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Hannity defends Sens. Cruz, Hawley amid calls for their resignation

2021-01-12 | 🔗
'Hannity' host responds after House Democrat suggests lawmakers could be put on the no-fly list
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We know whos in charge. Ultimately, thank you. Tucker welcome to Hannity tonight, as Tucker just sent. I know this country has been through a rough couple of weeks. Frankly, rough plus year, tensions are high. Its important for everybody to take a step back, take a deep breath collectively. Yes, America has had tough days, tough times difficult moments in this country, and we will get through this. We will find our way peacefully diligently one glorious nation. Under God presidential candidate, Joe Biden, vowed to unite the country. He promised to cool off their red hot political climate and work to bring Americans together. Well, it wasnt exactly clear when he was comparing TED Cruz to Joseph Goebbels, and they want to put you all back and chains, but thats his history, its now perfectly clear that nothing could be further from the truth. Because Democrats, I dont see any interest in any unity by any of them.
After years of them saying the most violent things against the president harassing his supporters, excusing as they did this summer, some of the most violent moments in american history in american cities sing little to nothing or making excuses or denying what our own eyes showed us after hawking one hoax one, conspiracy, one lie after another im, not exactly seeing the change of heart or any desire to say you know we were wrong on this. We apologize dont hold your breath. They are using what happen last week, well solve the despicable violence that Capitol and we now see what is now ensued since that time and what they are planning frankly, is downright chilling lets begin tonight with a question. You know now its to a point. If you have an honest disagreement with a Republican, oh or if you like, Donald Trump, do you like Donald trumps? Tax cuts? Come his
judicial appointments, his trade, she liked beating ISIS Soleimani taking out Baghdadi and associates. Do you like the Middle eastern peace deals you like energy independence, you like energy independence, you like the border wall, oh okay, a lot of people like all of that. It may surprise Democrats but yeah thats why seventy five million people voted for the president anyway. If so, according to some Democrats, well, you might, if you had any questions or you supported, even an audit audit. That was it look. What Democrats want to do? House, homeland security, Chairman Bennie Thompson, suggesting Senator TED Cruz, Senator TED Cruz, is a principled conservative, Harvard Educated lawyer, Alan Dershowitz has had probably the best student he ever had Josh Hawley the fact that they Josh Hawley the fact that they said they wanted an audit. They can be classified as domestic terrorists and put on a
no fly list because they supported a ten day. Audit huh, Senator Cruz and Senator Hawley wanted to ensure the integrity of the elections. Eighty three percent of Republicans, according to Gallup didnt trust the results in the case of Josh Hawley lost a book deal, and now I might, he guess, be banned for many commercial flights. That would be insane that is called overage. That would be fundamentally unfair. What if we apply the same standards based on things, Maxine Watters said in many other Democrats, we will remind you if youd like to know not one single republican lawmaker. Ever I heard ever would want a riot. Nobody wants that. Every single conservative Republican. I know they have condemned immediately what happened at the capital we repeatedly condemned, and we condemn all summer long all those people that were breaking the law. We have some people now in the Democratic party. They dont want over knowledge. Any of that. Instead, you have people on the
left and you have people like Sherrod Brown, demanding that Cruz and Hawley resign immediately. No, they are allowed to stand up for their opinions, thats. What Congress is all about? We are all supposed to think exactly alike. If you have a disagreement. Basically, it was a two hour debate if in fact, they were able to get there and there are enough Democrats and Republicans to stop it after the debate, which was happening as part of our process by the way Democrats have done it in years past. Other elected Democrats, they want to use the 14th amendment to literally kick republican lawmakers out of Congress lawmakers out of Congress again. This is all because a few Republicans lawfully requested an emergency audit Democrats. They have opposed the sitting of electors too. They dated in nineteen sixty nine. They did in two thousand, they did in two thousand and four they did in twenty. Sixteen
Democrats did the same thing, in other words and pretty much every recent presidential election that Republicans won Democrats stated Maxine Waters challenge the results over the Russia Hoax in nobody talked about putting her on a no fly list. So what is the standard here? Where is somebody to say? Well, we cant have a double standard were going to stand consistently. Remember waters did promote violence herself in her own words against the President of the United States. Anything happened to her now that I recall take a look. If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant in a department store and a gasoline station, you get out and you push back on them and you tell them they are not welcome.
