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Hannity: How can Biden go whole campaign without answering questions?

2020-10-19 | 🔗
Sean Hannity takes a closer look at Joe Biden's campaign with 15 days left before election.
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All right, thank you, good show, as always, welcome to Hannity breaking moments ago in what looks like another major effort to protect the weak, frail ever confused Joe Biden. Now the Presidential Debate Commission decided again unilaterally that they will be muting the candidates microphone when the others talking on Thursdays debate a lot more coming up tonight, its fifteen days and you the american people. It will all be in your hands dont. Let anyone tell you otherwise, if you are ultimate jury, we are now officially in the home stretch in president trumps campaign is in high gear over the weekend. Huge massive crowds lining up everywhere to greet the President in California, for example, as you can see, he also visited the swing state of Nevada where he held a massive rally in Carson City. Today he hit the campaign trail in Arizona to more massive rallies. Look at the size theres, even people outside in that crowd, is
huge in Prescott and then Tucson tomorrow. The president will be back on the east coast for the rally in Pennsylvania and so far since making a speedy recovery from Covid 19. In addition to what we already mentioned, this president has had rallies in Sanford Florida Johnston, Pennsylvania DES Moines, Iowa, Greenville, North Carolina, also outside of Orlando and Florida Macon, Georgia, Northern Minnesota and Janesville Wisconsin its safe to say. Donald Trump is working hard, crisscrossing, the country at a rapid pace. Meanwhile, his geriatric weak, frail cognitively struggling opponent is noticeably missing in action. There should now alarm every American. This has never happened in the history of presidential politics, where one guy spends the entire campaign. Fifteen days out of an election decided to take a four day vacation after he only worked one day and then had another day off Joe Biden is not crisscrossing
the country hes not campaigning. He barely is hosting any events at all. Earlier today, his campaign, tweeted Joe Biden, will work every day to bind up our wounds and bring this country back together. Bumper sticker slogans great meaningless. That is, unless you count today or tomorrow, or the next day or the day after that, because the Biden campaign has zero public events scheduled for the next three days and he was off Saturday did only one event on Sunday now, if America is looking for a pathetically weak, a very lazy, a very frail, a very corrupt and a cognitively struggling president Corrupt Joe Biden is for you over the weekend he was forced to answer at least two health questions from the media mob, including this really hard hitting question about his favorite. What kind of shake did you get? Mr vice president, take a look. We got everybody, a milk
shake didnt, we got everybody, we got them, happy milk, shake. We got one vanilla and one chocolate. I wanted to get what we call black and white, but we are going to move it. Chocolate need some energy. Of course, Joe doesnt seem to mind stupid, pointless questions like that. But dont dare ask him a legitimate question about a real issue like the real corruption allegations that are now getting louder by the hour swirling around his 0 experience, son, who made millions and millions and millions while his dad was VP capitalizing off that position. Take a look indiscernible. I know you would ask it. I have no response its another smear campaign. Right up your alley, those of the questions you always ask its a smear campaign. What are you a junkie man,
you, a junkie, sorry im acting like Joe Notice Biden has lashed out at the CBS reporter accused him of participating in a smear campaign just for asking a question and notice, and this is really important, Joe, never denied any of the corruption allegations. In fact, to date, we are paying very close attention. Despite multiple official and unofficial statements, the Biden campaign has never once directly and unequivocally denied that zero experience Hunter Biden offered special access to the Obama White House in exchange for what he made in terms of millions and millions and millions of dollars. Imagine if his last name was Trump thats, probably because its true Hunter Biden has no experience in Ukraine. He has no experience in Russia, no experience in China. He had no experience in Kazakhstan, no experience in oil, gas or energy.
