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Hannity: Media 'totally, completely' ignoring election fraud claims

2020-12-02 | 🔗
Sean Hannity blasts mainstream media for overlooking whistleblower accounts alleging election wrongdoing
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That former bar owner was arrested for refusing to close his pub during the pandemic. First, unlike the media mob, unlike big tech companies, we dont censor the president on this show. We never will they didnt that Obama in the mob. No, if they didnt do anything, are they protected him? They lied about Russia, they advanced conspiracy theories, weve gotten all of it right. We dug deep for three years: weve been exposing biotin family financial corruption, since two thousand and eighteen, when secret empires book came out the mob covered it up all through the election and beyond, we vetted Obama, they helped him hide. They now ignore real whistle blowers. I thought they loved them it. They celebrated one anonymous hearsay, whistle blower. As a great courageous patriot, we got to praise and admire and protect all of these
whistle blowers that, under the penalty of perjury, have signed legal affidavits and they dont want to talk about that or cover them. We will tonight exclusively coming up on this show we start with the president of the United States. Donald Trump, who has an important message about Novembers election, may be the most important speech lets go to part of that speech. We used to have what was called election day it. Now we have election days weeks and months. It lots of bad things happened during this ridiculous period of time, especially when you have to prove almost to nothing to exercise our greatest privilege the right to vote. As president, I have no higher duty than to defend the laws of the constitution of the United States. That is why I am determined to protect our election system, which is now under coordinated assault and siege it for months leading up to the presidential election, we were
warned that we should not declare a premature victory. We were told repeatedly that it would take weeks, if not months, to determine the winner it to count the absentee ballots and to verify the results. My opponent was told to stay away from the election it dont campaign we dont need you weve got it. If this election is done, in fact they were acting like they already knew what the outcome was going to be. They had it covered and perhaps they did very sadly for our country. It was all very, very sad. We will all post this on hannity dot com. Do we remain independent? We are not going to follow the mob. We never have. We never will. The president is right. We have a duty to investigate every legitimate claim of fraud and abuse. Every American should be shocked by what we heard to the core from witness. After witness these past few days,
member Kayleigh Mcenany came on every night since election night, showing you piles of papers if they are called to legal affidavits under the penalty of injury, but thats actually called evidence in a trip in a murder trial. You have an eyewitness if thats called evidence at that testimony can bettering a guilty verdict coming up. We will bring you more allegations from credible, whistle blowers. Who will join us have come forward to share their first hand accounts? Well, let you decide to include several poll watchers, pretty spectacular and scary stories. Also tonight, just moments ago, we heard even more compelling testimony from the state of Michigan, starting with these remarks from the Trump campaign attorney. Rudy Giuliani will also join us tonight. To take a look everything im saying to you: these are the words of other people. In your case, in the state of Michigan people who are citizens of your state who observed fraud, I must say, observed fraud on
what I would consider. I would also consider myself an expert on prosecuting fraud. I would consider a massive amount of evidence. They allege massive cheating, particularly on the part of the Democratic Party of Detroit. The mayors claims several eyewitnesses whistle blowers coming forward and sharing alarming accounts of these irregularities in the state of Michigan, including this poll worker from Detroit to take a look. Basically, what they are doing is editing all of these ballots, so they can count the ballots thats, what I thought, but they were not following procedure. They were also backdating the supervisor you originally had when you first were there. Did you observe her coaching voters to vote for biotin on the voters to vote for biotin on the
democratic ticket? Yes, when im entering the ballot on November, 2nd, which date should I initial on the ballot number four through number six, I couldnt do it. How would you describe how they treated you and how you reacted to it? It is if they me like a criminal. They harassed me so intimidating I mean I just I could it was so bad hundreds of people signing legal affidavits. Ask yourself: did that womans testimony? Do you find it compelling? I did
it defined her credible, I find are credible. Do you find her believable? I find her believe global hundreds of them by the way they are not hearsay, whistle blowers like the ones the Democrats were praising during the ukrainian impeachment hoax, that was literally a hearsay, whistle, blower, courageous and brave and patriotic should be protected. During that witch Hunt, Democrats the Baba, the media, they demanded. We honor that bravery that courage all of the hearsay opinion whistle blowers. Take that one claim that anonymous person very seriously. You might remember this whistle blower, who I want to say, is a patriot, because what he did was, he said, listen. I saw something during my time right. I have a responsibility to inform and im going to follow the proper channels. First lets applaud them for their patriotism.
