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Hannity: Media double standard 'repulsive, disgusting, sickening, and sad'

2020-11-09 | 🔗
Sean Hannity weighs in on the latest developments surrounding the 2020 election and the Trump campaign's legal battle in several states
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That show, but not in real life such a good man, he will be missed. We begin tonight with a major Fox news alert attorney. General Barr has now authorized the Department of Justice to probe substantial allegations of voting irregularities in multiple states. We will have full coverage throughout the hour of this major development. Senator Cruz, Senator Graham KEN Starr, will all be here, Newt Gingrich, with reaction, but tonight the mob. That is ninety nine percent media mob. The Washington swamp Joe Biden. They want to just call it a day and stop you from asking legitimate, tough questions about the election, about the process about your vote, even as a razor thin margins still separate. The candidates in key important, battleground states and people are actually saying things that
say impropriety they witnessed and they watched it with their own eyes. So they not be listened to the president and his campaign are vowing to ensure every legal vote is counted and ensuring that we have free and fair elections, ensuring that all the laws of every state were followed. That is the basis of this Great Democratic Republic Democrats, their sycophants, the media mob. They just want to try and block everything and all audit of what are now growing examples and affidavits of voting irregularities coming up. We have even more evidence of suspicious ballot, counting whistle blower accounts of what has happened behind the scenes, republican observers being blocked for monitoring vote, counting which, by the way we will show you is a violation of state election laws, heres a small preview of the guest you will hear from
tonight busy night tonight. I believe, President President still has a path to victory and that is to count every single legal vote who was cast. If republicans dont, challenge and change the? U dot s election system, they will never be another republican president elected again what happened in Pennsylvania over these recent weeks as a constitutionals travesty. It is sad that some states can run the most efficient, effective elections and run it perfectly that everybody has faith, trust and confidence in what the outcome is. Whatever it is, others a complete and utter mess, utter chaos. We you, the american people, deserve better. Is a national disgrace how some states have handled this election, but I want to start with this tonight. I want to start by saying this, because this is important. The double standard we are
watching with the mob and the media is beyond disgusting, repulsive, sickening and sad, and let me tell you why thats the same mob and the media that spewed never ending nonstop aquatic rate, psychotic rage and hatred and lied to all of you about so called trump. Russia collusion. What were they arguing for for three years? That four investigations prove didnt happen that Trump and his campaign had colluded with Russia to influence and steal the election from Hillary Clinton? That was their argument and it dragged the country through and never had a bit of evidence for three long years. Four separate investigations proved otherwise, ironically, the only russian interference we didnt find in two thousand, and sixteen was Hillary Clintons, Dirty bought and paid for russian
disinformation dossier and the media mob, and the Democrats harass this president harassed his supporters for four straight years with lies and conspiracy theories, always question the legitimacy of this presidency and now calling for civility and unity. Pretending like none of that ever happening. They never accepted the election results in twenty sixteen, but in seconds Joe Biden won, lets tell the world what a bunch of hypocrites. This is why the mob is so corrupt as an institution, and we will do what we always do. We are going to tell you the truth and get to the bottom of it. Take a look now lets give each other a chance its time to put away the harsh rhetoric. The President Elect, who was committed indeed to uniting this
country thats, become the new american political story was an appeal to the people to bring this country back together. We need unity in this country. President Elect Joe Biden using this his first speech since his victory to try to unify the country. The american people want us to cooperate and thats going to be a tall order in the Washington d dot c. We will see if anybody on the other side of the aisle is willing to try to cooperate. You, the american people, endure this entire b dot s conspiracy, theory campaign against the president for four straight years. While they ignored any story that was bad for Biden and Hillary Clinton. They ignored all of it. The outright supported censorship, the legitimate Biden, family, corruption, scandal, big tech interpreting to Joe Bidens campaign. They wouldnt, even let
you read the story and decide for yourself. They let Joe Biden hide out in his basement bunker without having to answer a single tough question. Biden was in the media, mob, big tech, candidate protection program, the entire campaign, and they all know what happened with Ukraine. They know Joe bragged. They know he got the prosecutor fired, he leverage the billion dollars and Hunter made millions. They know about China. They know about the wire transfer with Russia and the russian oligarch. The mayor of Moscow was first lady. They didnt care, and these are the same people that want to lecture us on political discourse and civility and demands for a free and fair election, and now, all of a sudden, we are supposed to submit to their power without being able to ask a legitimate question as people come forward and say by the way I wasnt allowed to follow the law and observe the vote counting and
how this election was conducted or just supposed to forget their vicious viable attacks over the past four years. Excuse me im. Sorry, thats, not how this is going to work, at least not in this program. During this hour and other hours of friends of ours. Here I wont and cannot. We cannot be intimidated into silence. We are not going to be lectured by the same media frauds and Democrats, the ones that called us chumps irredeemable deplorable sexist racist, smelly, Walmart shoppers we cling to our God, our guns, our constitution, our religion and bibles, while they have been fueling a blind rage every second. Every hour of every day, by the way in case you forgot doubt you did take a look. Is this president, trying to impersonate Hugo Chavez
said today, America, first and not just of racial background to it? That is somebody that clinically you look at and say there is something wrong. There needs to be medicated and hospitalized Donald Trump again, his words have an bold and white supremacists. He has given oxygen to racists, clearly trying to ignite a civil war in this country. Look at his remarks. Hes made racist remarks. We have a treasonous president, whether or not we are talking about trees and are high crimes and misdemeanors. I find genuinely shocking trump is acting like a third world dictator profane angry rambling response was full of revenge, mean spirited poisonous. This is someone in deep psychological distress right now now, where their minds dark, pushing their conspiracy
