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Hannity: Institutions are failing Americans at unimaginable levels

2020-11-05 | 🔗
Sean Hannity discusses reports of voting irregularities and fraud in the 2020 election
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To that knows, the numbers out there, which brings us to our top storage night. As poll workers, we have serious reports of irregularities and fraud and not allowing people to observe which is a matter of law. They continue to come income of these reports from all over the country. In just moments we are going to bring you live updates on on the ground in Michigan Pennsylvania. We will also show you two bombshell: videos showing reported voter fraud at a frightening level. Peered coming up, we will hear from an eyewitness. We will hear accounts from Americans who witnessed voter fraud firsthand, but first only moments ago, the president of the United States will deliver an important message about what we are now witnessing in the state after ST after state watch this. If you comp the legal votes id easily win, if you comp the illegal votes,
they can try to steal the election from us. If you count the Hannitys that came in late, a lot of votes came in late. There are now only a few states left to be decided in the presidential race. The voting apparatus in those states all cases by Democrats, we were winning in all the key locations by it a lot actually and then our numbers started miraculously getting whittled away in secret. They wanted allow legally permissible observers now, if you were watching any other, so called news network or broadcast network other than Fox. You would not have seen any of that, and yet a blatant new contribution to all things, Joe Biden and the radical socialists in an attempt to suppress information by the big tech institutions, the corrupt
media mob. They cut away from the president speaking so that their own idiotic abundance could trash him. Wow, take a look its amazing how those mail ballots are, so one sided its supposed to be to the advantage of the Democrats. They are so one sided. We have to interrupt here because the president has made a number of false statements, and there the president of the United States address in american people for the first time, claiming that if you count the legal vote, id easily win, stand back and take this in here. The media mob now edits and controls they dont want. You to be able to decide for yourself just like big tech. Companies are editing what news articles you can read and make decisions on wow truly a nightmare. What have I been saying about
big institution in this country? We, the people like you, have never imagined idiots by the way same network, same people that lied to you for years about Russia, Russia collusion that never existed. They never told you the truth about the russian disinformation dossier or the fact that that dirty Clinton bought and paid for russian disinformation dossier was used to spy on the presidential candidate or about Ukraine, hiding as they did, the entire campaign Biden. Family corruption, quid pro quos big deals with China, Ukraine, Russia, they hid from you lets see. Oh Joe Bidens, obvious positive decline, acted like it. Didnt exist now the mob and the media is only one powerful institution that has utterly failed. We come of the american people, big tech, another one, our educational system, another one and I can keep going.
We can no longer trust the vast majority of this countrys posers who got every thing wrong wrong. Now the president he described even the credibility of our election is in question state after state lets start in Pennsylvania or something strange and suspicious has been happening in Philadelphia election officials. They are biting tooth and nail to prevent poll watchers, which the LAO avails from observing the ongoing vote count. Partisan voters may observe at polling locations. Partisan observers are permitted to be present when speetwentyfive ballots are open and when they are recorded, partisan observers may be present at the canvassing of unofficial and official returns
and any recount or re canvas. That is, the law and its in pretty much every state its that simple. Now the law is clearly being broken. As we speak in Philadelphia and other locations, you have officials blocking the Trump campaign from viewing the process as they have from the beginning. According to a lawsuit now filed by the Trump campaign, election officials are intentionally refusing to allow representatives and poll watchers for President Trump and the Republican Party listen to one poll watcher describing the scene. We are further away, hundreds at least one hundred feet away from open ballots that go back out of our site. We cant see them, we dont know what is happening to them its just. There is no way for us to observe the process from where they have us. Could you tell us how many ballots approximately went through that process that you
had no chance to observe, based on the account that we have heard its about one hundred and twenty five thousand, maybe more so that should be deducted from the account bows are ballots that were counted in violation of the law. Wow. What about the law? The constitution, the Times places holding elections for representatives shall be ascribed in each state by the legislature. Legislature decides not local and city officials. By the way it is illegal for them to block observers from 20 20 100 feet. It is also illegal for the city of Philadelphia to dis resolve a fourth order does not invalidate the process considering that violating the law. What is the remedy question right? The only remedy I would seek him at that point. Is they
did it and they violated the law? Nobody can can testify to the Legitimatelegitimacy A do over something that has never been done in a presidential election by the way. I just got this breaking news as a relates to new ballots that have come out for Maricopa County. These are the Arizona results that ive been telling you about the magic number the president maintained. Fifty seven percent, the president would be well on his way to winning that state. Seventy four thousand ballots have just come in for Maricopa fifty seven percent from President Donald J Trump in keeping with the number that he would need to win the state of Arizona, as that count keeps going keep in mind today when I started my radio show, 300 eastern from the president was up by one hundred and eight thousand in Pennsylvania. When I ended it was down to around seventy thousand now its down even further. During the 4 5 6 hour period now come republican election
observers were barred from doing their job and what the law allows. This is not the first time a poll watcher was blocked. Take a look at this example actually caught on tape. Let your own eyes decide no call the police, do it? Okay, its not for this location. Do not come in here. Go you wanted to talk. You wanted to talk outside lets. Go even later. The study of Philadelphia admitted that he should have been allowed a number of votes counted without an observer as a matter of law. Remember this is Philadelphia.
