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Hannity: President Trump takes action as Democratic mayors watch their cities crumble

2020-07-22 | 🔗
Every child in every neighborhood in America deserves to be safe; you can't climb the ladder of opportunity without safety and security.
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Joe, it is time we give America a history lesson about you that is coming tonight, but first we start with the carnage in Chicago CHAOS, important violent crime, surging in every major city in America, democratic mayors, democratic governors. They have failed in the most basic duties, and that is the most basic responsibility to maintain law and order. They have failed him. People are dying and being shot as a result. They have failed to keep their neighborhood safe. They have failed to prevent violent crime and, as a result, men, women and children are dying. Our fellow Americans are dying. The mayors are literally twiddling their thumbs and playing politics vowing to arrest any federal law enforcement agent that are sent to the city. President Trump is taking action. Today in a major press conference, he announced the expansion of what is called operation legend. That is a federal program. It started in Kansas City and
was named after a 4 year old boy who was killed by gunfire while asleep in his own bed and now more than one hundred federal officers to Chicago thirty, five to Albuquerque without any problem. In order to help take violent criminals off of the streets, the mayors arent doing it and the governors are not doing it. Listen to the President speak with the citizens of Chicago are citizens of America and they have the same right as other American to live. Instant safety, dignity and peac. No mother should ever have to cradle her dead child in her arms, because politicians refused to do what is necessary to secure their neighborhood and to secure their city every American, no matter their income race or their zip code should be able to walk the city streets, free from violence and free from fear. For this reason today, I am announcing the Department of Justice will immediately search federal law enforcement to the city of Chicago City of Chicago,
the FBI, ATF Dea. U Dot S, marshals, service and homeland security will together, be sending hundreds of skilled law enforcement officers to Chicago to help drive down violent crime. Safety security is the foundation for our great american dream. Every child neighborhood city deserves to be safe. You cant climb the ladder of opportunity without security and safety. This president, committed to making serious progress all over the country lets go back to his conference earlier today. My vision for american cities could not be more different from the lawlessness being pushed by the extreme radical left, while others want to defund defame and abolish the police. I want to support and honor our great police. We want to build factories in Baltimore, not Beijing. We want to make our products in
Chicago, not Shanghai. We want the american dream for american children and I will fight to deliver that dream. Every ounce, every single ounce of my strength, I will be fighting, but opportunity cannot thrive whether violence prosperity cannot flourish where there is bloodshed and security cannot exist where there are violent criminals who are able to maim and murder with impunity. That is what operation legend is all about. Operation legend is a beginning, greatly needed in all of these cities. One hundred agents cannot save and protect the cities they cant, they can protect federal property and they can help with investigations and they can get to underlying groups that are implementing this violence, but unless and until these reckless irresponsible democratic mayors and governors do their job and slash or allow the help they are being offered, they are allowing
innocent people to die. That is all on them. New York, Chicago Philly Baltimore, you name the city, Seattle Portland. It is all on them, especially true in Chicago shootings up forty seven percent over last year, homicides up by a whopping fifty one percent. Seventy shot last weekend, sixty three the weekend before and even children dying every single week. The violence reaches catastrophic levels. By the way. Last night we reported on that horrific mass shooting in the south side of Chicago fifteen people seriously wounded outside of a funeral home in what appears to be a gun. Related incident appeared at least sixty shell casings, recovered from the scene caught on camera by nearby surveillance system. Take a look, look,
look gunshots, screaming mayor Lightweight, isnt, doing anything to protect her city moments later two witnesses in a war zone, as the president has been calling this and applauded the presidents plan. Please help us, please send in the mayor and the governor wont. Let him do that. Take a look. We wish it would stop and the need to go to federal troops in Chicago because of the violence and really it is the same as pandora.
So we need more callouts federal troops because really its a war as this devastating scene unfolding. Sadly, Chicagos mayor, Lori Lightfoot, who is a lightweight in terms of protecting people busy on Twitter? What was she doing? Bashing? President trump? Under no circumstances will I allow Donald trumps troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents. She clearly hates the president more than she cares about innocent men, women and children in her city. He didnt do anything either Barack Obamas President barely mentioned Chicago one thousand shot and Biden did nothing at that point. What will these liberal mayors and governors when do we hold them accountable for not protecting innocent people? People shot every week in Chicago and a lot of the cities,
six small children killed in July alone. Last night from a 3 year, old little girl was shot in the head, but the mayor is worried about troops terrorizing her city really. No. What has she done to stop the violence? What has she done to save lives? Lightfoot, who is a lightweight on protecting citizens, seems more worried about politics than the men, women and children that she is supposed to protect and serve. It is a national disgrace. She is not the only Democrat putting politics before human life. In Portland, we see the same thing. Democrats there, the federal agents. We tried to protect federal buildings from being burned to the ground, that is, they are right and their child Portlands mayor calling the federal officers they are. The officer is not the anarchist or the people causing the violence, calling the officers on American Oregons stupid governor, quoting an insane conspiracy theory that
they were objecting people Pelosi get this: comparing agents, law enforcement agents to put their lives on the line to protect and serve stormtroopers Congressman Clyburn. The leadership in the Democratic Party report referring them to Gestapo. Meanwhile confused Joe Biden, has not said a single positive word about law enforcement. The 99th since running for president. He accused federal agents of brutally attacking peaceful protesters. We have also heard him say: police have become the enemy and he supports the defund effort or, as he calls it, we will reallocate sources he likes outward better lets be clear. Anarchist vandals have been writing nearly two straight months in downtown Portland. They bombed the federal courthouse twice they possibly come a permanently. Blinded federal officers with lasers. Dozens of buildings have been vandalized little blaze.
