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Hannity calls 2020 presidential race 'greatest choice election ever'

2020-11-01 | 🔗
Sean Hannity compares President Trump, Joe Biden's policy platforms ahead of Election Day.
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A lot at stake welcome to Hannity and were less than forty eight hours away for when I will argue to most pivotal election in our lifetime. President sounding the campaign powfnedding pounding the camp yesterday President had four major events in Pennsylvania, then to Michigan and Iowa, then to Hickory North Carolina about to hold another rally this time in Rome, Georgia. That is not his last stop of the day it will be in Pennsylvania, well be dipping into presidents speech coming up and before the night is over. President now will have five events today and five tomorrow tomorrow in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and two morallies in in Michigan in Michigan
and president very irrit confuse opponent, Joe Biden, two short appearances in Philadelphia, even with lightest of light schedules of any candidate, Joe Biden struggles to keep up with rigors of the campaign. Look at well this bizarre moment from Saturday Donald Trump thinks Healthcare is a privilege brack, and I think it is a right for people to have unintelligible were not only going to restore Obamacare were build on it. Keep your private insurance, you can shoes, a choose. It gets worse today in Pennsylvania. He bragged about Philadelphia, Eagles jacket that he was wearing, but only problem. It was not wearing a
Eagles jacket. I was very happy to have the Monthmin Pennsylvania. Third senator. I know Philadelphia well a married, a Philly girl. I got my Eagles jacket on Sean, that is a university of Delaware, Blue Hens jacket, Joe any recollection of what you put on this morning. Joe Biden proven daily. He is not mentally or physically capable of campaigning for president. How he would lead the free world and be president, is a whole different issue from White House basement bunker with his teleprompter not fit to serve, but keep in mind before bidens obvious decline. He was note pitching a fastball. In fact, in forty seven years in public office, Joe Biden did not accomplish much. He was more of a follower and
doing bidding of those around him in 7S, in 70s and 80s, and ninety and carried water fore is segregationists that including carrying water for Byrd, and he did not kids to go to school that were racial jungles in 90s Joe referred to inner in 90s Joe referred to inner industry, youth at breadth, Predat, the streets and several months ago he berated an african american radio host screaming you aint black, unless you vote for him. Sorry Joe, but you dont own anyones vote today. Joe, is surrounded by radical socialists. Make no mistake if elected Ejoe and his socialist minders will be in charge of the country and rule with an iron
fist that why this is the greatest choice electiontion ever with President Trump. You know what you get: fewer regulation, lower taxes, you get opportunities zones, more personal freedom, better trade deals, you get strong borders and prison reform, Middle EAST peace policies, deals and military funds law order, safety, security, unwielding respect for: U Dot S constitution with Joe Biden, you make less money, taxes are higher, Americas businesses will under suffer and oil and gas industry will be annihilated and dismantled. Millions of high paying career jobs will disappear, fracking banned and economy. It Pennsylvania, New Mexico Oklahoma will implode. The green new deal will be a Biden Harris guiding Light IRAN, China, EU
and will all set? U dot s policy and we as a country will all pay more Paris. Climate accord will be reinstated on day one. He said american people will pay that price, and meanwhile, funding will be directed away from police and mob rule will be new normal in America and Americas borders be wide open. Well, be the United Santa Sanctuary State states of Americ. There will be profited free health care, housing and everring EL and Democrats plan to a fundamentally transform our republic in ways that would guarantee democratic one party guarantee democratic, one party rule in Terp, Merp person, p computer. I they will end legislative filibuster. They
want up end bill of rights, massive restriction on freedom of religion, secondmm rights, all freedoms. We hold deer dear in jeopardy if they are voted in as Chuck Schumer said nothing off and the table you, the american people, you have the power to stop this radical agenda. You have to do especially in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio and Iowa and Lets say Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, congressional district, two in Nebraska and two in Maine show up. You have not voted. There is you that can vote on Tuesday vote or you get government. You deserve no matter what media mob wants you to believe that race is
tight. A new poll shows president up by one in Florida, ABC Washington, Post. They poll show president up by two in North Carolina and poll. Has president up by four group up by two and two in Pennsylvania, Traffal Gar, has president up by one in Pennsylvania inside advantage gives him a two point lead in state of Georgia. Other insider advantage poll with president down by two in Michigan Trafal Gar, has president up three in Michigan and Iowa three now polls to Shea Leading DES Moines Register Poll president up by seven. My advice to you is assume that President Trump is behind. If you want President Trump to win assume, he needs your vote, you want to use my analogy. Lets say a football game. You have two minutes to go in
the game. No time outs on your own twenty! You have a march down the field. Eighty yards across the the Plain SC touchdown. Kick that extra point. If you top win, if you have that mentality, especially those states ensure that Donald Trump will get a six term second term declining- and I would add, power grabbing Joe Biden and radical Socialists do what they say. They are no matter how hard we try to stop it. It will be very hard to do so. Get to the polls, you will decide. I have one vote in New York. It is not worth much vote for law and order safety vote for law and order safety, security, capital, capitalism, ISS Freedom and way of life. Your.
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