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Hannity: Powerful forces have united to take down President Trump

2020-10-16 | 🔗
Sean Hannity revisits Thursday night's NBC News town hall, featuring Savannah Guthrie debating the president
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Last nights, town Hall went totally viral. We will introduce you to her tonight, but first, the media mobs abusively biased anti Trump bias, has never been more obvious. What we saw last night, nothing short of a national disgrace on ABC Joe Biden, hardly ever challenged by George Stephanopoulos. Of course he was a Clinton apologist and he was allowed to give long winded answers that at times were even incomprehensible, incomprehensible, almost never interrupted. He fielded questions from a very supportive audience that included a former Obama administration speechwriter. You cant make this up and the wife of a democratic politician. Naturally, certain sensitive topics were never discussed in ninety minutes. For example, Biden was never asked a single question about the millions and millions and millions that his zero experience Hunter made in his life and the corruption charges
that are now plaguing his campaign. In the final days and not a single question, he was never asked about the Johnson Grassley Senate report, which details has zero experience. Hunter was wired millions of dollars from a russian oligarch ukrainian Oligarch, cosmic oligarch and members of Chinas Communist Party. When Chinas Communist Party, when Joe Biden was vice president capitalizing off that position, he was never asked about his prior dishonest denials about having any knowledge about zero experience, Hunter and the illicit business deals. He was never asked about any of this. All of these questions are barely off the table. Meanwhile, over there at NBC, nothing was off the table. Savannah Guthrie determined to impress her friends in the media elite. She spent the first ten minutes talking about masks and then immediately transitioning to belting questions at the president. Once again, will you condemn white supremacy as if hes never
done it twenty five times and other far left smears that have been asked again and again and again, Frank Luntz? At one point, she was interrupting the president on average, every twelve seconds, and, despite being billed as a town hall with voters, she didnt allow a single question from the audience until twenty minutes in, in fact, according to the transcript Guthrie bombarded President Trump with forty three questions. While audience, members were only allowed ten and thats, not a town hall that is called Bana Guthrie debating the president. By the way, she was more than happy to play the role of a Biden campaign, surrogate and special pleader for Joe Biden. Dont take my word for it. Just compare guthries questions to trump to Stephanopoulos questions to Biden. Take a listen! You were asked point blank to denounce white supremacy. In the moment you didnt, you asked some follow up questions who, specifically a couple of days later on a
different show. You denounced white supremacy. My question to you is: why does it seem like id announced white supremacy? Okay, Robert Mueller laid out a lot of evidence possible obstruction of evidence by Donald Trump Eared. What would a Biden Department of Justice do with do without evidence? The question is on behalf of Otis. Who do you owe twenty one dollars million to more cops clearly mean less crime. Do you still believe that, yes, you are not like someones crazy uncle who just retweeted whatever that was retweeted. Mr vice president, if you lose what will that say about America today, America today, Qanon is nuts and real leaders call conspiracy theories, conspiracy theories, why not just say its crazy and not true? He may be right, I just dont know about Q went on you do now. No, I dont do you expect that debate to happen
to demand he take a test and it be negative before you debate. No, how does Savannah Guthrie no weather the president knows what Qanon is or not? I had five people try to explain it to me, and I was like huh makes no sense. No fairness, no impartiality, no fidelity to the truth. He learned that with the Russia, Russia, Russia lies zero, corrupt enterprise, more dishonest than ever and frankly, nothing more than a extension of the Biden campaign. Propaganda office. That is all Guthrie, did last night today. President Trump had this to say about last nights, so called town hall that never became a town hall. Joe Biden is a disaster I will say: did you see last night? Did you see the easy questions? Did you watch that whole deal?
Did you see him? A week ago with Lester Holt of NBC come on Joe come on? Can we help you with the answer, Joe its a disgrace, and you saw what I got last night right, but its okay disappeared. Nobody can find her shes, not too popular right now, but we enjoy her. We enjoyed it. This is now the norm. Savannah Georgia, the liberal friends in the media mob, did not want Donald Trump to win. They are not fair arbiters, not doing their job. They are not journalists, they have an agenda and at this point, theyre not even trying to hide it. These are corrupt people. Journalism, as I said in two thousand and seven is dead. They have a clear and unbridled socialist agenda, theyre, doing everything in their power to destroy Donald Trump and protect the
weak and the fail and the cognitively struggling Joe Biden. This is who they are. This is what they do when you add to that massive social media giants and the corrupt media. They are now the biggest campaign donors to all things: democratic, socialist and Joe Biden. We, the american people, we do deserve better democratic party. Ninety nine percent media mob. Ninety nine percent social media giants. Ninety nine percent, theyve. All united to take down president trump- they dont only hate him by the way they hate. We, the smelly, Walmart shoppers that voted to support him. These are very powerful institutional forces aligned against the president. Earlier today, Hannity election correspondent Lawrence Jones asked Trump supporters at the presidents rally in Florida about this lady latest example, o
blatant media bias. Did you get a chance to see the NBC event last night? Yes, I did. How do you think the president did for the most part? I think he did very well much better than the debate was he treated fairly? No NBC did a town hall with the president. Yesterday, how did the president do he held his cool really? Well, I thought the host was extremely rude, communicated the message he tried to, but she kept cutting him off every time. He would start talking. She will cut him off. She didnt show any respect for the President of the United States at all, do believe the President got.
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