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Hannity: 'I'm really not up for media mob lies and lectures'

2020-12-07 | 🔗
'Hannity' host reacts to the latest election developments in opening monologue
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To be reporting is all welcome to the 2two hanity, where they are 2two hanity, where they are election. Kayleigh Mcenany will join us and watching all of this and then Pennsylvania very closely, an update out of Arizona as well Senator TED Cruz hes offered to argue that the Pennsylvania case should get to the Supreme Court in some developments. Where waiting for on that tonight also Senator Lindsey, Graham Comeaus, Speaker Newt Gingrich here, but breaking tonight, with Senator Cruz, tremendous constitutional knowledge and experience the past bringing cases before the. U Dot S Supreme Court cases he won. He is now officially agreed to argue the legal challenge in the Pennsylvania case. It weve been telling you all about it if and when that case reaches the highest court in the land.
This is the suit, if you remember, Pennsylvania Legislature passed at seventy seven. Well, the massively expanded mail in voting that was passed by state Democrats and signed by the state democratic governor problem is its in direct violation of the actual language in the Pennsylvania constitution, because the state constitution of Pennsylvania features carefully documented restrictions surrounding mail in voting. That can only be changed through constitutional amendments that would take two years in a row: majority: two thirds in the houses there, a referendum by the people, the statement, Senator Cruz wrote it needs resolution. I believe the Supreme Court of the United States. They have the responsibilities to the american people to ensure, within its powers, that we are following the law and following the constitution,
in other words, seventy four million people that need and deserve answers that do not have any faith or confidence in the selection, nor should they they deserve. What is answers for a broken, discarded and disregarded election law as they deserve answers for the partisan observers. Statutory language in each state allows them to view the vote count from start to finish, yet they were blocked in every state from doing their job. They deserve answers for the thousands of uncounted votes, turning up yep even still weeks after the election. They deserve actions for the vote, counting process thats even continuing to this day more than a month after the election. They deserve answers surrounding the voting machines that have been widely criticized by the media. Liberal Democrats and conservatives across the country it all over security concerns and reliability this weekend during a rally in Georgia, this massive crowd
turned out demanding action breaking into one chant after another, rightly so. Fight for Trump watch chanting fight for Trump. Thank you think you were going to fight who supposed to believe they got fifteen million, more votes than Barack Obama and fifteen more than Hillary, the underperformed minorities in every major city except Georgia, Milwaukee Philly Detroit Nevada, thats convenient Georgias election. We know riddled with issues. It weve got thousands of uncounted votes mysteriously. Turning up during the state recounts, massive amounts of mailing votes took weeks to count theres a lawsuit by the Georgia Democratic Party, democratic
senatorial Campaign Committee, congressional committees, the early part of this year. They were preparing that and then they had the consent decree that officially set up one or two unequal verification standards for signature, a very stringent standard you needed voter, I dot d and it was matched to your previous signature- is in the state database, another for mail in ballots, no photo, I dot d, and as long as theres a signature on the application matches the ballots. They did not look at the state system that they had on record and on file. You can have two separate, very demand: verification systems. It requires no verification whatsoever. No voter, I dot d, no proof of who you are and the signature on the ballot doesnt need to match the signature on file that they have in the state. Instead, it only needs to match the ballot request, form which makes sense the governors are as well. We
need to fix this, but they wont call the legislature back in the session Governor Kemp. Where are you call the legislature back at the session and fix it before the generator for the runoff theyve done nothing so far, and sadly Georgias problems dont end there look at your screen. Last week we showed you the alarming surveillance footage lace out of the ever controversial Fulton County in the video you can see now partisan observers in the media. They were asked to leave the room, the vote, counting room and then guess what, after being told about the vote, counting stopped for the evening. Well, they pull, of course, once observers vacate the premises and the medias gone well election workers. The few allowed to stay behind. Well, underneath the tables they got large containers that were hidden containers, the up apparently filled with thousands and thousands of ballots, which then counted by the workers that were
allowed to remain in the room that pulled them out of the suitcases they conveniently had there without partisan observers without the media media mob pretends. This is some kind of debunked story. No! Nothing spent abound by by anybody. Mollie Hemingway at the federalist writing team accurately putting out theres multiple affidavits with multiple people, and we interviewed some last week on the show who swear under penalty of perjury that they were asked to leave the room. Even though counting apparently continued weve got the videotape. If get this Georgias chief investigator, confirming that the large containers under the table yep there were in fact filled with ballots. She later said, workers put the ballots underneath the table because they thought that counting would stop for the evening. No thats, not what happen. We have. The video, like always president trumps, fighting back and finding for every legal vote to be counted. Rightly so, guess what im not really up for media mob and democratic party
lectures after their four years of lies hysteria hoax after hoax conspiracy, theory. After conspiracy theory weve got the Russia Trump election, two thousand and sixteen hoax and then of course, weve got the dirty dossier. Then we got the premeditated fraud on the FISA court. Then weve got the ukrainian impeachment hoax and then ignoring the Biden, crime, family and zero experience hunter, getting millions from the countries and zero and, of course course, pro quote Joe breaking on Braggi on tape. The assassination of everybody who dared to support the president and him keeping his promise and him literally transforming the country. In four years. We are long past, trusting those people thats why the president is now demanding accountability, transparency for this election cycle and every election moving forward, hes right, take a look, I will say, were fighting hard for the state when you look
at all the corruption and all the problems having to do with the selection. If all I can do is campaign, and then I wait for the numbers, but when the numbers come out of ceilings and other bags, you have to say whats going on theyre trying to convince us, we lost, we didnt lose. They found a lot of ballots to be nice about it got rid of some too. Seventy four could have been higher. Let me tell you this election was rigged and we cant let it happen to two of the greatest most respected people in Washington. We cant, let it happen again tonight, make one thing perfectly clear. President Trump was in Georgia fighting to count every single legal vote, also, two hundred and fifty separate cases of voter fraud. Now under investigation in Georgia. Georgia campaigning now, of course, ongoing the last day to register in Georgia for the upcoming January fifth runoffs for the Senate.
Make no mistake. The upcoming runoff election is about so much more than just Kelly, Loeffler or Senator Perdue. The balance of the Senate is at stake here. This will impact every american and profound and deep ways republicans lose in Georgia. Every game that the president has made every historic achievement will be in serious jeopardy at the last four years of hard work down the tubes people of Georgia, we need you, weve got radical Democrats far left individuals who would love nothing more to repeal and replace every one of president trumps pro growth policy with their own scary, socialist vision of America. This election is critical, Georgia and the people of Georgia, even though they have every right to be disgusted and may not have all the answers they need to go to the polls for.
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