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Hannity: The biggest choice election in modern American history

2020-07-14 | 🔗
If Joe Biden wins and implements his extreme agenda, America as we know it will be destroyed.
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You never know that will scare people everyone elses, welcome to Hannity a lot of news, big new promising developments from Americas, search for a coronavirus vaccine just had a talk with a very prominent medical doctor. Who is more than optimistic. We will share this Good NEWS with you tonight buckle up. We are now just one hundred and twelve days away what has now merged into the single biggest choice election in modern american history. Not an exaggeration, not hyperbole, look at Joes team! If Joe Biden wins, he has the strength and stamina and mental alertness to do the job if he implements the extreme agenda that hes now embracing. Let me be clear: America, as you know it, we know it will be destroyed. Our entire way of life will be flushed down the drain if the issue of law and order
security and safety, if that matters to you and your family capitalism matters to you and your family. If our constitution, the rule of law, matters to you, heres what you need to know in one hundred and twelve days, you are the ultimate jury. Joe Biden doesnt well really have any original ideas. He never has hes been in the swamp fifty plus years. Fifty years of Elect me- and I will do this ill do this, the president says all talk, talk, talk, no action, Schumer Pelosi and Biden alone. One hundred and twenty five combined years of elect me and ill promise this this in this nothing. But one hundred and twenty five years of meaningless promises, an unmitigated failure, oh and on Bidens part lots of plagiarism. Remember he was accused of plagiarizing a paper in law, school 1980s. Many of his speeches were plagiarized. He was accused of plagiarizing
Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, British MP, Neil connect. We played that for you. Last week the scary part is Biden, has taken his cues from the most radical, the most extreme socialist extremist, that this party has ever embraced. The democratic, modern Socialist Party look at the corrupt forgetful, Joe Biden team youve got Biden, Schumer Pelosi thats, one hundred and twenty five years of well failure alone, now add to that Bernie Sanders, Congresswoman, Ocasio, Cortez, Beto, bozo or work. His latest policy proposals were literally authored by the devout Socialist Bernie Sanders NGO, even plagiarized Bernies agenda, literally in many instances word for word right out of Bolshevik Bernies, a socialist platform. Bernie wants the government to control all means of production. He wants to nationalize
industries like they did in Venezuela and Cuba. He has praise those regimes by the way, honeymoon and the former Soviet Union. Meanwhile, socialist congresswoman Ocasio Cortez shes in charge of Bidens climate task force and she wants to ban oil, gas, coal, air travel and eventually even cows, says we have twelve years and its all over her green new deal will cost ninety four dollars trillion over ten years. That will turn America into a socialist bankrupt, and then there is Bidens gun control, Czar Beto Bozo, all Rourke, whose top priority is to literally take your guns away. This is whats at stake and on hundred twelve days, yes were going to take your AR 15 AK 47 going to guarantee. This is not the last you have seen of this guy we want to recap: Biden has
tapped bolshevik burden, hes pulled plagiarizing, him AOC will leave the green new deal. Green new task force deal, Beto Bozo is coming for your guns and he has Schumer and Pelosi in Congress. This is his team. Great, there add Beto and add AOC. They win and you can start singing bye. Bye, Miss American Pie because its over whats next is he going to tapped, lets see the ever incompetent Cuomo. Is he going to tapped comrade De Blasio as his law and order czar? After all, just last week Biden in his own words, he agreed that yes, funds should be diverted away from the police, in other words, hes embraced the defund, the police movement hes, the guy that said last week, police have now become the enemy in New York City. Comrade De Blasio already slash the Nypd budget by a billion dollars,
he has disbanded the uncovered the most effective anti crime unit. In the city he has banned all stop and frisk New York Governor Cuomo, while hes the genius that let violent criminals out of jail with his idiotic zero dollars, bail policy. As a result, we are seeing shootings in New York City and New York state. They are more than doubled over the last year. On Monday, at least seventeen people shocked that includes three drive by shootings at one point. Over the weekend there was a shooting every single hour. Last night we brought you Lawrence Jones Heart Heart Wren interview with the family of their 1 year old baby boy, who was shot and killed in a stroller and a playground in Brooklyn. This violence is unacceptable. It comes as police all over the country now are under attack. Since May, twelve police officers have now been killed in the line of duty. Two were murdered over the weekend in Texas, while
