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Hannity: 'Irrational psychotic rage' driving impeachment push

2021-01-26 | 🔗
FOX News primetime host sounds off on Democratic push to convict former President Trump
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Bad and the country would he heard as a result of it, as we predicted forty five republican senators, including Mitch Mcconnell. Yes, they did in favor of a motion declaring that the proceedings against Donald Trump and others are unconstitutional. This latest democratic show is now officially dead in the water. It is over. The Senate trial will be conducted at plan, but the Democrats do not have anywhere close to what would be that two thirds super majority that would be needed to convict barring any completely unlikely last minute, reversals from people that are weak and would go against their own constitutional beliefs. Donald Trump will be acquitted and what we will witness the yet another colossal waste of time with a predetermined outcome and a show
trial predicated upon a rational, psychotic rage of the radical left and the Democrats in complete fear and panic. You complete fear and panic. You stand up to their base, including the lunatic fringe that controls the entire democratic party establishment and the? U DOT s Senate cannot validate this snap impeachment. You know with zero evidence. Zero investigation, zero defense, keep in mind that we now have reports. All over the place of even the Washington Post, real court documents showing that investigators believe a lot of planning was made in advance of what happened on January six. In other words, the president did, in other words the president did not cite an insurrection and
they ignore the presidents own words. They will be marching to the capital so that the voices will be heard. Make no mistake: the trial will now accomplish nothing. It is political theater, frankly, at its worst Washington at its worst. It is a massive government waste of time and resources and by the way, money in the middle of a pandemic. We have a divisive self serving parade, one for that of former President Trump and the seventy five million Americans who voted for him as well is another way for the Democrats to raise money, those to ease the radical socialist phase. They said that they have not enough votes yet. They believe that the show trial impeachment must go on, but chief justice is refusing to participate.
It is a clearly bunch of unconstitutional proceedings, and that includes Roberts, not exactly being a Donald Trump fan. As I can be now a democratic editor. He is going to fill the void left by the chief justice, Patrick Leahy, of about to be an impartial and fair judge and calling for it to be convicted, in the case, its unconstitutional for the Senate to try a private citizen and remove him from an office that they no longer hold. The Senate has no jurisdiction and reminding that they are nothing but a partisan Democrat, and by the way the Democrats are tempted to convict a former president on an incitement charge that they themselves, if they ever examine their own words, are guilty of
earlier today, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky called upon this rampant hypocrisy that we have been calling out regularly on this program. If we were about to talk about this, where is the chief justice? Where is the constitutional power to impeach him? Private citizens do not get impeached. Impeachment is for removal from office. Hyper partisan Democrats are about to drag our great country down into the gutter of rancor and vitriol and its almost as if they have no ability to exist in opposition to Donald Trump. They might have to legislate without him as their busy man.
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