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Hannity condemns Capitol violence, defends peaceful rallygoers

2021-01-06 | 🔗
'Hannity' host says the right shouldn't mirror leftist violence, praises 'hundreds of thousands' of peaceful attendees
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Those are the first and second amendments Sean Hannity takes over from New York welcome to Hannity. This is a Fox news alert Washington is under a six p dot m curfew and the National Guard was deployed Virginia Maryland and d dot c dispatching law enforcement officers, the FBI and ATF, are on the scene. Cong has reconvened. We will monitor their proceedings. This morning we witnessed a massive, peaceful protest in support of president Trump, hundreds of thousands of law, Arcsa abiding Americans from across the country.
On the Senate floor, Senator TED Cruz was leading an effort to force a ten day. Emergency audit of the election results to address the concerns. Eighty three percent of Republicans and thirty percent of independence and millions of Democrats that saw irregularities and their strong belief. The election was fraudulent. Following a planned march to the capital chaos ensighed ensued, some capitol police were hurt and the capitol was breached. Vice President pence and all members of Congress were forced to evacuate some made their way to the Senate floor and others broke into speaker, Pelosis office and posed for pictures. One woman was shot and later died.
She was killed, possible, explosive device were discovered and safely removed at the headquarters of the Rnc and two other locations. Let me stop here and be crystal clear. Those who support president Trump and believe they are part of the conservative movement in this country. We do not support those who commit act of violence. People we dont believe should be vandalizing. Our nations capitol and attacking the brave men and women who keep us safe in law enforcement and dont place pipe bombs at the Rnc. All of todays perpetrators must be arrested and prosecuted. Every descent American must condemn what happened at the capitol. We have to do a better job, protecting the innocent men and
women who work there. We have to protect our law enforcement officers and every single elected member Congress and Senate. This is not politics. They deserve to be protected. Earlier. President Trump called on his supporters to go home in peace, not be a part of this. Take a look. You have to go home now. We have to peace and have law and order and respect our great people in law and order we dont want anybody, hurt its a very tough period of time. The president said in a tweet, the Republican Party is the Party of law and order that respects our law enforcement officers. Make no mistake: this country has a lot of problems that must be addressed. There is a great political divide. The president was right. Our election was a train wreck. Eighty three percent of Republicans and millions
of others dont have faith in the election results. You cant just snap your finger and hope that goes away. These are real Americans, tens of millions of them. The only way we can create a more perfect and peaceful union is through peaceful, lawful action. Violence is never acceptable. As I said back to the Obama administration, every elected official from the president, lawmakers and mayors, everybody has to be protected. Everyone knew today this crowd would be massive. There were hundreds of thousands of people who came to town we knew there is are always bad actors that will infiltrate large crowds. I dont care: if they are radical, left or right, they are not people. I would support how were officials not prepared? How do they allow the capitol building to be breached in a few minutes?
Sadly, we have to come to this reality tonight. The world our enemy, saw a weakness that should never exist in our nations capitol. We need to fix that immediately. We need answers. What went wrong? How did this happen tonight? We dont know the identities of the bad actors, but we wont mirror the behavior. We see on the left this program. We have condemned violence in the country and do so again tonight. For most of this year you have a media mob and Democrats making excuse after excuse and flat out, refusing to condemn what we saw over the summer. Violent far left riots in cities across America. They were wrong not to condemn it.
Buildings were burned to the ground and police precincts taken over the left. Even defended this activity. Take a look. People do what they do inaudible week, thats a myth about Antifa in Portland. Yes, they wont stop after election day. Everyone should take note of that on both levels. They wont let up and they should not. This is not unruly, but fires have been started. Perhaps this is, should sort of mechanism for a restructure in our country. Fake news CNN reported
that the screen of one of the riots take a look at that scene. Look over the shoulder of the reporter there. The banner said fiery, but mostly peaceful. All he had to do was look a few years ago. Fox reported riots are destructive, but can lead to serious social reform. Today the headline is different because they can bludgeon. The president with a political issue quote VOX the vast majority in Washington D dot c were peaceful. We condemn the violence over the summer and we condemn the violence at the capitol today.
