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Hannity: Joe Biden takes his marching orders from extreme left

2020-07-08 | 🔗
The Biden-Sanders 'unity task force' just released its proposed DNC platform and it reads like a radical socialist wish list.
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The great Sean Hannity is right now stay long welcome to Hannity. Tonight we are at a tipping point, everything that is exceptional everything thats great about this country, the greatest country God gave man our United States of America. I tell you tonight its in jeopardy in one hundred and eighteen days, guess what youre the ultimate jury and the very way of life that we cherish in many ways is at stake. I will give a long explanation: everything we value and cherish like capitalism, liberty, freedom, the constitution, the rule of law, hangs in the balance, because the most extreme radical socialist Democrats are planning and they are saying it to fundamentally transform and change America. They want to dismantle capitalism, they want to abolish the police that would eliminate all law and order and safety and security. The very corrupt, very frail Joe Biden is controlled by these radicals. He is weak.
He is often confused, hes, easily manipulated and now hes, showing his true colors, and he will say- and he will do anything he is told- to do and say to win at all costs breaking tonight. Look at this. The Biden Sanders Socialist Unity task force. Well, they just released all basically the platform of Bernie Sanders and they are proposing the Dnc platform and it reads like well a radical socialist wish list. As President Biden, he would grant citizenship to eleven million illegal immigrants. He would turn the entire country into the United Sanctuary States of America. He would block I dot ce from deporting even criminals in jail Biden would redistribute her money because of something we call environmental justice and, of course, the insane green new deal that he supports. Get this bidens task force actually copied Bernie Sanders platform in multiple sections word for word,
so in other words, Biden also calls for universal health care. Through a public option get this, he would eliminate cash bail for prisoners, thats working so well in New York. Right rob a bank get out, rob another get out, rob another anarchist get out another get back to the enter key thats madness insanity and it does not protect the people in Americas, towns and cities. Today, during an interview with the far left website now this news, Joe five Neiman, stated the police ready for this have become the enemy Biden also said, hes absolutely on board with defunding the police. This will closely surplus military and for law enforcement. They dont need that. The last thing you need is a armored humvee coming into a neighborhood like the military invading they dont know anybody. They become the enemy they are supposed to be protecting these people.
We can agree that we can redirect some of the funding. Yes, absolutely one of the things we also need to be doing is fundamentally changing the way and ive been pushing it for years. Changing the way we deal with our prison system. Remember, it was only a month ago, Biden rejected calls to defund the police. He did it in an op ed and it just one month for Biden to came to the radicals of his party. If he even wrote- or the loan remembers the topic of his own op ed instead of moving to the center for the general election, it is now regurgitating the heart of talking points from the extreme socialists who are among his top advisors like Bernie Sanders and Ocasio Cortez need more evidence, because today Biden also vowed to rewrite our economy. Just like he said over the weekend, he would transform America whatever. That means, take a look. We are going to have a breathtaking opportunity to create good paying union jobs.
Deliver the promise of America to Americans. Whove been denied it for much too long to rewrite our economy, so that prosperity flows not just to ceos but to workers who actually build the country rewrite the economy. Socialist Utopia transform America, police are the enemy defund the police. Let me translate this, for you. Biden is talking about socialism, just like Bernie, just like Elizabeth Warren, probably even worse than just like Congresswoman Ocasio Cortez. Now we know what he meant when he said to transform America that will be raising your taxes. It will be confiscation of wealth that will be control of the means of production wherever possible and the elimination of the lifeblood of the world economy, oil and gas, and this is now the mission of the Democratic Extreme socialist party. This is what they want. This is what they are saying they are going to do. That is the proposal. The Biden, Bernie Unity, socialist
task, force and Biden, who rarely leaves his own house, seemingly always in the state of confusion- well hes a perfect candidate for these radicals because they will control him. Obviously, Biden couldnt even remember what he was talking about, while even apparently reading from the teleprompter. Oh, this is taking me too long. Take a look at this. I believe this with every fiber. In my being, what I propose is it can be done. I think we are in a position to really make it happen. My team and your team are already working closely together to light up the path forward here: critical laws to strengthen collective bargaining on politics like prevailing. Look, yes, im im taking too much time. I propose that I propose this is taking too long. Do I have to keep explaining something that I dont even know what it is. We hold these truths to be
self evident that all men and women are created equal by the thing. You know the thing God, the creator of everything thats brutal thats actually hard to watch. Does this man have the strength, the stamina, the mental acuity, to take on what is the toughest job by far in the world? The answer to me is obviously, no frankly its no to anybody with clear eyes that can see the media wants literally asked those very questions of Ronald Reagan in nineteen. Eighty four: are they going to ask the same to Biden? No, I dont think so, because the mob and the media is treating Biden like a fragile, precious little artifact New York toilet Paper times. Actually calling for Biden Mark Levin has been saying it. Russia has been saying this ive been saying it not to debate president Trump. We know who will be in charge if Biden wins in November
combined experience, Biden, Pelosi Schumer, one hundred and twenty five years in the swamp in d, dot c trump less than four they are fully controlled by their radical base. Socialist will control the messaging. They will control the platform. They will control the strategy. They will control the ideas. They will try to literally transform America if we become that socialist utopia. Ninety four trillion new green deal, fifty two trillion Medicare for all guess what those will all be broken promises and everything is free and no oil and gas to produce anything. We see this already happening in the House of Representatives. The squad has introduced a bill to defund the police and by the way, handout reparations in a press conference. Yesterday, Congresswoman Omar said that her goal was to dismantle the United States. Take a look at this. We must recognize that the systems of oppression are linked
as long as our economy and political systems prioritize profit. Without considering who is profiting, who is being shut out, we will perpetuate this inequality, so we cannot stop at criminal justice system. We must begin the work of dismantling the whole system of oppression, shes, not the only elected official on the left openly calling for America to be destroyed. Listen to this scary message from one of Seattles City, council members. Take a look. We are coming from this deeply oppressive racist, sexist, violent, utterly bankrupt system of capitalism. This police state state. We cannot and will not stop until we overthrow it and replace it with a world based instead on solidarity, genuine democracy and equality, a socialist world there is no middle ground,
the new radical democratic Socialist Party. They will destabilize not only this country, but the entire world, along with it abolishing the police. You know the ones that protect grandma, grandpa, mom and dad, and let see young moms that have kids at home. Maybe the father is working, then they will see control over your property money business all in the name of fairness and redistribution and by the way to create their perfect utopia. The only problem is everywhere socialism or whatever form its been tried, has also failed. Dont fall for these empty promises of everything is free because theres, something called simple basic, fundamental math and maybe Joe could put aside his abacus and actually calculator out and figure out that, let me be clear: socialism always will end in misery and despair always and.
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