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Hannity: Media lavish praise on Obama's spite-filled DNC speech

2020-08-20 | 🔗
The media mob was so busy praising Obama that they seemed to forget about last night's keynote speaker Kamala Harris.
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We will get his take on what I see as the worst info merial on the face of the earth, the grand finale of the Democratic National Convention and tonight the forgetful Corrupt, Joe Biden, will at a up way past his bed time. I hope he got a nap. We will hear from his son zero experience Hunter Biden who raked in millions in sketchy deals the Bank of China and Quid pro quo fire, the prosecutor wow. They did it remember all of that millions from a pro Kremlin giant, because his father was vice president and he even admitted that
thats, where Joe used your tax dollars thats the quid pro quo. This will be omitted from the media mobs coverage as they did during the impeachment double standard. The press is full of hypocrites and they are liars. They are state rundown, newsroom, controlled by an anti trump rage induced psychosis last night, the mob they loved former president Obamas spite filled remarks. They go high, no four short years. He went from hope and change to hatred and rage instead of lifting up his former vice president, he tried to tear down President Trump Obama barely mentioned Joe. We should not be surprised until Obama waited until the last
possible second to endorse Joe in twenty sixteen. He was supporting Hillary Clinton over his own. Vice President Obama sharing fears. Dont underestimate Joes ability to F this up per usual, the media mob and state television fawned over all things Obama, you might say they all had a thrill running up and down their leg. Take a look. I think his speech was important. I think it was one of the most important speeches I have heard him give the delivery was powerful. A history shaking speed by President Obama, Barack Obama tonight, was towering. He was large. He was a states man. President Obamas speech, slayed me.
I am sure people will have different opinions about because it was different from him. His warnings that we could be at the end of american democracy. Scared me this might have been the most powerful address he ever gave. I felt like I was in the back yard in a barbecue and he was walking through what is at stake. We are warning the same thing if their new green deal and no oil and gas and blasting your taxes through the roof by trillions. The media mob forgot about last nights. Key note, Speaker the one that Michelle Obama never ninjased, never mentioned, Kamala Harris an awkward moments and attacking the people
not telling the american people what they would do. Donald Trump lives in their head. I took on the biggest banks and helped take down one of the biggest for profit colleges. I know a predator when I see one this virus, it has no eyes, and yet it knows exactly how we see each other and how we treat each other and lets be clear. There is no vaccine for racism. Wait a second. She knows a predator when she sees one. She said he believed Bidens, accusers Tara, Reid, who claimed Joe Biden
sexually assaulted. Her telling Fox NEWS that the Dnc is gaslighting the survivors. What about Bill Clinton? Where are the I believers outraged? He is still a prominent figure in the Democratic Party Kamala Harris didnt just accuse Joe Biden of sexual misconduct, but suggested he was a racist slamming his work. Robert Kennedy Bird is the one that filibustered the Voting Rights ACT and thirteen years later, Biden worked with bird to stop school Interigration Biden didnt want his children growing up in a racial jungle and opposed it. During one democratic debate, Harris skewered Biden telling
him she was one of those little girls who went it integrated schools because of bussing to celebrate her viral. Take down of Biden. The Harris campaign created a t shirt. This was spotlighted during last nights convention. Pretty weird, you would think the Dnc would want to hide the moment when Bidens running mate accused him of being a racist. The democratic party is so obsessed with identity politics they cant keep track of. Who is calling whom a racist, its confusing to be a liberal democrat. You know you hate Donald Trump, two separate Dnc caucus meetings. The pledge of allegiance was altered to omit the words one nation under God, its no secret Joe Biden
supports the insane new green deal and pledging taxpayer dollars. For that madness. They want to get rid of all fossile fuels and ban all fracking. If Biden gets his way, millions of high paying jobs, Pennsylvania and Ohio, Colorado, Texas and New Mexico West Virginia millions of high paying career jobs will vanish, Americans will suffer and Russia and China will become more powerful. Joe Biden has been in the swamp. Fifty plus years Biden has done nothing to protect american jobs from going overseas. Those jobs aint coming back Donald Trump brought them back today, President Trump traveled to Pennsylvania, where he highlighted Joes decades of failure in his hometown.
Take a look. So tonight we have slow, Joe will speak at the Democratic National convention. I am sure he will knock them dead. He will remind us he was born in Scranton, but he left like seventy years ago, but he spent the last half century in Washington selling out our country and ripping off our jobs and letting other countries steal our jobs. Hes been there. Forty seven years and now hes going to make a change. I dont think so, with the wall between the american Dream and total insanity and the destruction of the great country in the history.
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