responding to a domestic disturbance, call over one thousand other police officers, seriously injured, rocks bottles, bricks, molotov cocktails, knives and guns being used against them. The chaos, the carnage in Americas, big liberal cities, its out of control by the way, if you want a preview of coming attractions, that will be America with Biden, Pelosi, AOC, Schumer and Beto thats your choice, we cant make it any more clear. You are the ultimate jury. So do you want in one hundred and twelve days law in order to be restored? Or do you wanted to get worse because Biden wants to defund the police and abolish cash bail, just like they did in New York? Hes come a long way from calling people predators, and you know saying under incendiary things on racial issues like he didnt want his kids in a racial jungle. If were talking about integration, he used those words
like I said at the top. This is now become the single biggest greatest joys election in our lifetime on every single important issue that will impact your kids, your life and your grandkids. Do you want bidens plans for open borders for amnesty, the United Sanctuary States of America Push and mark the minute you get into America? You get absolutely free health care, free, free, free, free schools for amnesty. What do you prefer border security? Four hundred thousand four hundred miles of border wall will billed by election day. Do you want bidens tax increases, or do you prefer lower taxes that Donald Trump is promising? Do you want bidens, green new deal madness or president Trump lets see? Hes made this country energy independent for the first time in over seventy five years. Hes also made it for the first time in seventy five years. We are now the worlds number one producer of energy purity. Do you want that?
Or do you want to ban fracking and oil production? Do you want bidens activist judges, legislating for the bench? Do you want to stack the courts like while Democrats have you prefer constitutionalist th that believe thats, the fundamental rule of law for the United States of America? Do you want socialized health care? Do you want to keep your private health care? How did Obamacare Biden CARE work out for you? Do you want Hunter Biden, making sketchy billion dollar deals with the Bank of China lining his own pockets, or do you want a president who will actually stand up to China, as this president did earlier today? Do you want zero experience hunter, making millions more in Ukraine quid pro quo, Joe zero experience hunter? Oh, it worked out perfectly didnt it. As president from said today, theres never been a time when two canids were so different lets watch the president probably never been a time when candidates are so different. We want law and order.
They dont want a lot order. We want strong closed borders with people able to come in through merit through a legal process. They dont want to have any borders at all theyre going to ripped on the wall. It was hard to get that filled now its almost completed, ultimately im only one vote. My vote is probably not going to mean much in New York. It comes down to you, you, the american people. You are the jury here. Do you want America to become a place where working hard doing the right thing is punished mob rule anarchy is rewarded thats. What Biden is selling with his team of Pelosi, Schumer AOC, Bernie and bozo? Those are the stakes in the one hundred and twelve days. You are the ultimate jury. You get to shop the world again and you get to stop what they want to do to this country from happening. You know it would certainly be worthwhile just for the pure
entertainment purposes, to watch the fake news media mob in the country im just thinking out loud in one hundred and twelve days, maybe early to one hundred and thirteen days early in the morning having to choke on the words we can now project that Donald J Trump has been reelected, the 45th president of the United States. How do you think thats going to go over when you get the call and we get to watch them? Make that call? That would be pretty amazing. We survived eight years of Obama. I dont want to go back. You know what America was resilient. This plan is way beyond anything. Thats ever been proposed the most radical extreme socialist proposal in the history of this country. It will destroy the: U Dot S, freedom that has created more wealth, more opportunity that we have used for human advancement around the world thats all because of liberty and freedom.
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