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Hannity: Police are under attack in America

2020-09-14 | 🔗
For months, Democrats fanned the flames of this destructive rage.
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Our prayers are with the two officers fighting for their lives. Police in this country are under attack. Cities are war zones, two thousand cops have been lit on fired and pelted bricks and rocks and stabbed and shot and run over. So far this year, forty five police officers have been murdered in the line of Constituty thirty three shot. Nine were victims of assault and one beaten to death. Eight were the victims of an ambush more months. Democrats have done nothing but fan the flames of this destructive rage and denied its happening. We warned liberal Democrats. This rhetoric is dangerous and would not end well the Dnc convention. They barely mentioned the violence. Instead, Democrats across the country were arm in arm with the
effort to defund the police department. They prevented local officers from using non violent tactics to disperse crowds like tear gas and pepper spray. They alreadied law enforcement to stand down as buildings were torched and police precincts taken over they joined so called protests that vilify police Biden said police have become the enemy. He would redirect funds away from law enforcement. Kamala Harris. Are you proud of yourself tonight? You cheered the idiotic mayor of LOS cheered, the idiotic mayor of LOS Angeles, when mayor cut, 150 million dollars from the police fund, Kamala Harris and Joe look at their manifesto. They want to go to the madness
in New York, Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez called for all police funding to be stripped. Here is some of the worst rhetoric. From top Democrats. They have some answering after all of this today military equipment for law enforcement. They dont need that. The last thing you need is an armored humvee coming into a neighborhood. They are supposed to be protecting these people. We can redirect some of the funding. Yes, absolutely shouting. We get rid of that cancer. We have confused the idea to achieve safety. You put more cops on the street. The rhetoric is unacceptable. This is a war on police and a war on innocent towns and sees across the country. This rhetoric needs to stop those that use it need to be held accountable.
There were no supportive comments from police from any top democrats for month only when it showed up in the polls. Oh maybe we will talk about it. When years were police were vilified, you would be hard pressed to find a single Democrat defending the police shouting pigs in a blanket frying, like bacon frying, like bacon, shouting inaudible shouting. What do we want dead cops now, thatS Blm police are facing demonization from the left and facing a wave
of violent crime in all of Americas. Democrat states for eight long years, Biden and Obama saiding in said nothing, four thousand homicides in Obamas hometown of Chicago. They didnt lift a finger to help the people in Chicago.
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