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Hannity: Obama politicizes John Lewis' funeral

2020-07-30 | 🔗
Former President Obama used John Lewis' funeral to deliver a divisive, politically charged, mean-spirited stump speech.
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Denying the mark Levin will be here with LEO Terrel Larry elder much more, but first return to Atlanta with civil rights leader Congressman John Lewis was laid to rest earlier today. Now I lived in Atlanta for years. Wonderful years actually and often disagreed and got to know many of these brave, courageous civil rights leader among them. John Lewis disagreed politically, but I admire the courage he had during the civil rights movement, marching on the front lines in Mississippi Selma Alabama. He was severely injured, marching across the Admin Pettus Bridge and his skull was fractured, but because of his bravery, his persistence, along with the determination of nonviolent other civil rights leaders, guess what they made real change to help us become a more perfect union appear. It made the country a better place for all Americans. It did help make America more
perfect his work, but we have a long way to go of course, led to the historic one thousand. Nine hundred and sixty four civil rights act. Sixty five voting Rights ACT, which was filibustered by the person that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schubert Schumer Bill and Hillary Clinton described as a mentor, Robert KKK Bird and ironic, considering obamas comments which we will get to so it was particularly troubling when Barack Obama used John Lewis Funeral to deliver what was a divisive politically charged and frankly, at times mean spirited speech filled with statements, not based in truth or reality lets watch. George Wallace may be gone, but we can witness our federal government sending agents to use tear gas in the crime against peaceful demonstrators
by those in power who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting by closing polling locations and targeting minorities and restricted. I dot d laws and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision, even undermining the postal service in the run up to an election that is going to be depend on mail in ballots, so people dont get sick and if all this takes is to dominate the filibuster, another Jim Crow relic in order to secure the God given rights of every American, then that is what we should do. Speed to Barack Obama politicizing a funeral remember Democrats did the same thing in two thousand and two during the memorial service for Senator Paul Wellstone. They turned a sovereign event into a massive political rally. Frankly, it discussed it everyone that tendon
today we saw the very same thing from a very similar with Barack Obama in an effort to trash president Trump and his supporters, Obama said many things that are simply factually inaccurate and not true, and by the way I told you- and I tell you every two years, every four years democratic Party, the playbook, remains the same. They divide America over rich versus young old versus young and play the race card, racist, sexist misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic and dirty air water, and they want to throw Graham out over a cliff in a wheelchair lets, break it down. Come Obama comparing Trump to George Wallace and accusing law enforcement officers of using tearful gas and batons on peaceful protesters. Now is this the so called peaceful protesters? That Obama is talking about. The video that you are now seeing is taken from an angle from the federal officers in Portland. We are trying to stop the
federal courthouse from being burned to the ground. In fact, these officers only came outside one AP, reporter embedded confirmed all of this. The federal building in that building came under attack. So far, fifty nine officers have been injured, trying to defend the courthouse and those inside of there have been hit with bricks. Frozen water bottles sticks molotov cocktails, fireworks three officers likely permanently blinded by the so called peaceful protesters. Barack come up with high powered lasers. The house remains intact, but firebombed on multiple occasions, covered with graffiti. Is that peaceful, Barack and vandalized night after night after night? Is this Mysql home the peaceful like the peaceful protest to you? Is it to you? Come up Barack Obama? Do you think we are that stupid, sad, pathetic tactics and red brick adored today,
recently, Portland police recovered several large clips, Mullah told cocktails and a bag near the riots, and, of course this is not the first time that Obama has wrongly vilified. The police lets not forget. Ferguson lets not forget. Baltimore lets not forget Cambridge and other high profile incidents. Breaking today, after the reopening of the case the prosecutors had in Ferguson Missouri, they decided once again to not charge former officer Darrell Wilson with any crimes. Remember multiple eyewitnesses, many minorities confirmed act his story completely. What we are witnessing today in another attempt by Democrats to divide America as they do in a two and four years, along the lines that I just mentioned, and according to Barack Obama, those in power who might he be talking about targeting minorities by attacking voting rights with surgical precision, sound familiar? It should
because we hear this garbage every two and four years, which brings us to a very important hannity history tonight, every single election. It is the same rhetoric from Democrats, old versus young, rich versus poor black versus white, for example. One thousand nine hundred and ninety eight one radio ad Missouri, claiming that black churches crosses will burn. If republicans are elected, listen for yourself! If you dont vote you let another church explode. When you dont vote, you allow another cross to burn to burn. Remember the two thousand ad tv ad, accusing George W Bush of well its like my father, was killed all over again in the case of the terrible evil dragging death of a man named James Byrd because he didnt support a crime legislation. Bush did, however, support the
