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Hannity: Democrats worried Biden is too feeble to take on Trump

2020-08-04 | 🔗
Campaign advisers tell Joe Biden to skip debating Donald Trump.
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We are out of time. Sean Hannity is right now Tucker. Thank you as always welcome to Hannity tonight we have breaking news surrounding a massive deadly explosive in Beirut. Lebanon, wait until you see the tape unfold, plus the very latest details from todays heated hearing on Capitol Hill, Senator TED Cruz is with us also Condoleezza Rice, slamming the thought police on the radical left. Well, explain that also we start tonight with the developing story. Out of yes, Joe Bidens basement bunker. Tonight, there are currently three presidential debates in the works. The biggest bands in the media mob are now begging him not to S. Ive sources telling me tonight that his team missing can we bring notes. They clearly believe that Joe Biden is too weak and too feeble. They are worried that he will be destroyed by President Trump and fake conspiracy, news theorists, Cnns own Humpty, dumpty, tweeting,
that this story is far removed from reality. Oh okay, there is no violence in Seattle or Portland and its just a summer of love and festive atmosphere. I guess they forgot about their own networks coverage or maybe theyre just psychotic liars over there. One top political analyst, fake NEWS, CNN, actually pleading with Biden. Please dont debate, Donald Trump Heres, the New York Times, Op Ed entitled lets, scrap the presidential debate heres another one from the Boston Herald Biden, better, walk back any offers to debate. President trump a report last week claiming to bidens own supporters, were urging him dont debate the president now normally a candidate challenging an incumbent pushes for as many debates as possible, not Joe Biden and not his supporters. They want him to stay hiding and for good reason. His most recent debate, performances were frankly painful to watch so tonight were going to take you on what is really a cringeworthy trip down memory lane, because you are the
ultimate voter, you will be the jury and the ultimate decider is in just ninety one days as we show you the very worst moments- and we start with this bizarre sound bite of Biden talking about well clipping coupons in the stock market. Okay lets watch. Why, in gods name should someone who is clipping coupons in the stock market, make in fact pay a lower tax rate and then someone who is in fact, like I said a schoolteacher a firefighter- does Joe even know what he is trying to say. Another odd moment suggesting all school children listen to a record player at night. When have we last had a record player? Take a look play. The radio make sure the television excuse me make sure you have the record player on at night. The phone make sure the kids here words and the confusion doesnt stop there one debate. He actually forgot that Senator Kamala Harris even existed.
Take a look. I have more people supporting me in the black community for me because they know me. They know who I am three former chairs of the black caucus, the only african american woman who have ever been elected to the United States Senate a whole range of people. My point is thats, not true laughter. The first. Thank you speak of the first. What day, is it super Thursday? What state am I in no hard feelings? Senator Joe cant even seem to remember his own web address or how text messaging works. Take a look. We have never never been able to overcome whatever the problem was, if you agree with me, go to Joe thirty thousand three hundred and thirty and help me in this fight for the record. That meant nothing.
There was no Joe thirty thousand three hundred and thirty anything. Confusion is not bidens only issue his fits of rage. They are also concerning, for example, heres, a clip of Joe berating, his potential running Mate Elizabeth Warren lets. Take a look at that I mean I agreed with the great a job she did and I went on the floor and got you votes. I got votes for that bill. I convince people to vote for it, so lets get those things straight too. If you thought that was bad. Listen to his plan to eradicate domestic violence. No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger other than in self defense, and that is rarely ever occurs, and so we have to just change the culture period and keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at it. There will be a big, and now I really mean it its a gigantic issue. No one knows whats going to come out of Joes mouth.
I dont even think Joe himself knows, but what scares Democrats, the most are Joe Bidens lets say we are strange. Bizarre stories. Heres one example take a look by the way you know I sit on the stand and it gets hot ive got hairy legs that turn that turn blonde in the sun and the kids used to come up and reach into the pool and rub my leg down and then watch the hair come back up again. They would look at it. So I learned about roaches. I learned about kids jumping on my lap and I love kids jumping on my lap. Hairy legs turn blonde and kids like to rub it. What leg hair roaches children? What ask yourself does he have the mental alertness? Is this man for to serve as commander in chief? Does he have them strength and stamina,
its the most demanding job in the world and its obvious to everyone that Joe Biden is a massive liability to himself to the Democratic Party, more important to this country as a whole, the left, the radical left. They see it as an opportunity, see it as an opportunity. Why? Because he is the dumb useful idiot that they will use to transform the country and the economy. That is why this is by far the most consequential election in our lifetime. Ive a book out. Thank you. He made a number one on Amazon dot. Com of the entire country, live free or die America and the world on the brink, its out today, Hannity dot, com, Amazon, dot com, but the reason I wrote this first and ten years. I cover in detail what makes this country so special and, as Reagan said and warned us, freedom is, but one generation away from extinction make no mistake if the radical left take over if they implement their stated socialist policies, you can pretty much
guess freedom, goodbye and none of those promises will ever be fulfilled. How is social, social Security has Medicare lets see? How is that Obamacare keep your plan and your doctor save money hows that working out hows that working with safety and security in cities run by liberal Democrats and states run by liberal democrats for decades? Has the issue of education in those cities come November? Ninety one days, our future as a country and, frankly,.
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