This is a shutdown people dont feel safe. These are not peaceful protests. Joe, and this is a small example of law enforcement is facing. Law enforcement is facing. Take a look. Chanting lets go home, wait till you see on the ground him Portland, as we speak more than fifty straight days of violent demonstrations in the city downtown juristic. According to Biden, federal law enforcement, is the real enemy see what is happening. Biden doesnt have a plan to stop violence. Make America cities safer to protect innocent people, so they just trash Donald Trump. Now to the 1 of the old Democratic Party, favorite tactics, he is now playing the race card. I pointed out and ive done this history, so many times come every two years for years like Clockw
Republicans, they are racist missiles and they want dirty air water. They want grandma and grandpa to eat. Dog food, cat, food, Paul Ryan or Republican Trump look alike, throws granny over a cliff in a wheelchair today, Biden accusing Trump, the president of being the first racist president in history, get ready for Hannity history. Real lesson in a second racist have existed and tried to get elected, but he is the first one that has and the way he pits people against one another. It divides the country that you all back in chains right now. It is time for a Kennedy. History lesson forget the fact that Democrats have accused every Republican of being racist, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight radio in Missouri the two thousand James Bird Ad Al Gore Republican. We dont want to count you in those sentences. They will put you back in chains. Pure lets, go over the facts, Joe Bidens history.
It was Donald Trump, not Joe, and not Barack, who passed criminal, justice reform and prison reform. It was Donald Trump, it wasnt Joe, and it was not Barack who signed off on police reform. It was Donald Trump, also doing opportunity zones targeting mostly minority neighborhoods, to help well build the economies in neighborhoods that have been left behind by Joe and Brock. It was president Trump, not Joe, not Barack, who ushered in record low after record low after record low unemployment for African Americans, hispanic Americans Asian Americans come up women into workplace african american Youth Unemployment, Joe and Barack, thirteen million more food stamps from eight million poverty and those since the 70s had a fifty one year, low in homeownership rate, the worst recovery since the 40s. That is there eight years of failure
by the way three years and President Trump is done more for minorities in this country than Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer did in one hundred and twenty five years watch this you look at employment. You look at opportunity, zones and most important link. You look at criminal justice reform. You look at prison reform, ive done things that nobody else, and I say this and I say openly and im not allowing people to dispute it. Ive done more for black Americans than anybody with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln. Nobody has even been close. The media mob, the biggest contributor to the Biden campaign in all things, radical extreme democratic socialist, will never tell you that. So you need to ask yourself the question what was Biden doing during his fifty plus year career in the swamp for African Americans, where the minorities here is where it gets. Interesting.
All tell all your democratic friends, we know he was close so highly of the former Klansman Robert KKK Byrd, former clan leader, the close friend of mine and a mentor that man filibustered the Civil Rights ACT of one thousand nine hundred and sixty four Lyndon Johnson needed. Eighty percent of Republicans in the House and Senate to get past and most Democrats are opposing it. During a speech, Joe Biden, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three praised Democrats in a two party system in the south that is called well im, a good for that I wont use. The word appeared around the same time. Biden was working with the segregationists. He didnt want immigration and, according to NBC News, he led the charge on an initiative to keep black students away from the black students away from white students. That is his record. Seventy seven Biden worried his children. His children would grow up in a racial jungle
if immigration is not done in an orderly way, whatever the hell. That means one thousand nine hundred and ninety three referred to inner city youth as predators on our streets, as he coauthored the most aggressive crime bill that ramped up prison sentences for crimes targeting in the end minority Americans in two thousand and six telling a crowd. Well, you have to have a slight indian accent to work out at 7, eleven or Dunkin Donuts im not kidding two thousand and six a state, two thousand and seven. He said this about Barack Obama: the first okay, the first mainstream african American who is articulate bright, clean that story, but from a man wow last year he said for kids could be just as bright as white kids, and recently you aint black. If you dont support Donald Trump Joe decides that Joe Biden shouldnt, throw stones
from that glass house that mob in the media will never tell you better yet stop saying racist things altogether, Joe take a look in the mirror. When is anybody in the mob and the media going to ask him about any of these things? That is the truth. That is they history by the way actually knows if Joe Biden can even form a answer.
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