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Hannity: Joe Biden commits more gaffes on the campaign trail

2020-10-12 | 🔗
Sean Hannity says former vice president's slip-ups, misstatements show he is 'not capable of leading' the United States
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Stellar performance of the Democrats, looking small and petty in comparison, but with twenty two days until youre, the ultimate juror early in the election takes place. Lets go back to the campaign trail where Joe Biden mustered up the courage to leave his basement bunker for a few hours. In fact, Joe left his home state of Delaware. Today, in a rare occurrence for the week Frail Democrat, he was overwhelmed and at one point he confused Robert Byrd with TED Kennedy and then another point that Joe could not remember Senator Mitt, romneys name referring to him. As that Mormon watch this you may remember, ive got in trouble. We were running against senator who was a Mormon, the governor okay. I took him on and everybody said and was asking the question: the Mormon Guy, the Mormon. We hold these truths to be
self evident and down by the thing you know whatever the thing God, the creator of everything thats how Bidens day began, and it only got worse from there. Mr Joe thirty thousand three hundred and thirty failed to comply with a campaign website and by the way, maybe somebody on the staff might want to remind the ever forgetful Joe that he is running for President hes not running for senator. He keeps forgetting forgets the day of the week forgets what office hes running for he is running for president. Not senator some somebody remind him, take a look. We have to come together. That is why I am running. If im running as a proud Democrat for the Senate, so vote vote, God bless you. Can somebody tell Joe by the way, not a real website and Joe youre running for president, not senator
by the way the Senator and the Mormon Guy is Mitt Romney, not some Mormon governor now, sadly, what we showed you thats from a couple hours today, every time that Joe actually leaves the basement bunker and stays out past 1000, a dot m. Well, disaster ensues heres. A quick reminder. Look tomorrow is super. Super Thursday. I tell you what im rushing ahead arent, I we hold these trees to be self evident if all and women created. Oh, you know the thing you agree with me go to Joe thirty thousand three hundred and thirty. We choose truth over facts play the radio make sure television excuse me make sure you have the record player on at night. Make sure the kids hear words. Poor kids are just as bright and talented as white, KIDS
Donald Trump, its, not hypothetical. This is pretty serious by the way. These are way beyond an occasional campaign gaffe, and I am beginning well im more than worried that this man could represent a clear and present danger to this country. He is obviously not capable of leading, he has been hiding the entire campaign and the corrupt media mob is covering for him. Joe wants to be the president of the United States of America. That would be the toughest job in the world and at times Joe doesnt seem to remember that hes running for president or what state hes in what day of the week it is it. Does anybody really believe that, if elected Joe Biden will actually be in control of anything, that brings up another scary thought that would be his most radical. Vice presidential running make Kamala Harris,
they are going to be the ones in charge. ThatS Kamala Harris Bolshevik Bernie AOC. By the way they are saying what the stated plans are fundamentally: transform the country court packing ending the legislative filibuster, starting the process to ban the Electoral college D, DOT C Puerto Rico states. Oh, four, more Democrats, so you have a democratic run Senate in perpetuity. It would be the biggest power grab in the history of the country if they want open borders, why they hope all the eleven and fifty million people die got amnesty theyre, hoping that they will vote democratic according to Chuck Schumer. He said it. Everything is on the table at least one one and pulled in F left activist group. They posted online on how to disrupt and shut down the entire country by force. If the twenty twenty race is too close to call,
we will have more on that coming up in a special report. First heres what President Trump had to say about his struggling democratic opponent and his radical base take a look sleepily Joe Biden, not a nice guy by the way, not a nice guy people say: oh hes, such a nice guy. He had a very bad day. Today. He had a very bad day. You saw what happened if I ever had a day like he had today, theyd say its over. We have somebody running who is not one hundred percent, not eighty percent hes, not sixty percent. We cant have this as a country. We can have it by the way, a tribute to the great researchers and scientists, the new therapeutics that they have developed to help people overcome Covid 19 is unbelievable. We are on our way towards a.
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