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Hannity: Democrats, media mob align to defeat President Trump at all costs

2020-09-08 | 🔗
The Washington Swamp won't decide this election and neither will Hollywood snobs.
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Thank you and welcome to Hannity. We begin tonight with the Fox news alert. The president just capped off a very busy day on the campaign trail, a huge massive rally and crowd in Winston Salem North Carolina. Look at this crowd. Look at Winston Salem tonight. Take a long look and ask yourself thats, not at all the video. I wanted to show how many people feel this way about the week and the frail Joe Biden earlier. The president also delivered a speech in Jupiter Florida, where he was also met by massive crowds. Meanwhile, Joe Biden spent today in his basement bunker doing nothing as per usual, and we will have that in a minute. Apparently, he needed to rest after a very rough weekend on the campaign trail more weird gaffes and strange statements, more constant confusion looked like a deer in the headlights.
We will show you the worst moments from this weekend and a critical warning that the rest of the media mob wont, tell you about, and that is mail and voter fraud. This coming from a democratic operative who organized and coordinated mail in ballot voter fraud in many previous elections and later Brad knew disturbing video from this weekends, far left riots. First, we start with a very important observation about the two thousand and twenty race. Fifty six days from now as we speak, there is nothing that I could otherwise describe as what is a sickening alignment among so many of the powerful, elitist groups in this country. You have the democratic party. Ninety nine point: nine percent week Republicans come of the ones that always demanded. If you are a conservative, you have to suck it up and support their candidates, the ones they preferred. You have all the
deep state bureaucrats that desperately want trump out, so they can return to their nefarious deeds than the ninety nine point: nine percent of the mob and the media. Ninety nine point: nine percent New York Times Washington, post all of them for the most part, nearly every single, solitary, so called cable news network, all fake news, every broadcast Channel ABC Nbc Cbs and Hollywood snobs and elitists, and many pro athletes weird. They all speak in one voice, all working on the one goal, one outcome on November: the third they want to beat Donald Trump now its time for a Hannity history lesson and what we call perspective because remember, I know for years- have gone by fast, but the same exact thing was happening four years ago in two thousand and sixteen same groups all lined up against Donald Trump. They lasted Donald trumps
campaign, mocked him from running and all made the prediction he cant win. Almost all of them said no chance of winning. They orchestrated the biggest smear campaign in history, and you might remember some of this Donald Trump has been saying he will run for president as a Republican, which is surprising because I assumed he was running as a joke. Do it just do it look at me? Do it a campaign check now on behalf of this country, which does not want you to be president, but badly wants you to run this man has got some momentum and we better be ready for the fact he might be leading the republican ticket. I know you dont believe that, but im going to go on a rich republican candidate has the best chance of winning the general election of the declared ones right
now. Donald Trump laughter. Mr Trump answer, your call for political honesty. I just want to say youre not going to be president all right, its been fun. President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States exclamation point Realdonaldtrump at least I will go down as a president. Donald Trump is a candidate for president of the United States. Let me assure every person here, Donald Trump will not become president of the United States. Can you imagine Donald Trump standing up one day and delivering a state of the union address? I can imagine in a Saturday Night Skate Donald Trump. We project will
win in Kentucky with his eight electoral votes, Kansas with its six electoral votes, Nebraska, five electoral votes, Utah Wisconsin, an improbable political journey with an astounding upset victory. We learned their collective opinions. Predictions were not only wrong, but they were all meaningless. Here is a simple truth. The Washington swamp will not decide the selection. Neither will those Hollywood snobs. The truth is none of these people matter. They were opinions, do not matter fake news, doesnt matter, the power rests with all of you. Look at North Carolina tonight, thats, not the mob thats, not the swamp, thats, not Hollywood elites. That is you week the people, you will decide you get to be the ultimate jerry and just fifty six short days.
You, the american people. We will decide on the future of this great country. The stakes have never been higher by the way for informational purposes, only on hannity dot com. We have an interactive map that shows you everything you need to know about where to vote in your district, when you get to register, when is the registration windows early voting start? When does it end, and so much more? Who was running for Congress? Is there a Senate race in your state be sure to check out hannity dot com for all the details and information you could ever want? This is the single most consequential election of our lifetime and the media. The mob, the Democrats, Hollywood elites and all of their allies are not telling you the truth. Theyve lied to you for four straight plus years and as we speak, they are turning a blind eye to the obvious and serious concerns about the whole country is talking about it. They talk about it behind closed doors.
Democrats even tell me, media mob people even tell me Joe Bidens strength, stamina, alertness, mental acuity. They are all worried about it. Just like the riots, its a myth, its not happening. They are ignoring a walking disaster invited and they know it. They are so desperate to beat Donald Trump that they are willing to put this country literally in the position of supporting somebody who would be elected president at his that is frail. That is obviously a candidate that is not up to the job. The hardest job in the entire world. President of the United States, leader of the free world, for example, during one virtual event on Monday Biden, struggled mightily to answer a question without a teleprompter actually with a teleprompter. Take a look, I would like to know: what will your administration do to help give us that chance?
Thank you move it up here. There used to be a basic bargain in this country. Workers shared in the wealth that work helped create. Last week the Biden Town Hall in Kenosha Wisconsin, one person had to complain. She was being forced to read off a written script. Just think if this was Donald Trump think for a minute take a look. I was told to go off this paper, but I cant. We need the truth and the truth. We need the truth and the truth of the matter is. We are heavily angry, not angry as to where people say they are protesting, its a different between a protester and a rider, a very big difference. The Biden campaign should be ashamed of it. If this was any republican, the media
mob would have a field day, and instead they cover up the truth. Act like reality is not happening. They have zero moral compass, intellectual, honesty or curiosity is such a disservice to you. We.
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