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Hannity: Make no mistake, America's cities are in chaos

2020-07-07 | 🔗
The Democrats who have been in charge for decades have failed to uphold their most basic responsibility: the safety and security of their fellow Americans.
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Backyard make no mistake from Chicago to Seattle to L Dot A to New York. American cities are in chaos. The Democrats who have been in charge for decades have failed to uphold their most basic and fundamental responsibility, and that is the safety. The security of their fellow Americans here is todays cover of the New York Post crimes. Ravage city calls out for help to do something actually come comrade De Blasio has done a lot of things, a lot of horrible things that is destroying New York City costing many lives, the anti crime, plainclothes police officers and the Nypd. That unit has been disbanded completely eliminated the effective policy that we would call stop and frisk cut the Nypd budget by over a billion dollars in that state lawmakers might force police to buy their own personal insurance for liability lawsuits. I guess my only advice: if im
going to be a friend to the people, I love and frankly, adore and admire for the sacrifice service and the risk they take for all of us. I guess if you were a cop and you can retire now is the time you are new on the job might want to think about another job. New York city is basically giving you the middle finger and also making it impossible to do your job to protect and serve your local community. Meanwhile, he signed off on that in the idiotic bail reform policy and is the one that signed the bill that allows violent offenders to get out of jail the exact same day without posting, a penny in bail, nothing whatsoever. In other words, the consequences of these soft on crime policies is now dire in New York, city and state become a in New York. City
are up thirty percent. They are up one hundred and eighteen percent. On Monday, a 14 year old was shot three times in broad daylight on the streets. Now, before I show you the next tape, fair warning, what youre about to see is extremely graphic and look at this happened over the weekend, a man shot dead in the Bronx in New York, while walking see that 6 year old, daughter across the street- and you see the guy in the car right there, he points the gun and assassinates that man in broad daylight horrible, poor girl ran for her life in fear and on Sunday captured this gut wrenching scene. They open a fire killed two of them men severely wounding another. What do you have to say about this? You are allowing this to happen, and let me tell you whats happening in New York. Is the direct result of the failed policies
when laws are not enforced when police budgets are slashed when cops are not supported when criminals get out of jail without any bail chaos, carnage predictably, will always ensue, always not a hard mathematical formula and now Democrats across the country no more arguing they want to completely defund and dismantle all law and order and all police departments in the socialist and the so called squad in Congress. Just unveiled his genius bill to strip Police funding congresswoman Omar is now calling for the entire system to be dismantled. The entire system get rid of every cop, every law enforcement official. We go back to the simple fundamental question: who will you come of the american people? Call in an emergency after these Democrats dismantle the police re going to call, because this is what will happen
if Democrats get their way. Take a look. You have reached the nine hundred and eleven emergency line due to defunding of the police department. No one is here to take your call, leave your name and number, and someone will get back to you. Our estimated wait. Time is currently five days. Good bye. The presidents ad is exactly dead on accurate. Unfortunately, in the truth is democrats want to defund police. They dont care about your safety or security. They dont care. If your business gets diluted, they dont care about our sin, dont care. If your neighborhood has taken over by vandals and anarchists, they live behind gated communities in walled off compounds. Many have the ability to pay for their own private security or even use their tax dollars to protect them, and so year after year decade after decade, they ignore the violence and make no mistake. If Democrats get their way, what is happening in New York
happening in Chicago happening in Seattle and in California that will be coming to a team near you lets call it a preview of.
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