The president of the United States was also the commander in chief. He smeared them. They still had the courage to come forward and let the american people know what really happened. I would like to say to these whistle blowers and potential whistle blowers. You are the patriots where the ones who care about this country. We are not going to disparage this whistle blower. If this person has been deemed audible and a patriot by the inspector general appeared, I would like to think that whistle blower for their courage, phony, feigned hypocrisy on all levels. That is now to be expected. A flash forward to today. We have hundreds of real whistle blowers, hundreds by the way with first hand, evidence many signing sworn affidavits all putting their names reputations on the line. If they are willing to bravely come forward at the media mob come at the Democrats. They want no part of
them. They wont even aerate now doesnt benefit them politically. Is that the only reason just like Hillarys dirty russian dossier didnt benefit them just like the premeditated fraud on the Pfizer court? Didnt impact their candidate for president, just like a real quid pro quo with Joe and zero experience Hunter encryption and Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, it totally completely ignoring what are very serious allegations of election fraud and abuse its not just Michigan its Nevada. We are now told that the fifteen opposed witnesses will be coming forward with their allegations in the next day, including claims over one hundred and thirty thousand votes in that state were counted. Weekly. For example, one whistle blower lemming that over forty thousand people voted twice at twenty. Three thousand ballots were mailed to out of state voters,
but thats illegal at forty four thousand ballots cast from nonresidential addresses all voting from beyond the grave it tomorrow that will be televised detailing these accusations. We will have all of the details here. We stay independent. If this comes as a brand new legal challenge, they are tainted with issues keep in mind. The registrar in Clark, county reported hundreds of ballot discrepancies, including inadvertently, canceling votes, instances of people voting twice, separated by 12 foot votes from republican sleeting hanging in the balance they magically found fifty five more uncounted balance. They just found them today if they were likely from unlikely Kayleigh, Mcenany reporting, Kayleigh Mcenany reporting
last night, the ballots acceptance rate look at this male and ballots was twenty seven times greater. Then it was in twenty sixteen twenty seven times they didnt use the same standards, Senator TED Cruz, pushing rightly for the: U Dot S Supreme Court decision to get involved in another aspect of the constitution as it relates to mail in ballot in Pennsylvania, but he has a good point. He points out Democrats in Pennsylvania, unilaterally, unconstitutionally changed state election laws that are contradicting the constitution of Pennsylvania to benefit biotin that would include Pennsylvanias reliance on male and ballots, some of which were counted way beyond the state deadline. This appeal argues: Pennsylvania, cannot change the rules in the middle of the game and dont forget before becoming: u dot S. Senator TED Cruz excessively
brought cases before the? U DOT S Supreme Court, that is a serious case. Breaking moments. Go Republican, lawmakers in Pennsylvania, called on the states governor there to convene a special emergency session of the General Assembly focused on election oversight and integrity. We will always continue to bring you these instances of irregularities. We will remain independent. We answer only to the truth. If we follow only the evidence, only the facts, the good, the bad, the ugly. Quite frankly, the way this election was conducted in multiple states was beyond ugly, its corrupt. It shouldnt take weeks and weeks to count and finds ballots. We cant have batches of uncounted ballots, showing up here there and everywhere we shouldnt be using voting machines. That Democrats, the media and Republicans all criticize we shouldnt rely on widespread mail in ballots. We shouldnt have elections in perpetuity. We should look at the Baker report. After the 2000s debacle,
even the New York Times, they all said, yeah the greater odds of voter fraud. There seems pretty obvious partisan election observers are able to watch the vote, counting.
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