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Hannity: In Joe Biden's America the rules only apply to you

2020-09-15 | 🔗
Joe Biden takes a private jet to Florida, one day after claiming fossil fuels will destroy the world.
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The show thats the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink, and its a great Sean Hannity welcome to Hannity. Tonight we are tracking multiple major breaking stories, including history of made of the house for the groundbreaking peace accord between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain. President Trump is calling at the dawn of a new Middle EAST media, mob Democrats, predictably and noticeably upset. Apparently, their hatred of all things. Trump is clearly more important than world peace, especially in the Middle EAST, and we will explain all this coming up tonight, plus Hannity, two thousand and twenty election correspondence, our own Lawrence Lawrence Jones, on the ground in front of a bite, an event where supporter is turned out in full force. To give Joe a warm welcome. Yesterday in a truly unhinged speech, Biden predicted that man made climate change on fossil fuels that he will
eliminate will soon destroy the world. Today he boarded a massive private jet. Of course, lots of carbon emissions and in the rules only apply to we, the people you not but hey. Maybe we should give Joe the benefit of the doubt, and maybe maybe he forgot all about yesterdays Insane climate change speech, obviously having cognitive issues and thats being polite after all, hes having more and more trouble recalling basic facts, but they have the week. It is what office hes running for and whether he is calling for election or reelection his running mate by the way Kamala Harris. I think it is the Harris Biden Ticket now he sends it daily troop updates. U dot S troops died in IRAN and Afghanistan. The Harris Biden Administration will relaunch that effort.
If you were a quartermaster, you could surely take care of running a department store. You know in the second floor of the ladies Department, you know what I mean. No, I dont know what you mean in case youre, keeping track Joe Mixed up: IRAN and Iraq. He went on a bizarre rant about quartermasters and department show stories and even though his running mate is already plotting Harris Administration, I Harris Administration, together with Joe Biden as president of the United States, the Biden Harris Administration will bite access to one hundred dollars billion in low interest loans. So just forty nine days before you become the ultimate before you become the ultimate jury and election day,
would you hire Joe to manage and run even a busy Mcdonalds restaurant thats, a hard job, lots of orders and you have to race around? Let me see french fries and a quarter pounder. Let me go back and look what was it again quarter pounder with cheese, I dont know: Biden can barely leave his basement without having a full on public meltdown, constantly refusing to take questions from even his adoring fans on the media mob and all of these events that he does are all scripted complete with his trusty teleprompter. In an interview today, Bidens campaign manager seemly confirming her candidates dependent on the teleprompter, but he also lied and said he takes questions from reporters every single day. No thats a lie. Take a look: how do you respond to these inteterviews?
First of all, I would say very clearly with the vice president uses the teleprompter, but he is also out there every day. Taking questions from reporters know hes, not in truth and reality. Joe Biden doesnt take questions from reporters because he doesnt seem too capable of speaking freely without saying move it up, move it up. Yeah yeah, two weeks from tonight, and in forty nine days you will decide the fate of this great country. I cannot comfortably predict what will happen and no one else can either. But let me put it like this two minutes left in the game. Fourth quarter, no timeouts and its a two minute drill. You need to march down the field, eighty yards and cross the plane
and the extra point to win. It wont be easy and never is if you care enough about this country and thats, a peace through strength and not appeasement and a lot on the ballot in forty nine.
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