He better fix it by tomorrow to law enforcement and our elected people. The people who acted violently they dont represent the law, abiding tax, paying citizens that are worked about election integrity and have every right to express their grievances and protest peacefully. The massive crowd that peacefully assembled today, not the people that went into the capitol. Why was such a large crowd of people in Washington D, dot c? Why was that massive crowd in Washington D, DOT c today? Does anybody in the media or anybody on the left? They want to understand how hundreds of thousands of Americans what motivated them to leave their homes and towns and cities and fly or come long distances to be at the massive rally today
understand why they felt their need to be there today. The law abiding citizens, the ninety nine percent? Well, we had thousands or hundreds and hundreds of affidavits signed by eyewitnesses to our election on November third whistleblower Eyewitnesss that signed sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury. Nobody on Capitol Hill with a d in front of their name, wanted to hear from them. The whistleblower were ignored and dismissed by Democrats and the media. This is one of the few shows in America that gave them a platform to listen to what they were swearing to in a legal document. They wanted their voices to be heard. The american people were watching this and saying why
arent you listening to the people making these claims. According to Democrats, whistleblowers, you are to be honored as brave and patriotic there were serious election irregularities. We have to address them in state after state. Why, as a country, we cant have eighty three percent of one party and thirty percent of independents not having confidence. If election results in Georgia, we talked about the lawsuit in early two thousand and twenty by Democrats and the unlawful consent decree that allowed for drop boxes and unequal standards for signature verification lax. If you were a mail in voter
and a more strict standard for in person voting, you have to present vote, I dot d and they would check your signature with the database in the state of Georgia. We had chain of custody issues in Georgia. Almost every one of these swing states. There is language that allows partisan observers to watch the vote, counting in almost all nobody got to watch the vote count some of the people protesting and coming from across the country. Why dont? We obey the law. People dont want people breeching the capitol. They are right, dot, aching, the capitol they a right. The law in Wisconsin played like Michigan.
We had a powerful dissent in the 3 4 decision. The chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court said four members of this court threw a cloaks over problems that will be repeated again and again until the court has the courage to correct them to correct them. Another justice said the states ruling against the Trump campaign. Will state law was changed by the legislature in violation of what the direct language is in the Pennsylvania constitution that relates to mail in ballots and the artificial mail in ballots deadline. Extension that was pushed back without lawmaker approval either. If you have a state constitution and want to change it, you have to go through the process.
Look at what the State Constitution of Pennsylvania says: article two of our constitution articulates the following, in other words its up to state legislatures to decide the election, but it has to be constitutional based on their state, not the governor, not the Secretary of state, not the democratic party. The highest court in the land refused to hear that case. I think they should have. The courts refused to hear a serious case out of Texas, backed by seventeen attorney generals and sought a decision on election irregularities, Democrats and Republicans that
hate Donald Trump. None had any curiosity about any of this. They didnt care that laws were changed or constitutions violated. They didnt want to hear what eyewitnesses had to say they didnt care about partisan observers, not observing they didnt seem to care. We looked into that and its fine. The people that showed up in Washington dont feel that way the majority were peaceful. They dont want an audit why the end justifies the means. This is why millions of Americans no longer trust the system thats. Why so many people showed up in Washington today up in Washington today,
the Lobbedaw abiding, peaceful citizens? This is why hundreds of thousands people showed up. They are tired of being lied too. They lied about this president and the russian hoax that never occurred. The media lied. Russia, Trumper, truthers, then hypocrisy on the ukrainian impeachment. They didnt care about russian Interference, because, when interference, because when Hillary Clinton misinformation dossier hit the scene, they didnt pay attention to.
They didnt care about Bidens son in a business. He had no experience in Joe Biden caught on tape to get a prosecutor fired. Why didnt that happen? Remember hunters laptop filled with evidence of his familys corruption, twitter and Facebook. They censored all stories about it before the election Democrats called it a conspiracy theory. They push those, so they would know it if they saw it. The laptop is now a probe into tax evasion. Americans are sick and tired of being lied to and not being listened to and having the law thwart Ed thwarted. They are unhappy about the fact there is no decision to fix an
election system that has problems even liberal senators and New York Times said so they wont trust election results, especially after what we saw in every battleground state. They have a right to demands, transparency and the truth. They didnt look into anything. When you look at all of the hundreds of thousands of people that showed up in Washington today. I am not talking about those that were violent, those those that were violent, those that rioted and went into the capitol illegal and were violent.
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