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Hannity: Democrats only want your compliance, not American 'unity'

2021-01-18 | 🔗
Sean Hannity warns of Democrats seeking to suppress 'dissent' under guise of 'unity'
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Sean Hannity from New York takes over all right Tucker, as always welcome to Hannity. We start with troubling news. We must report Joe Biden, Kamala, Harris Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer are only two codays ago from implementing the radical platform in what can only be described as a chilling effort to silence, cancel or race, any opposition voices, its rising up, believe it or not. Right here in the USA, the most radical big governments socialist agenda ever proposed in american history and a commitment to implementing it and, of course, starting with this radical new environmental, green new deal and regulations, canceling the Keystone, Xl Pipeline, amnesty for illegal immigrants and so much more everything. We warned you about noticeably missing from the Biden Harris agenda. Everything
remade into unity actually wants to bring seventy five million Trump voters into the fold. Quite the opposite. Instead, democratic leftists are now looking for ways to squash any and all dissent and silence any and all arrivals and any opposition voices and pretty much cancel anybody anywhere. That there is to get in their way on the list is, of course, the president who has been banned from every social media platform in the country. These powerful big tech companies are now working in solidarity to stop any legitimate competition from emerging another voice, another platform, a dangerous alliance of these powerful institutions, starting with the Democratic Party in conjunction with the mob and the media, big tech, all working together and now hundreds of writers, book agents. Now their very livelihoods actually depend on something
called freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press. They are actually demanding that publishers ban any future books from President Trump. Here. We will silence him that way. One publisher has already canceled a book deal all because he supported a ten day. Audit of the election results you dont have to like him. You dont have to agree with him. They want to silence shutdown, muzzle shame out of existence dangerous times, even so called moderate Democrat Joe Manchin. He has caved into the mob pressure. He wants to consider a plan to remove Senator Hawley and Senator TED Cruz from Congress. He wants to use the 14th amendment, in other words bypass. The will of the people in Texas and Missouri ignore what they want and again all because they supported what was a perfectly legal audit of the election results as part of an electoral challenge, something the Democrats, something the Democrats
themselves did in two thousand two thousand and four two thousand and sixteen meanwhile Andrew Yang is now requiring what topics will be requiring what topics will be allowed to cover, lets see what government agency and who actually gets to decide what they deem is acceptable or not acceptable the music industry they are also plagued by demands. One musician was just dropped from a record label for merely attending the presidents rally he didnt participate in the riot, nor did by the way, the ninety nine percent of people that were in d dot c the day of that rally. Now he watched the presidents speech and then he went back to his hotel room, probably ordered room service and opened the minibar. A far left quote its not enough to just arrest and prosecute actual lawbreakers who
smash their way into the capital. No, anyone who supported the president voted for him worked for his administration now has to be hunted down and purged. We cant hire people who worked for Trump. Have you or have you ever been a Donald Trump supporter dont just take her word for it. Listen to this now, former Pdfs lawyer. This is a guy caught on tape. A short time ago, talking about reeducation camps, remember children of trump supporters and sending them to PBS School every day. Empower the government to take your kids. Take a look. Take a look inaudible. You cant make this up. Believe it or not. This kind of rhetoric is now commonplace on the left.
A Washington Post columnist wondered how mostly white, mostly republican voters. How do we deprogram them into what little socialists like you take a look. There are millions of Americans almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed its as if they are members of a cult, a trumpist cult. They need to be deprogrammed, Kenny, Couric joining, take a look, its really bizarre when you think about how a wall, so many of these members of Congress have gotten, but I also think some of them are believing the garbage they are being fed. Twenty four slash, seven on the internet by their constituents and bought into this big lie on the question is: how are we
going to really almost deprogram these people who signed up for the cult of Trump reeducation camps? Deprogramming? Okay, according to the fresh wing of Democratic Party, you we come of the people. We need to be deprogrammed or put in reeducation camps because of our political opinion. Let me just tell you what this is really all about now, this effort from the left. It is not new, it is only accelerating im, not complaining, but this is really been my reality in radio and television. Few of us here on Fox NEWS. For decades there are now entire organizations extremely well funded millions and millions of dollars dedicated and have been for many years to put some of us on this network and in talk radio out of business. There are paid professional
stockers of the media mob. They watch every minute, every second of the show in hopes that we might slip up and say one thing that will get us fired or boycotted or silenced forever, and, of course, because that we dont meet their standards. There are democrats all over the country who would cheer for our demise and the demise of the few conservative voices that are out here. I have dealt with this my entire career for them. Clearly debate is evil, difference of opinion outright evil. At least Democrats, not liberals, they are little totalitarians. Their one goal is to shut you up, shut us up point in case here, despite liberal views. Late night host Bill Marr has been the target of the far left mob and far right mob. He doesnt always toe the party line on political correctness. Remember when ABC kicked them off the air western mark politically incorrect. I was one of those few
conservatives who actually spoke out against firing him and I hate the guy, but I believe in free speech now to his credit, he is the only one of Democrats libertarians whatever he actually is, who will actually stand up for millions of trump supporters? The overwhelming ninety nine percent are good, hardworking and law. Abiding taxpaying decent people that want a better country that believe in limited government energy independence dont want traditional activists on the court. Free trade deals, oh the thought of it all lets not confuse five thousand people was. Seventy four million. Excuse me. Yes, even supporting the insurrection in Spirit is well deplorable, but theres a difference between holding liberal beliefs and acting violently on them at least thats. What they always told me about islamic terrorists terrorists sad day when its
only bill Marr has a better moral compass than any of his colleagues in the media, mob or big tech. For that matter. In any elected official in Washington, I can assure you they will come back around.
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