely right when he stated that if the senate- but you supposedly lead Republicans, go along with this snap impeachment nonsense, it will be the end of the Republican Party, its unconstitutional, its beyond divisive, its a political ploy by Democrats to
seek revenge on President Trump and, of course, humiliate the seventy five million people who voted for him. Ninety three percent, according to a recent poll, would vote for him again today. This is also an attempt to banish President Trump from ever running again. That decision should not be yours that needs to be left with Lee the american people, not republican senators. Now more than ever, we need elected officials to stand up. We, the people, the rhetoric from the left- is downright chilling, its gotten progressively worse over the last five years, with Donald Trump now powerful institutions in d, dot c. That would include the Democrats, the media, mob, big tech, all move into silence and cancel any opinions they dont like. As you all know, President Trump has been banned permanently from nearly every social media platform, so to have many of his supporters american citizens for days, our friends of parler, who were competitors of twitter
were kicked off the internet altogether, thanks to an alliance of big tech companies and meanwhile, the incoming president, Joe Biden, is actually comparing Senator Cruz and Josh Hawley to and propagandist because they supported a legal audit of election results. Audit of election results something Democrats in two thousand 20012016 17 and 2004 05 also called for they want to be treated like domestic terrorists and on the no fly list when they were expressing an opinion and looking for a legal audit thats all students at Harvard now calling for the school to revoke any degree from anyone associated with President Trump. Have you or have you ever been a President Trump supporter Forbes magazine, writes that if you worked in the Trump administration, we will take note
you better not be hired. It is that the America we live in now going after the president, going after his daughter son in law, his other son, who can even buy a house without being persecuted and live in a neighborhood, thatS America, a truly insane column in the Washington Post today all but accusing people like me on this network of sedition wanting us to be silenced, ripped off the air and thats. Not all former PBS lawyer thought it was probably an outlier. I was wrong caught on tape, going to empower the government to take us away from their parents and have them go to reeducation camps and watch PBS all day many other outlets in the mob openly searching ways to deprogram Trump supporters. You cant make this up. Take a look. Seventy four million people are going to believe that, because theyve been brainwashed,
I really believe that they have been brainwashed by this misinformation campaign over the past four years. The bottom line is all of America needs deprogramming, because weve all been negatively influenced by Donald Trump. Make no mistake: this is a common theme now of the left and the mob. Big tech, not good enough to win the election and the White House, they just want power over your government, your paycheck, and they now want to control the way you think, if you dont think right, though deprogramming when reeducate you you, freedom, apparently is a dangerous thing. These are dangerous times. We have to turn down the capability of these conservative influencers to reach these huge audiences. There are people on Youtube that have a larger audience than daytime CNN. There were millions of Americans almost white, almost
all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed its as if they are members of occult bought into this big lie. And the question is they wont deprogram these people who find out for the cult of Trump hearing from the people who were part of the cult of rage, psychotic hatred of all things, Drum Deprogram, reeducation camps, the kind of rhetoric on the left they will need. Leaders in Washington were willing to boldly fight for our ideals and our rights. The nonstop vilification, censorship, orwellian censorship, orwellian deprogramming, and this impeachment charade is just going to throw fuel on the fire ill end with another quote. From Ronald Reagan, freedom is a fragile thing, its never more than one
its, never more than one generation away from extinction. This cannot. My fellow american citizens happen on our watch. You know why, because our children and our grandchildren deserve better and Mitch Mcconnell if youre not going to fight, we deserve better. You can go back to representing.
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