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Hannity: Democrats are terrified and desperate

2020-09-01 | 🔗
Americans from every background, every demographic and every race are fleeing the Democratic Party in droves.
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Have a great evening, Sean Hannity takes over from New York welcome to Hannity. We are tracking multiple developing stories, including this one. Yes from San Francisco, look at your screen. Fox news has exclusively obtained this security footage showing Nancy Pelosi speaker of the house in name only getting her hair done at a San Francisco salon, despite local officials, forcing all salons to remain closed because of coronavirus concerns. As per usual, the rules dont apply to Nancy Pelosi. The owner of that salon is infuriated. We have all of those details and video coming up also to mind. Evidence has emerged that I come in. Yours truly and others were illegally monitored by our government full details on a full report from John Solomon. Also tonight we will do something they mob in the media will never do a special Hannity investigation into the Democrats,
radical socialist agenda. We will take a deep dive tonight into the Bernie Biden Manifesto later. We will also unravel the latest baseless smears from the media mob. The number one donors to the Democratic party tonight it is clear Democrats are terrified. They are desperate their candidate. We all know he is weak and feeble. Now the radical socialist platform is the most extreme of any major party in history. The riots they once well wouldnt say a negative thing ab told us they were peaceful. Then, of course they tried to ignore them and, as a result of their lives, their failure of leadership well, its completely out of control. The cities and states that have been controlled for decades by liberal Democrats are now war zones, Americans of every background, every demographic, every race. They are fleeing the Democratic Party in droves. Tonight
the democratic enclave of Portland Oregon just experienced yet another night of rioting and mayhem. This time rioters attempting to burn down a large occupied condo building where Portlands, supportive mayor of anarchy, thats mayor TED Wheeler, apparently lives. I wonder if fake news CNN considers this. Oh yeah see the picture. Look at the picture, a mostly peaceful or fire peaceful rioting. Either way the police were forced to declare it right and not before arsonists started to feed the flames with debris, a wooden picnic table fireworks. Do you keep in mind that dozens of innocent men, women and children live in that building? Guess why far left demonstrators peaceful protesters, better known as anarchists, they tried to burn it to the ground. Many other buildings in the area were also vandalized window shattered businesses looted been watching this for over one hundred nights.
It was another night typical day typical evening in Portland Oregon. The city whose dopey far left mayor and far left governor still refuse any and all attempted help from the president. Whos, basically begging them to help restore law and order. The president keep saying daily. He stands ready to help any american city or state in every way possible, but hes, usually unless he invokes the insurrection act, guess what they are supposed to ask him. Typically, this is how it works. Governors and mayors. They ask for the Federal guess what President has promised to offer it give it all. That means mobilizing national guard. In times of lawlessness, we know how to beat back protesters. There are tools, police disposal, nonlethal, tear gas, pepper spray, dozens of democratic mayors and governors barely would rather watch their cities burn. Then dare coordinate with President Trump. It is sad, it is petty,
frankly, repulsive and disgusting. It leads to real consequences, including death and destruction in cities, where federal help has been requested. The violence has been squashed. It has been done over in Kenosha Wisconsin, for example. The latest example. Well order has been restored with the help of Donald Trump and the National Guard, even Kenoshas democratic mayor admitted. Yet the National Guard has been extremely helpful by the way Portland New York, Seattle, Chicago LOS Angeles, San Francisco, learn from the mayor of Kenosha. I will tell you, though, that the National Guard has been extremely helpful. We feel comfortable that we can keep the president safe and keep the public safe. Mostly, we need to try to make sure there is calm in the community, and that is what we are hoping to meeting have to request. The president was able to restore law and order and safety and
security in Minnesota and, of course, our nations Capital, Washington, D, dot c thats right. The president did his job to keep people safe and secure. Sadly, in Kenosha before the guard was called in and order was restored dozens of businesses or absolutely wrecked, with many completely burned to the ground. Today, the president, he tore the devastation and announced his administration was allocating a million dollars for local law enforcement, four million in aid to the businesses that were destroyed. Forty two million to the state of Wisconsin to bolster public safety efforts today, one store owner had this to say about the presidents visit that the mob and the media and, of course, Democrats are saying, cant happen, it cant happen, it happened and it went along. Fine. Take a look everybody here does we are so thankful that we got the federal troops into help once they got here. Things
calmed down quite a bit. Our city, police and sheriff and fire departments are awesome. They worked harder than you can believe. Look at your screen. Look at the crowds of supporters all in Wisconsin. They lined the Streets street after street mile after mile to see president trumps motorcade drove by, of course, Joe Biden. He never bothered to visit Kenosha. He hasnt left the east coast in a long time, in fact, its been if youre in Wisconsin pay attention. Six hundred and seventy two decency last visited the great state of Wisconsin today, by the way he took Joe Biden a long break from campaigning, he needed rest and relaxation remember that from the cartoon briefly, stepping out of his basement bunker yesterday delivering an extremely long twenty four minute speech from an empty room. Reading a teleprompter of course followed by zero questions from his fawning press, the media mob, better
known a state run media. Of course, Biden is now suddenly condemning the violent riots a little late Joe a few weeks ago, Joe said he absolutely wants to redirect funds away from police for months. He didnt have a single nice thing to say about any of the brave men and women that put their lives on the line daily, thats police around the country that protect and serve very difficult circumstances. Ninety nine percent of good cops Bidens campaign staffers actually donated to a fund that helped get rioters out of jail. He promises they will have a no bond policy, no bail policy. Just like New York, Kamala Harris actually promoted this idiotic fund. Now, all of a sudden, it backtracking sixty three days before the election, Joe and Kamala, are attempting an election time conversion, not because they really care about the violence and destruction instead for them its all about the polls.
