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Hannity: Left using its climate 'obsession' as a political tool

2021-02-01 | 🔗
Sean Hannity takes a closer look at the Democrats' recent action on climate change.
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News to the hardworking people of West Virginia to make matters worse. The states democratic, Senator Joe Manchin was clearly mortified, as he was never even notified that the Ex president would be conducting these interviews in his state one local station. We are going to try to find a bipartisan pathway forward, but we do need to work together, thats, not a way to work together by the way is it an accident that local interviews were also schedules, lets see West Virginia and Arizona thats right home to the only two democratic senators that will not go along with ending the legislative filibuster coincidence, keep in mind the Biden Administration has shown zero interest in working with anyone else. Remember Biden promised unity and he vowed to reach across party lines and then immediately signed a record a whopping record three times the number of the last three presidents combined forty two executive orders, things that
he says he couldnt do and he is not a dictator and that he needed the votes apparently not. According to the climate obsessed radicals in his base, there is no time to waste because the planet is dying. John Kerry says we have nine years. Americans must make sacrifices or well. Some Americans must make sacrifices, but not if your name is John Kerry. You know Bidens special climate envoy, one who currently enjoys the comfort the convenience of his very own private jet. We went back. We looked at the Records Fox NEWS. Did this and look at what we saw from last year, his private jet was responsible for a whopping one hundred and sixteen metric tons of carbon. Now, one hundred and sixteen metric tons of carbon by comparison, a typical American, omits a mere four point: six metric tons of carbon from driving its almost as if John Kerry
isnt that concerned about the environment. After all, in reality, the less obsession with the climate has little to do with pollution. It is a political tool for them. The Biden campaign raised a lot of money from green energy companies that will all now likely be rewarded for their efforts. No doubt billions in tax dollars will be soon headed their way, not the jobs that, while ultimately millions of Americans will lose, and meanwhile Americans might not ever receive the two thousand dollars that Covid relief, remember Biden promised. Ultimately, I have no idea what is going to happen with the Covid relief package tonight. There is a lot of uncertainty swirling around the Biden Administration, with a variety of important issues. It is completely utterly clueless unprepared and unwilling to provide critical answers.
She is going to circle back with the entire world. Take a look speak of the last thing I just want to do before we get to your question. I also am going to circle back. I hate to disappoint conservative twitter, but I am going to circle back the one we are going to circle back circle back and circle back again that charade has been going on for two weeks and counting. I will be happy to circle back with our team. On that specific report. I will have to circle back on that thats a good question. We will circle back with you. We will circle back with you on this today. Circle back circle back, I hate to disappoint you, but I will have to circle back on that as well. Lets circle back on doing the show tomorrow, bringing transparency back to.
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