I am sitting here listening watching absorbing thinking about someone with this kind of inspiration. I will go and take trump out tonight seems very excited what if any Republican said that about Joe Biden or Kamala Harris? Can you say that she was inciting violence against the president? Was she encouraging an insurrection? Should she be held accountable for that rhetoric? Where are the Democrats that want old, Donald Trump, who did say at the rally now you will peacefully march to the capital peacefully patriots will march to the capital. What about Joe Biden? He twice talked about punching out the president of the United States in case Joe forgot, as he gives his big stability speech. Take a look. The press always ask dont. I
wish I were debating him. No, I wish I could take him behind the gym thats. What I wish I didnt make a mistake that they asked me what I like to debate this gentleman. I said no, I said if we were in high school, I would take in behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. What is this behind the gym thing if any conservative or Republican talked about assaulting Joe Biden or Kamala Harris President of the United States vice president, anybody President Elect or whatever it is, if they did it in front of a crowd on camera, what would happen? What would the Democrats say then shouldnt the same standards apply to Democrats thats our point tonight. We have Kamala Harris comments. She made these comments on June eighteen. This is two weeks after Farr left rioters burned a Minneapolis police station to the ground just two weeks after other violent writers attempted
to storm the White House grounds. This is what Senator Kamala Harris said. Then, oh wonder if Donald Trump wouldve said this, take a look. This is a movement im telling you they are not going to stop everyone be aware, because they are not going to stop. They are not going to stop before election day November and they are not going to stop after election day. That should be. Everyone should take note of that on both levels. They are not going to let up and they should not not going to stop take note. They are not going to stop they shouldnt stop. We are not going to stop what, given the hundreds of you know. Real riots that took place over the summer well lets see over two thousand police officers injured. We saw so much violence and vandalism and arson. Okay lets ask any Republican like Mitch, Mcconnell. Is it okay? What Kamala Harris had there whatd you do, then?
What did you say then its not going to stop it shouldnt stop. What did all that mean all im really asking is: is its really a simple innocent question, its a question? Do you find those comments out of line by the way? What about Hollywood actors and actresses? They seem to love all things. Radical democratic, socialist well lets. Listen to some of their rhetoric. Take a look. How dare you say the things he does? Of course, I want to punch him in the face. Yes, yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. Bleep idiot is the president. The guy is a bleep fool, come on Trump needs to be medicated and hospitalized Julius Caesar, like youve, never seen before a man dressed to look like President Donald Trump gets stabbed to death on stage.
One was the last time an actor assassinated. A president. Every American can ask themselves an honest question tonight: is there one standard for president Trump? Is there one standard for Kamala Harris Joe Biden and other Democrats or pretty much everyone else? According to many, even the lawful act of challenging the election results or an audit a ten day, audit is treasonous. Youve got to be on the no fly list. Remember Congressman TED lieu. He has been leading the impeachment charge. Cheering for civil unrest in the streets called for it now hes calling on the FBI to investigate the president, the presidents attorney and republican members of Congress for inciting an insurrection. Meanwhile, many are worried about that terrorism. Bill sponsored by Dick Durbin could be used to classify future trump rallies, believe it or not. As domestic terrorist events you cant make this up.
You see whats happening Democrats are attempting to cancel silence, anyone and everyone that they disagree with ninety nine percent of Donald Trump supporters. You know what look at the rallies that were mostly peaceful. They are good, honest, hardworking peace, loving Americans. They go to work they play by the rules. They obey the laws, they pay their taxes, they raise their kids, they want tax cuts, they want less bureaucracy, secure borders, energy independence; they want peace through strength, kind of simple. According to the left. I guess that would make all of them new domestic terrorists, an op ed in Forbes, demanding companies blacklist. Anyone that worked in the Trump Administration, New York, Republican Commerce and a least a phonic will join us in a moment was actually removed from Herberts Senior advisory committee. Why?