Look at this. According to Pew, the ongoing riots are now a top two thousand and twenty concern for all Americans. It should be meanwhile, brand new Emerson poll shows that Trump and Biden are in a statistical dead heat. The president closing the gap among suburban voters and minorities. Look at this. The president is now polling twenty four percent with african american voters. That is three times the support he garnered in twenty sixteen. If that number holds this election or reelection is over and of course, the media mob, they are working overtime to help rescue Joe at his struggling campaign, the last twenty four hours they absolutely trash president Trump for daring to visit the destruction in Kenosha, the president restored order. He did it in Minnesota. He can do it in New York, Chicago Portland and Seattle if they would just like him. Take a look tomorrow from officials
there who think his presence will only inflame matters as protests in Kenosha into their second week. The city braces for a controversial presidential visit in Kenosha officials bracing for the presidents plan to visit tomorrow. This is a city that has now seen days of peace, quiet people getting along theres a lot of unity right now in this city. The biggest concern from them is that to have the President come here its just going to try that all around for a lot of people tomorrow. I think they are bracing for whats to come there at fake news, CNN. The panic is really setting and without a shred of evidence they have one of their dumb, so called political analysts, Clinton Obama, sycophant, probably the dumbest press secretary in history, Joe Lockhart, floating old, new conspiracy theory that the President of the United States suffered a series of mini strokes and hes hiding from the american people in broad daylight out every day. Answering questions
more lies, more fake news, more conspiracy theories from CNN, the presidents doctors. They said one thousand percent false, so wheres the apology for yet more lies and more hoaxes and more conspiracies from CNN. They are just repulsive Lockhart, the left they are stricken. They are throwing anything and everything at the wall in the hopes that something sticks look at what they allowed this lying Lockhart to say about Nicholas Sandmann. By the way, I hope, Lynn would sue CNN again, hes already gotten a lot of money by the way, Dr Lockhart, your candidate, the frail the week Joe Biden, if youre so intelligent. If this does this guy seem very mentally alert to you lets take a look at the videotape tomorrow, a superstar Tuesday. I want to thank you all. I tell you what I am rushing ahead arent. I we hold these truths to be self evident. Men and women created by you know. The thing
do you agree with me: go to Joe thirty thousand three hundred and thirty. We choose truth over facts play the radio make sure the television excuse me make sure you have the record player on at night. The phone make sure the kids here hey Dr Lockhart whats. Your diagnosis make no mistake: the mob, the media, the Democrats, they are in full panic mode. Sadly, the next sixty three days. I promise you. It will only get worse, just listen to what President Trump had to say about the mob earlier today the press should be ashamed of themselves and I think the press is actually the medias was fueling this more so than even Biden, Biden, doesnt, know hes alive. The press is really fueling this and they are fueling. It horribly youre doing a great disservice to your country. They lie in unison, the same words, the same phrases. The same talking points the mob, the media. They are the
biggest donors to all things. Radical democratic, socialist and bidens answer lets spend fifty questions since March. They are letting him get away with it. Let not your heart be troubled the mob, the media guess what they are not in control of the future. You, the american people in sixty three.
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