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Hannity: Cancel culture now 'permeating' all aspects of American life

2021-01-15 | 🔗
'Hannity' host warns viewers radical Democrats are seeking to demolish any opponents
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It was a planned event, not a small, spontaneous combustible moment, its on full display without any real investigation whatsoever, rushed to judgment House Democrats, snap impeachment of the President of United States, claiming his January sixth speech encouraged his supporters. He said to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard if they are saying that that resulted in a riot and caused their new favorite word insurrection. In reality, the second impeachment was never ending rage and hysteria directed that all things Donald Trump like the summer. Ninety nine percent of peaceful protesters after the death of ordered Dominic George Floyd were honorable people. Now we are learning so much more. As we have long pointed out,
Democrats, the media mob, big tech, have all been guilty of spewing, much more violent and incendiary rhetoric. Yet those politicians will never be impeached and those liberal boilers, Dominic Voices, wont be silenced. One of the riders was a far left activist. According to federal authorities, he wore a gas mask carried a knife and was encouraging people to light the building on fire screaming weve got to get this bleep burns. Do Democrats want us to honestly believe this far left activist was in the capital on behalf of President Trump. This is why you dont rush to judgment, but this why this program issue after issue starting early in my career with Richard Jewell and, of course, Ferguson, then Baltimore, Uva, Duke Lacrosse issue after issue, Russia collusion Ukraine Quid pro quo, zero experience hunter,
we end up being right on the big issues of the day. The propaganda mob and the media Democrats are almost always with their snap judgment and rush to judgment. No snap impeachment proven wrong. Now it appears it happened again. Multiple reports that the breach of the capital was organized well before January 6th. In fact, the FBI was actually monitoring online activity from individuals who appeared to be planning some kind of attack on the capitol building at that contradict the snap impeachment narrative that Donald Trump through his rhetoric, encouraged and made. All of this happen even more chilling. According to the hill, dozens of people on the FBIS terrorist watch list were actually in Washington D, DOT C the day of the capital riot on six different occasions before January. Sixth, the capital police chief requested begged for National guard assistance.
He did it before and during he was denied every single time now. We need to know what happened with a full, thorough, transparent investigation im, calling it the equivalent of the nine Slash Eleven Commission report, every one of our enemies abroad, terrorists and a hostile regime in Russia and Putin and China and IRAN. They are watching this. They knew saw a vulnerability. Nobody thought would ever exist in this country. It cant ever happen again. Remember the capital police reports to Congress that raises questions about Nancy Pelosi and Mitch Mcconnell if they need to explain why they didnt approve. Why didnt the mayor of D, dot c? Why did she say no, and the mayor say no to the National Guard. Democrats are trying to capitalize politically and its sick. Remember the doctorate, never
let a crisis go to waste if they are tempted to use the capital breached to silence all of the sons and punish their political adversaries without providing any evidence. They are now accusing republican colleagues of aiding the capital writers. They are calling for Republicans to be silenced and booted out of Congress, including freshman congressman in support of election integrity, that is seditious behavior. Did anyone watch what Democrats did in twenty seventeen and back in two thousand, meanwhile, Congress, woman Presley, who called for unrest in the streets over the summer, is now accusing republican lawmakers of engaging in chemical warfare during the capital riot because they werent wearing masks. You cant make this up, take a look
its because theyve been complicit from the very beginning and their willful criminality of caring, the four Donald Trump at what it lowers the pandemic to rage out of control by refusing to wear masks. This is criminal, behavior, thats, chemical warfare so far as im concerned again, this is exactly why we should be moving. I was proud to be a cosponsor of the resolution calling for the expulsion of these members. This kind of hysteria is extending well beyond the halls of Congress. According to a Foxnews dot com report, Harvard University students are actually lobbying their school to revoke diplomas already received from anybody connected to President Trump. Keep in mind. These students
made no such demands about the Qampa bomber TED Kaczynski. He also apparently holds a Harvard degree. Do you see why Democrats will rush to judgment? They dont care? What went wrong? They dont care about what pain they inflict on the country. No Republican should go along with the Spirit of Mitch Mcconnell, not one. You should not be a party to this, while the constitutional scholars that say thats unconstitutional anyway, they just want to use the events here to silence dissent, cancel were going to cancel anyone. We disagree with make no mistake. This will not stop with twitter or the fact that they silenced parler tried to silence. Conservative talk radio for decades Facebook, the President members of Congress, as you well know, cancel culture now has permeated every single.
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