He had no credible experience in foreign domestic investments. Yet when his father was the vice president, 0 experience Hunter somehow received massive consulting fees, millions of millions of dollars from sketchy foreign nationals in all of these countries, every single one of them. As our friend Peter Schweizer, reported last week, one of hunters business partners now is in prison. The other partner who youve probably heard of Devon Archer. He is now awaiting his sentencing. He will be going to jail too by the way when you go through the court records. Hunters name comes up a lot and its not just the millions from Ukraine and dont forget the one point: five billion deal with the Bank of China again no experiencing. According to the RON Johnson Charles Grassley, sent a report in December two thousand and thirteen. We now know that Hunter signed on to a sweetheart deal with a chinese state backed investment
fund netting Hunter massive amount of equity in revenue, in a partnership with a government linked farm that was ten days after Hunter Biden flew with his Father aboard AIR Force Two and a trip to China breaking tonight. Fox news has corroborated a May two thousand and seventeen email thread that discussed a payout from a chinese investment with equity distributions. To H, we believe thats, probably Hunter and more equity, held by H for the big guy sources are telling Fox news tonight that the big guy would be quid pro quo, Dryden to Biden the vice president than at the time himself. So Joe now, you have to answer a very supple question. Is it true? Are you the big guy in this big deal that youre 0 experience son was making all this money on? Is there equity in a chinese investment fund earmarked for you, maybe thats? Why you didnt want
to support the travel ban that you called hysterical, xenophobic and fearmongering? We are profiting off of your sons, business dealings. He had no experience before, during or after your vice presidency, what you have to say about the three dollars and fifty cents million wire transfer from the corrupt russian oligarch. Remember the first lady of Moscow that went to 0 experience hunter. Did you take a cut of that and why did Joe Biden lie in the first debate and wires the media not asking any questions about it and allowing Joe Biden fifteen days out of an election to take another four day vacation? What about April, two thousand and fourteen a payout that he got from an oligarch and what about the monthly payouts that Hunter began receiving from that ukrainian oil and gas giant that netted hunter millions of dollars? Remember Joe, is on tape, saying youre not getting the billion dollars im, leaving in six hours, youre, not getting the billion dollars in less fire, the
prosecutor, who was the prosecutor? What is he looking into zero experience hunter getting paid millions son? They fired the guy because they wanted our billion dollar. You know loan guarantee guarantee. Did you take a cut of that Joe or big guy? Whatever your real name is? Will Joe be forced to answer any of these questions? We have an election as Joe keeps reminding us theres, almost thirty million people that have voted. Is he going to have to answer that before election day on November third, and by the way, not if big tech gets their way if the media mob, because they are protecting, is always there favorite candidate, massive social media information platforms have now been censoring and lying about all of this from the get go in one massive lie. A locked Wikipedia page refers to Hunter as subject of a debunked right wing conspiracy, theory. No, his business partners would be going to jail.
One is in jail, one is awaiting sentencing to go to jail and meanwhile, Facebook and twitter they tried to limit the spread of the Hunter Biden, allegations that were broken and the New York Post, Twitter, even blocked users from sharing related, even private messages. They froze prominent accounts, people that promoted the story, including the White House, press secretary, Kayleigh, Mcenany and, of course, Twitter senior executives. They have a long history of sharing vicious anti trump tweets at one fantasizing about putting trump on a ventilator another openly hoping that Trump will be humiliated during the election, another one referring to Trump supporters as hysteric with stupid people. These are the same people now referring to the very serious allegations against Hunter as dangerous information. Naturally, the media mob, now big tech. They are on the left, cheering for their friends in Silicon Valley. They all love censorship, as long as it protects Joe Biden
and tonight there are a lot of unanswered questions. The media wont be asking Joe Biden. He has gotten a pass and now who fifteen days out of an election, gets to take a four day vacation four days in the middle of the campaign. Does that not raise questions eyebrows? How did he get to go throwable campaign and not be asked one question. Of course we couldnt get clarity from the FBI, which may or may not be investigating zero experience hunter and these crazy business dealings, but according to a bombshell newsletter sent by Wisconsin Senator RON Johnson, the FBI director is apparently stonewalling as usual. Refusing to confirm or deny any materials that are surrounding the Hunter Biden allegations so director. What did you know and when did you know it is Hunter Biden under investigation? Do you have Hunter Bidens hard drive and if so, when did you get it? Have you heard and do you have this evidence and did you have
it during the time of the corrupt impeachment? Are you in possession of legitimate materials showing possible public corruption, because I think the public has a.
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