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Hannity: Joe Biden is being controlled by radical socialists

2020-07-09 | 🔗
If you want to know how Joe Biden will govern if elected, look no further than the policy recommendations he just released.
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Today, the basement thats the second time in two weeks, thats a record way to go Joe, the corrupt ever confused ever frail Joe Biden actually left his home. He traveled all the way from Delaware to Pennsylvania, to his trusty teleprompter, where he delivered a painfully awkward speech in a large, mostly empty room filled with lots and lots of birds. Getting bizarre. Take a look from belt buckle to shoe sole, well ive, taken pride in that in the weeks ahead, ill be laying out a plan to mobilize american talent and heart to build a 21st century caregiving and education. Workforce Albright, following those awe inspiring remarks, Biden, took a zero questions from the media. No surprise there Joe was having a hard time reading the teleprompter, much less answer, unscripted questions. In fact, a short time later,
during the trip to Bidens childhood home, he also refused to answer questions again, as he sort of stared off into space lets. Take a look: hey, buddy! How are you time for a few questions? No, no, our very own Peter Doocy come. He asked the question but, as you can see, the other reporters there more than happy to just see Joe take a backseat in order to shield and protect Joe Biden. Remember the mob and the media. They will be the number one contributor to the Biden campaign thats. Ninety nine percent of the media mob that includes the New York toilet Paper times, even encouraging Joe, not to show up for the debates unless these rigid conditions are met. So if you really want to know how Biden will govern if elected, look no further than the policy recommendations he just released now we have them all sections of the one hundred and ten page document there actually plagiarized word for word from
Bernie Sanders campaign by the way plagiarism, nothing new for Joe Biden in the 1980s he was forced to ends presidential campaign. He was caught red handed plagiarizing, a british politician by the name of Neelam Connect word for word on multiple occasions. He even had the videotape roof who, in my quest wrecked the first in a thousand generations to be able to get to university. Where is the first woman and her family in a thousand generations to be able to get to university thinking coming over? Here I was thinking. Why is it that Joe Biden is the first in his Joe Biden? Is the first in his family ever to go to university? Why is it that my wife is sitting out there in the audience? The first and her family to ever go to college was a because all of our predecessors were thick. Did they lack talent customer?
Can those people who could sing and play and recite was a because our fathers and mothers were not bright its because I am the first Biden in a thousand generations to get a college undergraduate degree that I was smarter than the rest, those same people that read poetry and wrote, poetry and taught me how to sing verse. One of the mob would bring that up with Donald Trump. He also plagiarized Robert Kennedy, who was accused of plagiarizing law school. This guy doesnt even have an original thought in his head now, hes literally plagiarizing, not only Bare Bernie Sanders word for word, but now hes trying to sound. Like Donald Trump weve got to bring manufacturing jobs back to America, it didnt he and Barack say those jobs were never coming back. Let me see, let me go to the videotape speak of what we have to do is to make sure that folks are trai for the jobs that are coming in now, because some of those jobs
of the past are just not going to come back. They are not coming back Joe now changed his position. He wants to sound like trump. Why not plagiarize him? The scary part about all of this is Joe, is now being controlled by the hard radical socialist extreme wing of that Liberal Party, which is kind of the whole party, in fact, Biden working Hand in hand with the Sanders campaign on his brand new policy recommendations among these into a new proposals lets see confiscation of wealth redistribution of your money for something called environmental justice, in other words, what the ninety four dollars trillion new Green deal, even appointing Congresswoman a Causey or Cortez to lead the effort Biden, also pushing for free paid family leave, free paid medical leave, free housing, broad student loan forgiveness, universal health care. Joe also wants to halt all deportations grant amnesty to eleven thousand illegal immigrants, the
law and sovereignty of orders, thats right. He would turn the entire country of the United Century States of America and even present ice from following the law and deporting criminals they get out of jail. Thats. Not all Biden wants to outlaw the right to work which would force millions of workers to join unions, whether they want to or not, and what about pro choice lets not forget by the way. Biden also wants to eliminate cash bail, which has been nothing but an unmitigated disaster. New York, Bernie Sanders is so pleased with this radical socialist lawless agenda. He went on msdnc the conspiracy channel Roswell Rachel Maddows Channel last night to congratulate Biden on being the most progressive candidate in modern history way to go Joe, listen to this speak of these folks. Needless to say, people are representing. The democratic movement represent a different thing than bidens people, but there were serious
