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Hannity: Democrats have failed America's cities

2020-07-20 | 🔗
The far-left mayors who have ruled these cities for decades have completely failed their citizens.
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Weapon for trying to defend their home when no police were there later will have the very latest, on the barely there lets say: corrupt bidens, full embrace of glitzy, bolshevik vernies, insane socialist agenda and Aocs insane new green deal, and oh yeah, confiscate your guns, beta bozo and Pelosi, and Schumer and Biden, one hundred and twenty favors of broken promises of failure. If these insane policies are adopted in one hundred and six days, if they win watch the race to exit the United States, in fact, we are seeing this play out right now in real time in Americas cities, Obama Biden, they did nothing for eight years in Obamas, hometown of Chicago. They barely mentioned it. You know wrecked by violence week in and week out, they barely talked about it. We have Pelosi, we have Schumer, we have Biden, one hundred and twenty five years of swamp failure.
They have done nothing to quell inner city, violent crime anywhere in America, nothing to fix the broken, dilapidated disgusting and repulsive educational system. They have failed americas children. We have far left mayors, they have ruled the cities for decades. They have completely failed. Their citizens, the only time they shine a light on someones death. They ignore the ninety nine point, nine percent of deaths. They only talk about it. Cherry pick it if it fits their sick political agenda. Hundreds are shot in Chicago every single week same with New York. Now Seattle and Portland guess what you think Joe Biden knows these names? Those are our fellow Americans. Do you think Mayor Lightfoot knows those names, because only if it helps them politically do they pay attention. So lets be very clear tonight. As we begin this week Democrats, they have failed Americas cities,
decades of rule decades of failure. They have put ideology over law and order and security and safety, and, as a result, our fellow Americans are suffering just look. What happened this weekend more sad preventable, unnecessary violence, destruction and chaos, its preventable? We can stop it. The president is pledging now to step in and end the war zones and they are trying to kick him out. Saying clean up the graffiti and get the hell out of here. Take a look. Take a look, bleep chanting, chanting, bleep, bleep, camera down
what youre watching? What youre watching is every weekend its the tip of the iceberg. We can announce this and we often do every Monday wheres the mob and the media. Why doesnt fit their political agenda? Most violence never captured our tape over the weekend in Baltimore, coming of the same Baltimore third highest per capita spending in the industrialized world. Thirteen public high schools, not one child, not one american child proficient in math well, three were killed there. Six wounded during shooting is all over the city. In the once great city of Detroit, they recorded fifteen shootings, a stabbing calls, including two quadruple shootings and look at this headline from St Louis shooting, stabbings, robberies busy night for St Louis Police and Chicago a whopping. Seventy people were shot, somebody needs to ask Chuck and Joe and Pelosi and Bozo and AOC and Bolshevik vernie do they know their names.
Ten were murdered this weekend in Chicago. On Sunday, a memorial service was held for a man who was shot and killed in Southside Chicago. During that service, three more people were shot, including two more kids, one was ten years old and was eleven years old to little kids shot. Sadly, unacceptable, acts of violence now routine in liberal cities across the country. We see this every single weekend, its a massive scale, the presidents right its a war zone. This is our american treasure. Our children are being murdered, but the far left so called protesters in Chicago. They are more interested in toppling a statue of Christopher Columbus. Look at your screen in this incident. Eighteen police officers were injured on top of what the one thousand three hundred other police officers injured. The twelve fourteen now dead in this case and a gray mob started, throwing frozen water bottles, rocks brick, fireworks and other projectiles at police officers, trying to
do their job and keep law and order. One local alderman is slamming the Chicago mayor, Lightfoot on Twitter for all, but ignoring an attack on his office, the Aldermans name, Raymond Lopez tweeting. When you mayor refused to call out terror attacks in our communities, elected officials, criminals, they only feel more emboldened as mayor Lightfoot Flounders, just like Rahm Emanuel before Trump is vowing to take action and fix their mess. According to reports, department of Homeland Security is drying up lance to send around one hundred and fifty federal agents to Chicago they werent particularly welcomed in Oregon and Portland. They were told, go home first clean up the graffiti multiple federal buildings under attack during weeks and weeks of violent riots, federal courthouse has been firebombed on multiple occasions. The building exterior now
covered in graffiti last night. In a powerful moment, several people trying to stop the anarchist underwriters from attacking this building yet again seems if they had their way. Theyd probably do what they did in the chop. Chaz spaghetti, potlucks dinner summer of love zone in that state, control or burn it down like they did in New York. Take a look if you stand for justice come here and stand with me. Stand with me, because im here for justice im not here to tear down bleep, not here to spray paint its going on every day enough enough, it delegitimize is the movement. This doesnt have anything to do with my rights. If you dont understand that youre part of the problem, despite the constant chaos Portlands, local democratic politicians, have failed to protect their city
and now are demanding all federal law enforcement leave town. Another genius idea, just like defunding the police, bazaar tweet. You have Nancy Pelosi. The speaker in the house speak your name only calling them stormtroopers its now more clear than ever. Democrats seem totally. Fine with lawlessness is a new normal in America. In fact, many are fully supporting it Biden, whether he likes to admit it or not. He used the words. Police have now become the enemy of the people. They are supposed to protect enthusiastically agreeing that funds should be diverted away from law enforcement. Reallocated is the word he uses even saying I dont, like the word define, but reallocating is the same darn thing isnt it. It brings us to a question. Ive asked many times in one hundred and six days: America, you, the american people. You are the ultimate jury,
if Biden and Pelosi and Schumer and AOC Bolshevik Bernie and Beto Bozo, they implement their plans. Let me ask you a question: who will you call when the police have been defunded and dismantled? Take a look, hello, youve reached nine hundred and eleven im. Sorry that theres no one here to answer your emergency.
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