The land of election fraud election abuse. Just this year, a Philadelphia judge admitted that he took pride in admitted that he took pride in the citys treasurer was fired after getting arrested. He was indicted on voter fraud, so yeah its very important that republican poll watchers observe the process as a matter of law in Philadelphia. That law has been broken and it is pure corruption that they are being blocked, especially since the states top officials are openly and publicly hostile towards President Trump. Now before the election October, 31st before any votes were counted, he was already predicting that all the votes are added up, Trump is going to lose, Trump is going to lose.
Meanwhile, the Secretary of State, using the title president demeans office of the presidency presidency. He just referred to President Trump as just another internet troll. During his interview with his friends, he all but guaranteed a bite and win. What did he know he didnt know Dominic. Take a look at this point. How many votes are outstanding, several hundred thousands of them, it is generally accepted that its going to be probably delivering the commonwealth to the vice president. At this point, the laws are really being violated. Do you trust these people to oversee a free and fair election that you have confidence in? Do they seem trustworthy to you? Do you see corruption, Riddle Philadelphia that they are willing to do anything without any oversight as breaking the law?
Philly is still counting votes without any legitimate oversight whatsoever. No transparency, no accountability and we, the american people, should be very concerned. Take a look. They have refused to. Let us have a meaningful view. They have continued to count the vote because they have done nothing to help us. They are not letting a legal vote count. They are not letting us look at anything at all because they would not follow the law. We have called for federal release. We will not let the people of Pennsylvania, they will both join us in a moment, but first, sadly, sadly, Pennsylvania is not the only state facing serious
questions about fraud and abuse in Detroit. Dozens of poll watchers were reportedly barred from observing the process there. Some removed from the room as local election workers were actually cheering, take a look cheers and applause cheers and applause. That is a matter of law. Also workers put cardboard over the windows of a counting station, so no one could see in another violation of law. Meanwhile, a reported whistle blower from the postal Service in Michigan in Traverse service in Michigan in Traverse city a we have not independently verified, but we will let you decide. Take a look, tell us where you work. I work at the Post office its because your boss told you and your colleagues something
that shocked you this morning here. What was it here? What was it? Mailboxes, collection boxes, inaudible, zero, p, DOT M election day November 3rd. The court of appeals have to be received by that time. What were you told mark them with yesterdays date? This appears to be an attempt to circumvent the law. You said there were a handful of carriers that was supposed to leave their ballots. Where are they now the distribution center? In a statement to the USPS? They write that the? U dot S postal service is aware of the video that has been inspected.
The office of inspector general, the state of Michigan claims. It does not accept mail in ballots after election day and meanwhile, another bombshell, video. The mailman is captured on tape, sharing unclaimed ballots with an undercover journalist, cant verify, but we will let you decide yeah. Where can I find laughter inaudible? You dont get a handful, maybe- and you will put something in there for me all right brother very concerning that will be investigated and thats, not all the Trump campaign just filed a lawsuit, claiming that ten thousand
people voted who no longer live in the state. Breaking moments ago, Nevada G Dot, OP just filed a refer to the Doj, alleging more than three thousand instances of fraud, keep in mind. Just a few thousand votes separate the president, Joe Biden and the state. Meanwhile, on election day in Havana campaign observers were also allegedly booted from polling locations. There we will, let you decide. The question was asked at 130 in the morning. Why are you here? You either obviously counting ballots its unique because they said they had an hour and a half left unofficial came out and a few moments later we were asked to leave. We were asked to leave within 10 12 minutes, so if these people
are denied access to observe, how can anybody confirm have faith trust confidence in the legitimacy of any valid, how many people were denied legal access to the opening of ballots? Does this call into question the legitimacy of the ballots when the legal right to observe and confirm were denied everywhere? It seems doesnt. It then take away a huge legal right. This ought to scare every American, no checks no balances. No, it transparency, millions of mail in ballots, reports of dead people, voting in the states days and days of vote, counting without observers. It will be months before we ever sort out the legitimacy of where they were sent. We werent there to observe as a matter of law.
This is the United States of America. I can factually tell you tonight. It will be impossible to ever know the true fair, accurate election results, thats a fact, and now we know why Democrats delayed aid dollars for the american people and businesses on the first Covid relief package. This is the chaos they wanted and were fighting for and they got. Americans have every right to be suspicious. They have every right to distrust the legitimacy of the results. We have the greatest best technical minds in the world and we cant develop a voting system that we can have confidence and trust in that is free, fair, honest election that prevents opportunity for fraud and corruption. Meanwhile, we can send people to the moon and back and go to Mars. Americans will never be able to believe in the integrity and.
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