theories that were proved to be false. For three years on Russia and Ukraine boycott resist impeach attack. I dream an awful lot about blowing up the White House, Madonna said whens the last time, an actor assassinated. A President Johnny Depp said the severed head. Remember that moment was there that outrage and indignation. What about the lies? They told for four years that never accepted the legitimacy of Donald Trump selection thats. What weve all heard since the day? Donald Trump and Melania Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower, but now, when people come out telling stories that they were not allowed to do their job, which is allowed by law, to watch the vote counting, we are not supposed to let them talk. We are supposed to ignore legal poll watchers telling us they were denied any real opportunity to observe accounting. Remember it wasnt just about the president. There are over seventy million of us more than ever in the history of
the Republican Party that voted for the president in this election. They hate us very clear about that for four years, never tried to hide and ill be very frank with all of you im not exactly fond of them either. Now, even amid their ridiculous calls for unity when they were anything but United for four years now, the left is continuing to spew more hate, more rage, anti trump psychosis, as you just heard, Michelle Obama jumping in lets. Remember tens of millions of people voted for the status quo, even when it meant supporting the lies, hate, chaos and division. I guess so much for when they go low. We go high, follow the Eric holder model, kick them, and Jake Tapper Overwritten, fake news and CNN echoing the same sentiment, setting what appeared to be a veiled threat against Trump supporters at a certain point, one has to think about not only about whats best for the nation did CNN do that when they were
lying about Trump and Russia conspiracies. I dont know how any future employers might see your character defined during adversity. We watched your character for four years, wasnt that impressive to me future employers. What does that mean? He want to build a CNN enemies list. Is that what hes talking about? Did you, or did you not ever tweet out support that you like Donald Trump, is that the message so tonight it is perfectly clear Americas, most powerful institutions will do anything and everything they can do to destroy the president and his supporters. They dont care about our votes and they havent cared about four years of this and ask yourself: do you believe for even a second that the mob and the media didnt notice how frail how weak, how often confused and cognitively challenged Joe Biden is? How about that? Do you think they didnt notice,
many of them quietly even confided in me, hes a mess, thats called a media mob candidate protection program and also the very same people telling you that you can trust them and want you to believe that the bizarre counting process that we are seeking, which is legal, taking place in a postelection thats, totally normal, but you know better and im sick of all these people. The fact is we, the american people, should welcome a review of our election process. We should take anybody coming forward in any whistle blower seriously. We should welcome the rule of law because we owe it to the country to ensure every legal vote is counted. Illegal votes, not counted. Election laws are followed. The constitution, we must remind people, allows it. The rule of law demands it and we having gone through this process a little time consuming and difficult and challenging, will be a stronger, better country. Having done this,
in other words, lets let the people tell their stories lets. Let the american people decide if we believe them or not, and lets look at what the law says and let the courts do their constitutional job to adjudicate. But, unfortunately, the evidence is growing that election laws were not followed. For example, whistle blowers are coming forward across multiple states detailing that they were denied meaningful access to do their job, their legal right to monitor the ballot counting Heres, a small sample. You decide official came out with access to a signed document and a few moments later we were asked to leave then in twenty twenty Donna, ten to twelve minutes further away at least one hundred feet away from open ballots that go back and out of our
site. We can see them, we dont know whats happening to them. There is no way for us to meaningfully observe the process process a meaningful view of the vote count. They have continued to count the votes because they are not letting every legal vote count. Lets look at the law, Pennsylvania, partisan observers make observe polling locations and may still until the time counting of votes is complete. That means every vote. At one Erie Pennsylvania, a mail carrier has now in a sworn affidavit that would make them a real whistle blower that he was ordered by supervisors to collect and submit late ballots. Another violation of election law, also Supreme Court case, is actually pending over the extension of the mailing deadline, something that KEN Starr, who will join us later, called a constitutional travesty with Mark Levin yesterday,
he will be here in reaction to all of this. President Trump tweeting Pennsylvania prevented us from watching much of the ballot count and hes right illegal. If it turns out to be true and people are saying, I wasnt allowed in Nevada a sworn affidavit from a whistle blower, a real one and Clark Counties as mail in ballots were filled out on the side of the Biden. Harris Van Nevada G dot, OP has said thousands of criminal referrals over alleged illegal voting and in the state of Michigan Republicans are moving in to investigate software glitch called dominion that actually changed thousands of votes from Trump to Biden they caught it the same software also twitched in Georgia and was used in as many as twenty eight states. According to John Solomon, we need real answers. Why should we as a country be okay? When that happened and shouldnt? We investigated that every American has confidence in
the outcome. Why shouldnt we want every legal avenue pursuit to get to the bottom is not the first time we have had a postelection litigation lets move on in the year. Two thousand Al Gore challenged the results for thirty seven days, didnt concede until December. The same media mob are totally on board. Take a look. We want to make sure all those votes are counted, because at the end of the day we know Al Gore will be president of the United States of America. We have had a single fundamental goal to ensure a complete count of all of the votes cast in Florida. What is at stake is more important than who wins the presidency. What is at stake is the integrity of our democracy. All we are asking for is at the rule of law, be respected and upheld, and that all the votes be counted in a way that is consistent with Florida law. There is very little question that Al Gore won the votes cast in the state of Florida, and the
question is: will he win the.
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