discussion and a real honest effort to come up with a compromise, and I think the compromise that they came up with if implemented, will make Biden the most progressive president since FDR. If implemented America would be unrecognizable, it would be a socialist hell hole. It would be another socialist failure. We would lose wealth creation and Americas stature in the world. It would be the most precipitous decline in the history of mankind. Now we know what Biden meant when he wanted to transform America into Bernies America during the primary most Democrats try to appease their radical base, but then they moved towards the center in whats called the General election Biden is different. He went hard left, stayed there and is doubling down on even harder left and even more extreme policy, this isnt about bringing manufacturing jobs back or increasing wages. This is about full blown extremism, socialism,
redistribution and the end of capitalism. Keep in mind the 78 year Old Biden has been in elected office since the 70s he served eight years, as vice president. He gets zero, tough questions from the mob and the media. Why didnt? He have any success in those eight years under President Trump. What have we witnessed? A boom in american manufacturing, the jobs they said werent coming back now it was Trump it wasnt, Barack it wasnt Joe, who brought those jobs back just like it was Trump who ushered in record after record after record after record low unemployment for African Americans, Hispanic Americans and every demographic group we can think of. It was Trump who passed criminal, justice, reform and police reform, it wasnt Joe and it wasnt Barack. He was president Trump who created opportunities on spear that wasnt Joe and that wasnt Barack five decades in the swamp. What the hell did you bite and do
we know for years? He pal around with segregationists spent a lot of time with one of his former colleagues, the former Klansman bird, and by the way he coauthored the crime bill that led to mass incarceration of inner city youth. He said there would be predators on our streets. He worried his kids would grow up in a racial jungle. But now, in order to please his far left handlers Biden is now trashing law enforcement just this week. What did he do? Referencing now the police are viewed as the enemy and said he was totally on board with stripping their federal funding. His own words take a listen surplus military equipment for law enforcement. They dont need that beer. The last thing you need is an up armored humvee, coming into a neighborhood, just like the military invading they dont know anybody. They become the enemy they are supposed to be protecting these people. My general point is, but do we agree that we can redirect some of the funding? Yes, absolutely one of the things we also need
to be doing is fundamentally changing the way and ive been pushing it for years changing the way we deal with our prison system. What militarized police hey Joe look at these images. They got that equipment when you were vice president dont, you remember Ferguson, Baltimore, Cambridge, but now, as you can see, vilifying law enforcement, eliminating law and order, and safety and security thats Joe Bidens top agenda thats. The radical democratic socialist top agenda today, Nancy Pelosi. She indicated she has no problem at all with anarchy and angry moms and anarchists ripping down statue after Statue Heres. What she said should not be done by a commission or City Council, not a mob in the middle of the night, throwing it into the harbor people do what they do. I do think that, from a safety standpoint, it would be a good idea to have it taken down if the community doesnt want it.
I dont know that it has to be a commission. Mobs will do what theyre going to do. People will do what theyre gonna do thats the kind of leadership post two thousand and twenty, because that is what you will get with: Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. One hundred and twenty five combined swamp years of failure. He will get chaos, you will get anarchy, you will get lawlessness, you will get broken promises, your taxes theyre going to go through the roof. He will have open borders appeasement abroad and by the way, the greatest economy on earth. Now the number one producer of energy in the world, we will no longer have oil or gas great idea. I dont think so. Leaders in St Petersburg Florida announcing that soon they will no longer respond to nonemergency calls. Instead they will be sending social workers. Today, comrade De Blasio announced he is banning all large gatherings unless its an antipolice protest, rocks, bricks, bottles and molotov cocktails thrown in
New York, cops and a couple precincts burnt down in New York City and a billion dollars taken away from the police. Take a look. What about protests people want to watch on Fifth Avenue quest market they going to be allowed to do so. This is always an area of real sensitivity. If we were just talking about health, we would say it folks stay home if you can, but we understand at this moment in history, people are talking about the need for historic changes. I mean today New York City, recognizing the power and the meaning of the message black lives matter, which we did in front of Trump Tara. Today. This is a historic moment of change. We have to respect that, but also say to people the kinds of gatherings we are used to the parades. The pharaohs we just cant have that. While we are focusing on health right now on health right now, only no social distancing of the protest one hundred and seventeen days, this decision will be yours, youre, the ultimate verdict. You surrender that verdict in
one hundred and seventeen days, you want left wing lawlessness, you want law and order. You want open borders, security, safety or not. You want amnesty for illegal immigrants, yes or no. You want higher taxes are lower taxes. Do you want more regulations, are less regulations, you want activist, judge, justices, constitutional originalists, pad the pockets of Joe Biden or keep making tough and fair trade deals around the world. Lets see. Do you want another nuclear brand peace deal with one hundred and fifty dollars billion in cash and currency or peace through strength? You want to be forced into government, run health care or you want to keep your private health insurance come November. All of it is on the line, no pressure and so much more.
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