For raising her concerns about the election? And, of course, Silicon Valley is playing a massive role in this political purge. Twitter banned the president of the United States for life. Facebook is actively removing election integrity content. Anybody that has a different point of view. Almost everyone in big tech is attempting to silence the free speech platform known as parler a twitter alternative thats, not all recently the biggest gun form in America. They were kicked off the internet without explanation by Godaddy. I fear this is only the beginning, because now the incoming president, Joe Biden, has given a green light to his cancel culture loving base according to Joe, his political rivals deserve to be canceled because, well, I will let him say it in his own words, the way TED, Cruz and others are dealing with this, how they are responsible as well. For what happened? Do you think some of them should resign?
Should senator Cruz or Senator Hawley resign? I think they should be just flat beaten the next time they run. I think the american public has a real good, clear look at who they are. They are part of the big lie. The big lie I was being reminded by a friend of mine. Maybe you were with me. I cant recall. We were told that Goebbels and the great lie you keep repeating the line repeating a lie was the Russia Crumb Conspiracy hoax was at a big lie when they used a dirty russian disinformation dossier proven false was at a big lie. Was the FISA court lied to, and it says that you know they had been able to confirm everything in there, and you know testified that it was true to the best of their knowledge turns out. None of it was true. You know what they didnt verify. Anything it it wasnt verified
was at a big lie, its an interesting way to call for unity for Joe Biden anyway. Given this kind of rhetoric is anyone really surprised Democrats are trying to ram through? Yes, they will push through their bogus impeachment tomorrow, with only seven days left in the Trump administration. According to constitutional scholar, Democrat Jonathan Turley, no fan of the president didnt, like the presidents speech on the sixth, he calls it a snap impeachment that would damage our constitution. It would set a terrible precedent. Harvard law. Professor Alan Dershowitz had that to impeach President for exercising his first amendment rights. Would be dangerous to the constitution, he will join us House, leader, Kevin Mccarthy, by the way told us, in spite of this New York Times piece that came out said no, he does not support the impeachment. Charade does not want the president to resign. He emphasized that he has been advising members repeatedly throughout the last few days that impeachment yes, is a
horrible idea and by the way we did speak to Senator Mitch Mcconnells Office tonight, and we looked at what they said. The headline is Mitch. Mcconnell said hes pleased about impeachment. I think they supposedly have not change the headline because they said no. There is no conclusions that have been made theres a lot of salacious nonsense in this meaning the New York Times piece that would be Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Martin. I just spoke to Mitch Mcconnells Office. I just spoke to Kevin Mccarthy directly. Meanwhile, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is calling impeachment an ill advised political ploy. Take a look. Is there any scenario where you see that the? U DOT s Senate would try and convict President Trump? I dont see any of that. I dont see that, and I think the house should know that. Also we have been trying to send that
message over. They know the votes are there. I think this is so will advise for Joe Biden to be coming in trying to heal the country and be the president of all the people when we are going to be so divided and fighting again good for Senator Joe Manchin might be the only Democrat in Washington D, DOT c, not hell bent on vengeance and maybe actually looking out for whats in the best interest of our country. To recap, fellow Democrats, political purposes trying to censor opinions that they disagree with. They are demanding companies not hire former White House staffers. They want to designate people that supported an audit a ten day audit domestic terrorists, so they will end up on a no fly list on commercial airlines. They are gleefully ramming through another pointless impeachment in the house predictable and the leader of their party is comparing yes, conservatives to Nazis, and these are the actions of people that claim they are going to unite America. Of course, thats not true,
and unfortunately Todays Democratic Party not interested in unity; instead, they are driven by what is beyond a a pure hatred for President Trump. His supporters may have done it for over four and a half years from the day that Donald Trump Melania Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower. He is my promise to you. We are going to hold them all accountable. We are not going to forget their remarks. We will pull out their hypocrisy, their duplicity and double standards, and, unlike other media, mob outlets, we are going to be in remain independent. We are not controlled by the Democratic Party. We are not going to be silenced tonight this and, as I said at the top, I want this country to take a deep, collective breath. They will have their big impeachment party tomorrow. You know what its been a rough year plus, but guess what the world needs a strong America we are supposed to be. We can be, we are capable of it. One
glorious nation under God, in spite of some political and philosophical disagreements, well find our way.
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