death penalty for those involved in the horrific death of James Byrd. Oh, that adds a lot of context. Doesnt, it take a look one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight in Texas, my father was killed. He was beaten and dragged three miles to his death, all because he was black. So when the offender George W Bush, refused to call it a hate crime and legislation, it was like my father was killed all over again, we cant forget the many times how Al Gore changed and remember. He gave speech before predominately american speeches and changed his tone pitch cadence. You know Republicans have the wrong agenda for African Americans. I dont even want to count you in the senses. He once said, take a look. He was the leader of the Republican Party and this Congress are doing in blocking and accurate senses because they dont want to count everyone that they dont think they can
count on. They are in favor of affirmative action. If you can dunk a basketball or sink a three point shot, but they are not in favor of it. If you merely have the potential to be a leader in your community and bring people together, dont tell me: weve got a color blind society. Hillary Clinton also changing her tone during multiple speeches before predominately african american audiences. I aint tired. You might remember this. I dont feel no ways tired. I have come too far from where I started from. Nobody told me that the road would be easy. Then there is Biden, two thousand and twelve, telling a crowd in Virginia. The Republicans will put you all back and chains. Take a look. You can let the big banks once again write their own rules, rules
Unchained Wall Street. They are going to put yall back in chains. John Mccain was accused of being a racist met, Ronnie of Race meet racism and everyone for major office to climb a four years. Misogynist T whole list goes on and the list on and on, but as you can see nothing new to the Democrats. In reality it was president Trump not Barack and not Joe, who actually got real results for every demographic group in the country. As a matter of fact, the most disproportionately hurt by Biden, Slash Obama policies were minorities in America it was Donald Trump, not Barack, not Joe, that assured record low after record low after record low unemployment for African Americans, Hispanic, Americans, Asian Americans, women and the youth place to youth and employment african American youth of employment. President Trump increased funding,
longest term commitment was the largest amount of money to historically black colleges. President Trump developed opportunities results President Trump Past criminal, justice reform and prison reform and police reform, not Barack, and not Joe. Today you heard Obama say the filibuster was a relic of the Jim Crow era. The only relic we should be concerned about is obamas former vice president, because, while Barack is comparing his political adversaries to bigots and racist Joe Biden, the leader, the presidential candidate, this year, Joe Biden, works hand in hand with segregationist to slow immigration. Nbc news shall we, he led the charge on an issue that kept black students away from the classrooms of white students. One thousand nine hundred and seventy seven Joe worried that his children would grow up in a racial jungle. Bidens words
lets not forget for decades Biden, repair, the former clan leader, KKK Larry Bird, the dean of the? U DOT s senate from a close friend, a mentor by the way Byrd was also praised by Pelosi and by Schumer and by Bill and Hillary Clinton and bird by the way, with Al Gore SR and others. Well, they filibuster the nineteen sixty four civil rights ACT for people like John Lewis. They accomplished which, by the way, was historic in every way imaginable praising the guy that filibustered. All of that which was ultimately passed. Why Lyndon Johnson got overwhelming support from republican senators? Eighty percent in the Senate in the house, by the way, why did Democrats constantly get a pass for their disgusting history of racism? Sadly, by the way we talk about the Democrats and George Wallace, and so many others we are
talking about Democrats and many on the left by the way, still getting a free pass. African american Trump supporters are constantly demeaned, minimized and called every name in the book simply because of their race and their political beliefs. We saw another example of this on Ms Dnc. All things, propaganda state run Democratic Party, radical socialist network. Take a look: are you a campaign surrogate? Let me be clear: you get paid to shake a liberal narrative. You get paid to attack the president. I dont get a dime from the President. I dont get a dime from the campaign ad. You only asked me that, because its not your narrative, I dont want anything from this president, its what I can do for my country. You need to accept that me and other african Americans and other support this president, because of his policies to insult me to say: am I getting paid?
That is racist, kaboom, checkmate, wow, the conduct and behavior of the left is truly reprehensible. We saw it today when some are almost giddy, that our dear friend and he was a dear friend, a smile infectious laugh, my love Herman Cain, who died from coronavirus. We will have a special message and remembering Herman Cain and his groundbreaking life in a few moments, but first lets address the shameful behavior from the mob and media surrounding his death. Summing up his amazing life as a man who refused to wear a mask big NEWS, CNN and a Navarro tweeting Herman Cain thought Covid was a hoax and stopped wearing a max and died of Covid msdnc host blaming Trump for his death. What we see is beyond disrespectful and tasteless shameful and by the way did they know anything about Herman Cain. His health condition anything about it at all,
or are they just using it as a political weapon? On the day he dies by the way, psychosis, hatred, its madness and the mob hates.
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